July 2017 - In This Issue:
We've Changed Our Name
After much deliberation, we have decided to change our name to better reflect all of the services that we offer. We are now AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care. In addition to traditional acupuncture and laser acupuncture, we provide homeopathy, veterinary spinal manipulation, laser therapy, tui-na, nutritional consultations, reiki, and Chinese herbal medicine for all animals. We understand that each animal is an individual who requires care specific to their needs; one treatment modality does not fit all. We think our new name better expresses this belief. Welcome to AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care, and thank you for continuing to share this journey with us!

Please Welcome Dr. Kitt Schaller to AnShen!

Kitt completed her acupuncture training through the CuraCore Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program in Colorado which focuses on teaching acupuncture from a scientific perspective. Kitt obtained her Reiki II certification through Integrative Healing Therapies. Her work combines a solid foundation in hard science and conventional medicine with treatment that is rooted in notions about the phenomenal healing power of the body's energy, and gentle, intuitive methods for communication and understanding what will help an animal effectively recover from injury or illness. As a holistic veterinarian, Kitt's primary focus is on promoting and maintaining balance within the body to keep animals healthy and strong.

To read more about Dr. Kitt, click here.

Patient Profile - Fire and Earth Personalities

Summer months represent Fire and Earth elements. Fire constitutions like to be the center of the party and love to be pet. The Fire element includes the heart, which houses the mind or spirit; imbalances may include separation anxiety or heart disease. Earth constitutions tend to be more easy going and are often the nurturing type. Imbalanced Earth individuals may have gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea or colic. Yogi is a rescued Newfoundland with hip dysplasia being treated by Dr. Andrea. Yogi developed allergies shortly after being vaccinated, presenting with hot spots (moist dermatitis). Yogi is a Fire constitution; when imbalanced, she has excessive heat and vaccines can add fuel to her fire. Yogi needs a delicate balance of cooling foods such as whitefish or rabbit and foods that drain damp such as celery, garlic, turnips, or mackerel. Excessive damp is often seen with moist skin issues or diarrhea.  Allergies can be difficult to manage and good outcomes are seen when we use a combination of nutrition, Chinese herbal formulas, routine acupuncture, and spinal manipulation, all of which have been used by Dr. Andrea in Yogi's treatment.

For a homemade herbal recipe to treat diarrhea, click here.


Focus On . . . Live Like Roo

In this issue, we'd like to bring attention to the Live Like Roo Foundation. Live Like Roo helps dogs with cancer diagnoses and their people with emotional and financial support, including paying for holistic care. Roo was a Pitbull rescued in April 2015. Shortly after, Roo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In the six months that followed, Roo and his people lived every day to its fullest; the foundation would like to bring the same kind of joy and support to other families with a canine cancer diagnosis. If you'd like more information about the foundation or want to make a donation, click here.

Preparing for Emergencies

Emergency alert stickers attached to doors or windows let emergency responders know how many animals are in your home. Should responders need to enter the home because of fire, emergency evacuation, or to respond to a human medical emergency, knowing how many animals to rescue or to simply be aware of (frightened animals can be dangerous animals), is vital for everyone's safety. Wallet cards and key fobs are also available. These are great tools that let responders know you have animals at home and who to contact to care for them should you become ill or injured. Check out these resources for these and other emergency prep items, and may you never need to use them!


Sounds of Summer

moonless_fireworks.jpg Storms and fireworks can stress out our animals at this time of year. If you'd like help with these issues, please schedule a homeopathy consult. If your animal friend is already being treated homeopathically, let us know if storm anxiety or sound sensitivity continue to be a problem. You may encounter veterinarians who want to prescribe Acepromazine; we strongly suggest that any phobia, anxiety, or sound sensitivity not be treated with Acepromazine. Click here for a brief description of Acepromazine and its effects.

There are easy things to do at home that can help alleviate stress. 
  • Keep all windows closed to dampen noise 
  • Play calming music (Through A Dogs Ear is calming for dogs)
  • Use a Thundershirt if your dog friend does not overheat easily 
  • Rescue Remedy for pets or kids can be given by mouth, in food or applied to the hairless part of the ear as often as needed
  • Anxiety TFLN or Storm Stress can be administered as long as your animal friend is not being treated homeopathically

For additional suggestions on helping your animals cope with the sounds and stressors of summer, please revisit our Summer 2016 newsletter.

Anshen Housekeeping Odds & Ends

  • Dr. Andrea is now available full time! We hope her expanded schedule will better meet your needs. Dr. Andrea can be seen for traditional and laser acupuncture, veterinary spinal manipulation, nutritional consultation, and herbal therapy.

  • Catch Dr. Jody taking calls from listeners every  Friday at 3:15 p.m. Central on KGO 810.

  • Starting July 1 we will be charging a $3 per mile travel fee for all home, barn, or stable appointments that are more than 15 miles from the Wisconsin state capitol building in Madison. Hope will let you know if your appointment will incur a travel fee and what that amount will be when you schedule. Hope will contact you if any currently scheduled appointments will incur a travel fee, or you may contact her at [email protected] with your address and she can let you know.


  • Home visits for small animals are now $120.


  • Our herb supplier is changing to white capsules. This will happen over the course of 2017, so if your next bottle of capsules is a different color (brown, white, or clear), don't be alarmed, it's part of the transition. If you have any questions, contact Hope at [email protected].