March 9th | 2017
"Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species--man--acquired significant power to alter the nature of the world. "
-Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

To kickoff the month of March, some of our nation's trees have already begun blooming. Our canopy may be confused by the wanton weather or the gaze of a groundhog. As 
we quickly approach a change in season and accompanying warmer temperatures, we are
prompted with volunteer opportunities to enhance our contiguous environments. Local forests can be sustained by urban communities dedicated to creating safe and sustainable neighborhood green-spaces. We hope the City of Brookhaven, Georgia's recent acceptance of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan inspires other regions to follow in their conservation footsteps. 

In honor of the 55th anniversary of a book that inspired an environmental revolution, emphasizing the dynamic relationships of environment and health, we dedicate this newsletter to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Carson's zealous research and commitment to the environmental movement prompts reflection and action on every page. She interprets abiding sustainability as the interdependence of earth's systems and human populations. Read more about Carson here. 

American Grove encourages members to  post inspiring quotes, relevant articles, and opportunities for fellow arborists who want to contribute to flourishing community forests.  Don't let this spring be silent!
Arbor Day Appreciation

The American Grove hopes that your state's 2017 Arbor Day was (is) packed with gratitude of urban canopies. From global cooling and stabilizing soils to bearing fruit, these giants manipulate our atmosphere into one capable of sustaining life. It is easy to forget about local organics when surrounded by urbanization. Pause, and p ick an evening to admire a tree at sunset.

Reminder: It does not have to be Arbor Day to promote the health of your neighborhood's canopy!

Women Arborists of the Southeast
President Gretchen Musser

WASE is dedicated to promoting women in this profession and guiding aspiring arborists through mentorship and community outreach programs. The skilled founding members have a multitude of specializations within the arboriculture field.

Although this organization may still be in its infancy, passion and motivation are in full force from these dedicated arborists. We look forward to watching the growth and accomplishments of this nonprofit organization.Click here to learn more.

Iowa's Middle of the Road Tree
graciously provided @kelsey_kremer found   here.  

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