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City Calendar

- Apr. 14  - Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m.

- Apr. 15 - Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, 7 p.m.

- Apr. 21  -  City Council Meeting, 7 p.m.

- Apr. 30 - Winters Chapel Corridor Study Meeting *
Meeting to be held at Congregation Beth Shalom, 5303 Winters Chapel Road.

- May 12 - Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m.

-  May 19 - City Council Meeting, 7 p.m.

- May 25 - Memorial Holiday - City Hall Closed

Unless noted otherwise, all meetings held at City Hall,  147 Technology Parkway, 
Suite 200,  Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

City Adds Recycle Bins

Did you know the city is diligently working to obtain an ARC Green Communities Certification?


Just recently the city's Green Committee took another step toward that accomplishment by implementing a recycle program for non-traditional recycling materials.


Stop by City Hall and to drop of household batteries, cellphones and ink/print cartridges. You'll find three color coded recycle bins at the front entrance of City Hall. The Recycle bins are for public use.


Blue - Household Batteries
Orange - Cellphones
Green - Ink/Print Cartridges

Second Winters Chapel Road Study Meeting Set for April 30


A Community Meeting to present the findings of the Winters Chapel Road study is scheduled for 7 p.m., Thursday, April 30th.  The meeting will be held at Congregation Beth Shalom, 5303 Winters Chapel Rd.


The meeting had been previously scheduled for another date, but it conflicted with a Dunwoody meeting.  So, if you already have this meeting on your calendar, please correct the date and location.

Free Friday Night Concert Kicks Off  2015 Festival


Plans are underway for the annual Peachtree Corners Festival which is always held the second weekend in June. This year's dates are June 13-14. 

This will be the fifth edition of the Peachtree Corners Festival and for the first time, the festival will open with a free concert on Friday night.  Two bands, Haley and Alexis and Banks & Shane are set to perform on Friday, June 12 beginning at 7 p.m.  Food trucks serving meals and snacks will be available too. 


And on Saturday, June 13 the festival opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. On Sunday, June 14, festival hours are noon to 5 p.m. The family-friendly weekend includes arts and crafts booths, food, a car show, kids activities - and lots more entertainment all weekend long on the festival stage. 

Perennial favorites the Treeman and Judah the Juggler will perform throughout the festival.  And for the first time, Peachtree Corners Festival is sponsoring the Friends of the Gwinnett Library 5K  Family Bike Ride on Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m. at Peachtree Elementary. 

Stop by the City's booth for free give-aways and information on the new Town Center.

The festival is located on The Corners Parkway and Woodhill Drive one block west of Peachtree Parkway. 
Volunteer registration will start on May 1 and will be through the website too. 

More festival information is available on the website:


Code Enforcement News

Keep Grass, Weeds Trimmed During Growing Season


Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, trees are becoming full again and of course; grass is growing. 

herefore the Code Enforcement Division would like to refresh everyone's memory regarding high grass and weeds. This code can be found in section 301 of the International Property Maintenance Code.

302.4 Yards: All premises yards and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds in excess of 12 inches in height. All noxious weeds shall be prohibited.

Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants, and rank vegetative growth including but not limited to kudzu. poison ivy, jimsonweed, burdock, ragweed, thistle, cocklebur, dandelion, plants of obnoxious odors, or other similar unsightly vegetative growths; however, this term shall not include cultivated flowers, fruits and vegetables, and gardens, trees or shrugs.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 678-691-1200 if you have any questions.

Be Prepared for 
Early or Late Trash Pickup


 Just a friendly reminder to make sure to have your trash cans out to the curb by 7 a,m, on pick up days, and to help our trucks please leave the cans out until at least 7 p.m. 


 Routes may vary week to week or unforeseen mechanical errors may happen that cause the route to change, which may affect the time you normally see the garbage and recycling trucks in your neighborhood. 


 If you have any questions please contact our solid  waste department at 770-609-8818.

City Adds 43 New Businesses 
in March

City Hall processed new business tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including a florist, a golf instructional center and a new veterinary hospital. 

For a complete list of the 43 businesses along with their contact information,   please click here.

Use City's 'Fix It' App to Report an Issue

See a pothole that needs fixing, high grass or weeds that need mowing or a broken street light - now you can report these issues and more right from your smartphone.

Use the city's "Fix It" app to upload a photo or video and location of the problem. 

The free app may be downloaded to your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone. Search for "Peachtree Corners" in the app store.

Don't have a smartphone? You can report problems using your computer through the "Fix It" link on the city's website.

Dropping Anchor in Peachtree Corners

It's not everyday we see a ship's anchor this far inland but Peachtree Corners residents traveling Peachtree Parkway and Spalding Drive have already seen the behemoth piece of cast iron in front of UASC's office.

The anchor was transported by the Georgia Port Authority from Savannah to Peachtree Corners last month. The company plans on having it sanded, primed and painted a dark marine gray color and add landscaping to the surrounding area.

Some fun facts about the city's newest landmark:

Total weigh: 9.5 tons
It measures 16 feet tall by 10 feet wide
The anchor is bolted to a two-foot thick concrete slab.

How to Contact the
Mayor and City Council

Visit the City of Pechtree Corners website,,  and click on the tab at the top of the page labeled "Contact" for the mayor and council's email addresses.

Inside Peachtree Corners
City of Peachtree Corners
News from Around the Corners
April, 2015
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Thanks for reading "Inside Peachtree Corners," the city's monthly e-newsletter. Please share this issue with any of your neighbors who may not have subscribed.



