December 2016 - In This Issue:
A Few of Our Favorite Things
Gift-giving season is upon us! We've compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to treat our companion animals.

Dr. Jody 
Horses - bran mash (a New Year's favorite), carrots (which are strengthening and warming)
Cats - catnip, soft balls (so they don't break things when thrown), plexiglass rods with flannel, treat-dispensing toys with freeze dried raw treats
Dogs - treat dispensing toys

Dr. Andrea 
Dogs - Beef trachea and dehydrated organs, Pumpers, codfish skins and tripe treats, the Kurgo car safety harness; it's actually been safety tested
Cats and dogs - beds are one of my weaknesses!
Stuffing-less squeaker toys 

Dr. Cassie 
 Horses -  Mrs. Beasters Biskits horse treats (sold now at Nutzy Mutz), bit warmers (anything from a warming water pot to electrical warmers you can buy online), candy canes and peppermints
Dogs - Freeze-dried liver treats, treat dispensing toys
Cats - Freeze-dried meat treats, laser light toys

Dogs and cats - Puzzle toys! Nina Ottosson toys are big in my house. Sherlock loves his BUSTER Activity Mat and the Trixie Mad Scientist is Agatha's favorite.

We are so lucky to have great shops in the Madison area. You can find many of the products mentioned above  as well as gift certificates at these locally owned stores. Stop by and check them out!

Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz 
Bad Dog Frida

And of course, Anshen appointments for all!  Anshen gift certificates make great gifts for the animal lovers in your life. They can be used on any of our services and herb orders. Contact Hope to order.

Emergency Homeopathic Kits

Along with standard emergency supplies, it's a great idea to keep a Natural Health Supply's Homeopathic Emergency Remedy Kit 30C  on hand. When an emergency arises, homeopathy clients can contact Dr. Jody or Grace Cooper (who assists Dr. Jody with current homeopathy clients) and receive instructions on how to treat correctly, even if you are on the way to the emergency clinic or awaiting the conventional veterinarian. Often the problem will be resolved quickly and your animal friend will have a stronger life force after a correct homeopathic remedy is given. Please do not use the printed instructions inside the kit to diagnose or treat symptoms; these instructions are too generic to be helpful in most cases.

When your animal friends have surgery, anesthesia or vaccinations recommended, let us help you navigate these treatments and assist with adjunct treatments or alternatives. Any time you have questions about medicines or procedures, we are happy to help! 
Patient Profile - Water Personality

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the water element corresponds to the winter season. Water constitutions tend to be fearful and often seek warmth. The water element is related to the kidney and urinary bladder, therefore, when a water constitution is imbalanced they might develop back pain, dental disease, kidney disease, or a urinary tract infection. Dr. Andrea's dog, Kiko, is a water dog. She has been afraid of storms all her life though recently she has been losing her hearing and the fear of storms along with it. The sense organ for the kidney is the ear, so it isn't unusual for water constitutions to lose their hearing. Kiko is also starting to have some back weakness and now has difficulty jumping on the couch. She has never enjoyed acupuncture but does very well on her Chinese herbal supplements and food therapy. Dr. Andrea is able to keep Kiko healthy by adjusting her supplements and her food with the changing seasons and by monitoring her tongue and pulse qualities. Kiko is tolerant of some veterinary spinal manipulation therapy, which is particularly helpful for her weakening back. This is what is special about holistic medicine; you treat the individual as a whole and not a specific disease process because not one treatment will be successful for everyone. At Anshen, this is how we care for our patients, developing individual treatment plans that may use many modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, food therapy, and herbal support to optimize health.

Physical symptoms of water personality imbalance
    *    Fear
    *    Anxiety attacks
    *    Kidney disease
    *    Back pain
    *    Ringing in the ears
    *    Hypothyroidism
    *    Infertility

Foods that support water personalities
    *    Fresh fish
    *    Blackberries and blueberries
    *    Eggs
    *    Eggplant
    *    Figs
    *    Pork

Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol

If you've attended any of the large marquee events in Madison such as Rhythm and Booms, the Taste of Madison, or Halloween's Freak Fest, you've probably seen a mounted police officer. The current mounted unit was created in 2007 and consists of six officers. A fifth city-owned horse (some horses are privately owned by the officers) was just recently added and the unit hopes to add a sixth horse in 2017. The unit only has a four-horse trailer and would like to add another trailer and truck to accommodate all the horses. The Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol is raising funds to buy the new trailer and truck, as well as other needed equipment and supplies. The volunteer organization helps assure the mounted unit continues to serve the Madison community not only at large events but also in neighborhood parks and on bike paths throughout the city. If you are interested in volunteering with Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol or would like to donate funds, please visit their website for more information.
Remembering Our Friends
At the end of every year, Anshen makes a donation to the   American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation in honor of those animals we've known that have passed away. 

The AHVMF conducts scientific research into non-conventional methods that promote animal healing without causing animal suffering or dangerous effects. No lab animals are used in their research, only patients who already have the conditions being studied. Methods that Anshen uses in our practice, such as acupuncture, laser treatment, chiropractic (veterinary spinal manipulation), and homeopathy are some of the methods researched to show the scientific community and community at large the value of these healing modalities.

To make your own donation to the AHVMF, click here.

Warming Trends

Anshen Housekeeping Odds & Ends

  • With the holiday season upon us, make sure you have plenty herbs for your pet, especially if you will be traveling.

  • Now is a great time to book your annual exam with us. Contact Hope now for an appointment in the new year.