July 2018
Dear Fellow Deans,

Greetings from Garden City, New York!

With the new academic year set to start in just a few short weeks, we are preparing to welcome the incoming class, one of the largest in our University's history. It is sobering to note that members of this class were born in the year 2000. But we are ready for them—with top-notch faculty members who research contemporary issues, a large and ever-growing web of employer connections, and a winning set of cocurricular programs that have at their heart the goal of unalloyed student success! I invite you to take a look at these stories below.

Rajib Sanyal, Ph.D.
IMPACT—Faculty Scholarship, Insightful and Valuable

While teaching is our primary mission, our faculty members meaningfully connect our students' classroom experiences with their own passion for scholarship. They conduct fascinating and useful research, then publish in leading journals. You can take a quick read of just some of their topics here: Does a smile matter? How can innovation change remote rural societies? Can bottom-line goals be reconciled with a philanthropic bent ? Might the need to touch a product before buying it somehow be mimicked when shopping online?
ENGAGEMENT—200 Employers and Counting
Employment, internships, class projects, speakers, field trips, advisory boards, connections, financial gifts—all these and more bind us to 200-plus employers, large and small, regional and global, private and public, in manufacturing and service, to provide our students unmatched learning opportunities and connections. Our nearly 18,000-strong alumni in the region are key touchpoints to the world of work.
INNOVATION —Willumstad Winning Edge  Initi ative Launched

A comprehensive set of programs designed to enhance the preparation and success of undergraduate students at the Willumstad School, supported by a gift from Adelphi University Board of Trustees Chair Emeritus Robert B. Willumstad '05 (Hon.), former president and chief operating officer of Citigroup, is being implemented as of this summer, starting with our entering first-year students. A faculty committee developed this cocurricular program, which encompasses all four years of a student's undergraduate time on campus.
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