December 2018
New Name for the New Year, Geared to Student Success
It's official! The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education will become the College of Education and Health Sciences in January 2019.

Adelphi University's Board of Trustees has unanimously voted in support of the proposal to restructure for student success! In Spring 2019, we will become two schools under one umbrella. The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) and the Department of Health and Sport Sciences (HSS) will merge to form a new school, joining their sister school, the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, to become the College of Education and Health Sciences .

Kudos to faculty, staff and administrators who worked deliberately and thoughtfully to realign our curricula, programs and internal structure to better meet the needs of our students. This restructure will facilitate the growth and further development of our world-class professional education programs. We are excited to see what the future holds. Now the real work begins!

In the meantime, as you will see in this edition of the EDnews , our students are thriving, excelling academically and coming together to form strong bonds of community and service.

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, Nu-Nu Chapter, held the largest induction in its history—54 students joined together in fellowship. Phi Delta Kappa International honor society was named the fastest growing chapter internationally. We initiated the Education Alumni Affinity Group to provide focused opportunities for new graduates and our seasoned and distinguished alumni to come together in fraternity, mutual support and camaraderie.

Our faculty members have once again achieved great things, bringing us global attention and acclaim. Associate Professor Rita Verma, Ph.D., was awarded the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman International Award at Britain's House of Lords last November. The AIESEP (International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education) banner has been passed and our HSS department will host that esteemed international conference across three days in June 2019. We've hired a new director of the Manhattan education programs and revitalized offerings in educational leadership and TESOL.

These and many more success stories grace this edition of EDnews and our webpages. Please share your thoughts with us.

We hope to see you in the spring. Please join us for the Ruth S. Ammon Endowed Lecture in Education on Tuesday, February 26; the first Annual Pre-K Education Conference , sponsored by the Alice Brown Early Learning Center and initially called the Early Learning Conference , on Friday, April 5; and Inside the Teacher's Classroom , tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 30.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Anne Mungai, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
Finkelstein Lecturer "Optimistic" About Unions Despite High Court Decision 

When the Supreme Court’s controversial Janus v. AFSCME decision came down in June 2018, most press coverage painted a bleak picture for unions. But the New York State United Teachers’ Matt Jacobs told the Ammon School’s Finkelstein Lecture audience, “I’m optimistic” about unions’ future, although unions will now have to work harder to keep their members. Read about what Jacobs thinks might bring about a rebirth for teacher unions .
Response to Ammon School 2018 Career Fair Has Inspired a Sequel 

The Ammon School's Career Fairin essence, a job fair for teachers—took place in October 2018. Developed by the School and Adelphi's Center for Career and Professional Development, the event attracted 20 area schools and will return next year, as will a New York City Department of Education recruitment event.
Affinity and Beyond: Ammon School's Alumni Affinity Group Has Launched 

In conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations, the Ammon School started the Education Alumni Affinity Group during Adelphi Spirit Weekend in October 2018—as the University’s first such academic group. Plans to grow will accelerate during 2019.
Ammon School Enjoying Strong Grad and Undergrad Rankings

Anne Mungai, Ph.D. , Ammon School interim dean, cited several key factors behind the School’s strong rankings at the graduate and undergraduate levels, notably small class size, experiential learning and high-impact practices and hybrid and fully online programs. Its speech-language pathology program puts the School among U.S. News & World Report ’s 2019 Best Grad Schools  and its M.S. in Sport Management is ranked highly by , College Choice and Top Management Degrees . The Ammon School was also ranked among the Top Health and Physical Education Colleges and for having some of the highest paid education grads by College Factual.  
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Spring 2019 Early Learning Conference to Focus on Universal Pre-K 

The Ammon School is developing its first Early Learning Conference , with its agenda designed to discuss various aspects of universal pre-K. Due in April 2019, the event will feature outspoken educator and thought leader Michael Hynes, Ed.D. , as the keynoter. 
Department of Health and Sport Sciences
AIESEP Conference, Due at Adelphi for a Third Time in 2019, Sets Speakers 

Developing the agenda for the AIESEP Conference that’s headed to Adelphi’s Garden City campus in June 2019, the Ammon School has booked a United Nations official and four keynote speakers. Themed Building Bridges for Physical Activity and Sport , the event hopes to draw 400-plus attendees. This will mark Adelphi’s third time as an AIESEP Conference site—the previous ones having occurred in 1998 and 1985. 
Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders
Amanda Nagler (far left) and Kathryn Ressa (far right)—shown here with Melissa Randazzo, Ph.D., and Susan DeMetopolis, a Ph.D. student.
Two CSD Master’s Students Presented Research at Québec Conference