Did you know that all of the past issues of the newsletter are available on the city's website? 

Visit, then locate the "News" tab at the top of the home page and select "Newsletter Archive" in the pull down menu.


From the Mayor's Desk
Mayor Mike Mason

Looking Good Peachtree Corners


We've heard from a number of residents - and business owners who have noticed how much better the city's intersections, roadways and other public areas are looking these days. We can thank the city's new Public Works Department for its hard work.


The Public Works team began working on the city's streets last November, but we've already seen big improvements. In just the first quarter of 2015 the Public Works Department has responded to 284 cases, and 75 percent of those cases have already been cleared.


Public Works is responsible for 122 miles of city roads; the crew cleans gutters, picks up trash and other debris in right-of-way areas, clears overgrown vegetation and fallen trees, installs traffic speed control devices, makes sidewalk and road repairs, replaces and adds stop signs just to name some of their daily duties.


And during the past winter, crews worked on 24-hour shifts during the threat of freezing roads ready to spread sand to keep our roads safe.


The Public Works Director, Greg Ramsey, along with Jim Price who supervises the 5-man crew, are pro-active in their work. As an example, in February there were 102 cases on the books and 81 of those cases were field generated, meaning the Public Works team saw work that needed to be done and didn't wait for a call to come in to take care of the problem.


Here are just a few recent email comments from residents thanking the Public Works Department:

I want to express my appreciation for the work done on the right-of-way along Jay Bird Alley between Spalding and Peachtree Corners Circle. Mr. Price and his team did an outstanding job. While I did have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Price and the crew, I wanted the City to know their fine work did not go unnoticed.


Peachtree Forest Homeowners Association appreciates the prompt action of your Department in filling the pot holes on Courtside Drive in front of Lifetime Fitness.... Nice job!


Thanks so much for cleaning up our area.  We live in Mechanicsville community off Jones Mill Road and Buford Hwy. and we travel the areas that you have worked on this month.  Things look so good and thanks for all that you are doing to make this a better place to live.


I do not live in Peachtree Corners. I live just across the river.... However, we do use the city for shopping, dining, and transit. My daughters attend school in the city as well. I would like to thank you and others for the trash pick-up efforts along Peachtree Parkway.  


Below are a few before and after photos of the improvements made by our Public Works Department.

Traffic often backed up in front of  Peachtree ES.
Improved traffic control  installed

Debris on Jones Bridge Road
After clean up complete.

Faded stop sign in subdivision
Sign replaced by public works crew

Contact Mayor Mike Mason via email: [email protected]

City to Launch Business Incubator Study

We can credit Paul Duke for his forward thinking in creating and developing Technology Park. The area has been considered a hub for innovators since Tech Park was established in the 1970s and '80s. To continue fostering that effort, the City of Peachtree Corners is undertaking a study to help create a business incubator program for budding entrepreneurs.

The city will work with Georgia Tech's Enterprise Innovation Institute of Georgia Tech to assess the community's readiness through a series of steps that include identifying and interviewing key community stakeholders, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

"We are excited about exploring this strategy for supporting the city's economic development," said Mayor Mike Mason. "Incubators provide real payback for our citizens in terms of creating jobs. It's one of the best economic development tools a city can employ."   Read more ...

New Ban ners Flying High in Peachtree Corners

There is a lot of pride that comes from being part of a new city. Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett's newest city will soon celebrate its 3rd anniversary; and to help mark the occasion, banners with the message "Proud to Be Peachtree Corners" have been installed on light poles and at intersections in parts of the city.

It is no small feat to get a city launched and operational. And in a short time, the city has not only established and began operations to provide code enforcement, solid waste service, zoning, planning and development, and public works - it's got plans for a new town center on the drawing board and for creating a distinct downtown district.

Click here for drawings and a site plan for the new Town Center. 
Expect specialized Laser Road Surface Tester vehicles to be rolling down city streets beginning in late April.

Trucks to Soon Begin Analyzing City Streets


The City of Peachtree Corners currently maintains approximately 122 centerline miles of roadway after taking over for Gwinnett County in November 2014.

In order to develop an asset management database of those streets and to understand the existing conditions on a scientific basis, the Mayor and City Council entered into a contract with Infrastructure Management Services (IMS).  


These folks will begin analyzing the conditions of the city's roads and streets within the city limits. The data from this analysis will be used to develop a score for each mile of road, and those roads will then be ranked.  


This will give scientifically based picture of the conditions, as well as a comparison tool for each individual road.  That information can then be used to prioritize road paving projects for each year with funding which is available through the SPLOST funded resurfacing program for the City of Peachtree Corners.


IMS will use the Laser Road Surface Tester (RST) surveys along the routes in two passes.  IMS is currently scheduled to begin the field work in late April.


Contact Public Works Director Greg Ramsey at [email protected] with any questions.


New Sidewalks Planned for Two Areas of the City

Two sidewalk projects are underway in the City of Peachtree Corners.  The Public Works Department is managing the survey, design and construction of new sidewalk links on Winters Chapel Road and Technology Parkway.  

The Winters Chapel project will install sidewalks along the north side of the road from Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to Winterbrook Court. Construction should be underway by late summer.  

The Technology Parkway sidewalk project will add connections in the gaps on both sides of the road from Peachtree Parkway to Westech Drive. Te project is just underway with survey, and construction should begin in the fall.


These will be funded through the Georgia Department of Transportation, as part of their Local Maintenance Improvement Grant Program. Contact Public Works Department Director Greg Ramsey with questions: [email protected].


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