November 2017 - In This Issue:
Understanding Homeopathy
If you are new to homeopathy-and even if you're not-it can sometimes be a bit confusing to parse. We recommend the Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by Wendy Thacher Jensen. You can purchase a copy from us (signed by the author) for $16, or purchase in e-book format on Amazon; we also have some copies to loan. It can help you understand the theory behind homeopathy and what to expect when your animal companion is being treated. An important thing to remember is that as the body gets stronger and begins to heal after receiving a remedy, symptoms can return with more vigor. As the body heals, its vital force gains strength, so both healing reactions and symptoms can return forcefully. This is true for humans and animals. Please be sure to keep in close contact with Dr. Jody and Grace after homeopathic remedies are given, as a higher potency or even a new remedy may be needed when symptoms change or reappear. As always, please contact us with any questions you might have.

Got Poultry?

Starting this month, Dr. Kitt will partner with Country View Equine Clinic to start transitioning most chicken veterinary calls to AnShen. Dr. Kitt's passion for chickens started at a young age and she enjoys talking about chicken health and management with owners and people who are thinking about starting their own small flock. While conventional treatment options will be available for poultry, Dr. Kitt will use an integrative and holistic approach, providing modalities such as acupuncture, Reiki, laser therapy, and with the guidance of Dr. Jody, Chinese herbal medicine as well as homeopathy. These therapies can be beneficial for owners who are concerned about using drugs that require an egg withhold and owners who prefer to use methods that comply with organic standards to treat their birds. Dr. Kitt will also be available to provide guidance and suggestions on flock management to help prevent disease and keep chickens happy and healthy.

Patient Profile - Metal Personality

German Shepherds are typically bred to have a metal personality: loving order, obeying the rules, and a bit aloof. Angel is not quite as aloof as a true metal; she has the sociability of an earth personality. Her human companion, Diane, shared Angel's story.

Angel is a very sweet, calm 11-year-old female German Shepherd with cancer and arthritis. The cumulative effect of Angel's chemotherapy and her arthritis pain was taking a toll on her. We came to a point with western medicine that it was time to stop chemotherapy and look to alternative medicine to provide Angel with the best quality of life possible during the time she had left.

Angel's primary veterinarian, Dr. Pamela Sanftleben, began using cold laser treatments to help alleviate Angel's arthritis pain. Dr. Sanftleben also recommended that Angel see Dr. Jody Bearman to discuss the advisability of adding acupuncture and spinal manipulation adjustments to Angel's treatment plan. With Angel's complex cancer diagnosis, Dr. Jody determined that laser acupuncture was the best additional treatment to support Angel's overall health and vitality. After the series of laser acupuncture and cold laser treatments, Angel wakes happy, with renewed energy, and with the ability to take short walks around our neighborhood. Because of Angel's underlying cancer, I don't know how much time she has remaining, but we are so very, very grateful to Dr. Jody and to Dr. Sanftleben for their loving care, their skills, and their willingness to work together to give Angel a vastly improved quality of life.

Diane Peltin

Autumn, which corresponds to the metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine, can be cool and dry, affecting the lungs and large intestines. Great foods to cool and moisten these organs, preventing and treating constipation and cough, are pears, honey, and sardines. Answers Pet Food offers organic fermented frozen fish stock that's available at Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz, Bad Dog Frida and Salon Fido in Cross Plains. The stock contains sardines. Feed all food at room temperature to allow for better digestion. Sardines should not be a primary food source, but can be added to food or fed as a treat. For more information on sardines, please refer to our Fall 2015 newsletter.

Focus On . . . Disaster Relief

This year has seen an extraordinary number of significant natural disasters. We're providing links to resources on the ground in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California. if you'd like to assist those organizations that are helping animals devastated by hurricanes and fire, please click the links below.


Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology uses a combination of functional neurology, chiropractic and acupuncture knowledge to help the body come into balance. Cranial (head), sacral (low back), visceral (organ), and musculoskeletal techniques are used to find the areas of the body that need help and to treat them. Many techniques are used in the appointment, and some are demonstrated for daily use at home by human caretakers. Soreness, lameness, organ disease (kidney, heart, liver, etc.) and weakness are some of the conditions that applied kinesiology can help. Dr. Jody has learned advanced techniques in applied kinesiology and can use them on most patients to help their bodies heal, along with all the other modalities AnShen offers (homeopathy, veterinary spinal manipulation, acupuncture, laser). Please contact Hope if you have questions about applied kinesiology or how it might help your animal companion.