Adelphi University faculty and students, including master’s degree students Amanda Nagler and Kathryn Ressa '17 , presented their research at the 58th annual meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research. Held from October 3 to October 7, 2018, in Québec City, Canada, the meeting was an opportunity for four Adelphi research projects, representing the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, to be presented to a group of esteemed industry professionals.  
In the News
Ammon School's PDK Chapter Member Growth Tops in the Nation
A letter from Kate Stephens, director of relationships and outreach at the Phi Delta Kappa International Honor Society in Education , to Dennis Cowan , faculty adviser at the PDK Adelphi Chapter and senior adjunct faculty in the Ammon School, said, "I want to congratulate you on the number of new Phi Delta Kappa members you brought in through PDK Adelphi Chapter 1604 during the 2017–2018 year."  

Stephens added, "Between July 2017 and June 2018, your chapter initiated 56 new members, a record among PDK chapters for this fiscal year."

Kappa Delta Pi Membership Soars to a New Record
Another international honor society in education at the Ammon School, Kappa Delta Pi, reported that it inducted 54 members in November 2018—the largest number in the KDP chapter's history, said Anne Mungai, Ph.D., Ammon School interim dean.

Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal Awarded to Rita Verma, Ph.D.
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Rita Verma, Ph.D. , was among 25 international recipients of the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman Gold Medal at the Global Achievers Conclave in London in October 2018. The gold medal is given by the Government of India and the NRI Welfare Society of India to recognize people of Indian origin for outstanding contributions in their respective fields. The official ceremony took place October 25, 2018, at the House of Lords in London.

Ammon School Introduces "Explore NYC Schools" Initiative at Queens High School
On November 16, 2018, the Ammon School kicked off its first "Explore NYC Schools" initiative with the New York City Department of Education at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School (Edison CTE) in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Mirella Avalos-Louie, Ed.D. , director of the Ammon School’s Office of Professional Experiences and Community Engagement (PECE)—formerly the Office of School and Community Partnerships (OSCP)—and six Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP) students visited Edison CTE. As hosts, the high school’s principal Moses Ojeda, M.A. '09 , and Gina Paulson ’10, M.S.Ed. ’11 , assistant principal and guidance counselor, invited the STEP students to observe various classes, tour the school and participate in staff discussions on what to expect as a new teacher, teacher evaluations and cocurricular collaboration on the tenets of the Model UN.

This Ammon School-wide initiative will involve students from its other departments in future high school visits.

Curriculum and Instruction Faculty Present at Denmark Conference on Early Childhood
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Assistant Professor Lisa Minicozzi, Ed.D. , Professor Karen Lombardi, Ph.D. , and Ph.D. candidate Killian Folse were panelists at the RECE Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2018. RECE is short for Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education. The event was themed "Inequality in Early Childhood Education and Care." 

The panelists shared how working from a humanistic perspective can inform their professional practice and a broader vision for young children’s role in society. They also explored how coordinated team or multidisciplinary institutional efforts often overlook or restrict unconditional appreciation and equality for all young children. Professor Michael O'Loughlin, Ph.D. , also presented at RECE.

Carol Ammon Offered Advice at Adelphi's Women's Leadership Conference
Carol A. Ammon, M.B.A. '79, '10 (Hon.) —whose $8.5 million gift in 2006 led to renaming the School of Education as the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education in honor of her mother (a 1942 alumna)—was a keynote speaker at Adelphi’s second annual Women’s Leadership Conference on November 3, 2018. “Women lead differently from men,” the founder and retired CEO and chair of Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., said. 

Ammon’s advice to up-and-comers in her audience: “Take the time to decide what’s best for [your] career, what’s best for [your] life balance. …Once you make that decision, don’t look back. …Make the most of the moment.” She added, “Enjoy the journey. …If you’re always focused on that next job to get those tools [you need] in your tool box, you won’t enjoy the journey.”

M.A. Student Praises Her Supportive First-Semester Professors
Graduate student Breana Martinez wrote a thank-you to Adelphi President Christine M. Riordan praising two associate professors saying, "My name is Breana Martinez, I am currently finishing up my first semester of the Master of Arts in Childhood Education program..." Her two classes this fall were School and Society, taught by Shilpi Sinha, Ph.D. , and Childhood Development, taught by Srilata Bhattacharyya, Ph.D. As she wraps up her first semester at Adelphi, she added that Dr. Bhattacharyya "has given me a confidence that I didn't have before entering this program. ...In my undergraduate career, my professors didn't even know my name. This semester has shown me that I made the right decision in pursuing this degree at Adelphi."
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