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Newly Acquired  Collections
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Central Rappahannock Heritage Center 
A place that loses its history loses its soul
Message From The Chairman

Happy New Year!!
As we welcome in 2018, we are looking at a bright future for The Center!  Collections continue to come in at a brisk pace and we now have the extra space in which to archive them.  Awareness of what we are and what we do is expanding, thanks to outreach initiatives and the rebranding campaign.
However, the world of small non-profits is always challenging when it comes to finances.  There is only so much funding available to support our efforts and a lot of competition to obtain it.  Our members and donors have been the financial mainstay of the Center and their generosity is so very much appreciated, and former Chair Barbara Barrett has continued to excel at writing successful grant applications.  But this year there is a need to concentrate on fundraising efforts, as well.  To that end, the Board of Directors recently created a special committee dedicated to thinking up new, fun and creative ways to financially support The Center and we encourage your ideas, as well.  If you have an idea, please contact me at mbeckett@crhcarchives .org.
As The Center enters its third decade of existence, most of the credit for its success must go to our incredible group of volunteers, who faithfully show up week after week to keep The Center up and running, as well as diligently work to make the collections available to researchers.  Thank you!
In closing please remember that The Center follows the schedule set by the Fredericksburg City Public Schools for weather closings and delays so, in case of inclement weather, please check www.cityschools.com .  Our website, though, is always open for business.
Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Meredith Beckett
CRHC Chairman   
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The Central Rappahannock Heritage Center is a non-profit, all volunteer archives whose mission is to preserve historically valuable material of the region and make it available to the public for research. 
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The Central Rappahannock Heritage Center
Welcome New Volunteers

The important preservation work of The Heritage Center would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers.

The Heritage Center currently has a staff of 53 volunteers and would like to welcome our newest volunteer:

Megan Northcote

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at The Heritage Center, please contact Donna McCague at dmccague@crhcarchives.org.
A Fredericksburg Institution

The Literary Club of Fredericksburg was founded in 1892 and may be the second oldest club of its kind in Virginia.  Only Richmond's Every Monday Club, organized in 1889 is known to be older. 

The Literary Club of Fredericksburg was formed because women wanted to meet, read, and discuss good books to promote their intellectual lives.  Membership was limited to thirty so that the gatherings could be held in private homes.  The Club began with Mrs. Tapscott and Caroline Street neighbors Annie, Sallie and Mary Braxton.  The three-article constitution describes the name and purpose, the officers and the members.  Dues were 20 cents a year, and were eventually raised to 50 cents. The dues remain at 50 cents today.

To commemorate the Club's 90th anniversary in 1982, Dr. Edward Alvey, Jr. was asked to write "The History of the Literary Club of Fredericksburg 1892 - 1982".  The book was published in 1984.  Dr. Alvey was professor emeritus and former Dean of Mary Washington College.  Mrs. Alvey was a long-time Club member and past president.

Men, even though later excluded as members, were invited to address the Club.  The first president, Rebecca Smith, operated Smithsonia, a boarding house for elderly women at 307 Amelia Street.  At the end of a program year, the theme was set for the next year, beginning in October.  A chairman was selected for each meeting, who in turn selected three readers to prepare papers.  The 1899 - 1900 theme was nineteenth century English and American literature - authors Thomas Moore, Jane Austen and Charles Lamb.  Miss Anna Braxton, Mrs. V.M. Fleming and Mrs. Chewning were selected as readers.  Miss Braxton chose "Paradise and Pen" from Thomas Moore, Mrs. Fleming presented a sketch of Jane Austen and Mrs. Schooler, substituting for Mrs. Chewning, read a selection by Charles Lamb.

The Literary Club marked its 125th anniversary last April. To learn more about the Literary Club and other Fredericksburg institutions, please visit the Center.

Beth Daly
CRHC Volunteer 
The Heritage Center Volunteer Spotlight

Randy Fennimore 
Hometown: Loysville, Pennsylvania
What brought you to Fredericksburg, and how long have you lived here?
My husband's job at NSWC Dahlgren. We have been here off and on since 1970 for a total of 46 years.
Why did you choose to volunteer at CRHC?
I enjoy genealogy and working on my family tree. When I am in Pennsylvania, I spend some time at the Perry Historians.  Because of distance, I cannot volunteer there, but I can volunteer in my second home, Fredericksburg.
What project are you currently working on at The Heritage Center?
I am currently working on the Spotsylvania Lions Club Collection. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.
How do you like to spend your free time?
My husband and I swim regularly in the mornings at the YMCA's Wellness Pool, and we are members and volunteer for the Mary Washington Elder Study group. We enjoy attending the Great Lives Series at the University of Mary Washington each spring. We also enjoy traveling and genealogy research when time permits.
Newly Acquired Collections

Acquired collections for the month include:  
  • The Monroe Doctrine (James Monroe High School yearbook), 1941
  • Genealogy of the Row/Rowe/ Rosser families
  • Ledger from the city of Fredericksburg, circa 1900; and assorted documents
  • The Book A Teaching Career & the roster of a local teacher's students, 1953-1987
  • Five editions of The Daily Star; 1914, 1915, (2) 1918, and 1919


A review of the year shows that the Center amassed a total of 64 new collections for the calendar year 2017.  Many of these collections contain original, primary documentation.  These types of documents are a source of irrefutable information, and provide the researcher with a treasure trove of undeniable source material. We have also procured a large collection of historic newspapers, which will be detailed in the next newsletter.
As many of you may know, we have expanded and now also occupy the old Community Meeting Room. This is a most welcomed addition, as we were beginning to feel the need to expand, as collections had begun to be shelved near the break room.


John Reifenberg
CRHC Collections Manager
Can you identify this photo?
1991 Christmas Parade Entry

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Please contact Sharon Null at snull@crhcarchives.org 

Stoner's Museum Store, 1202 Prince Edward Street, 1976

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Please contact Sharon Null at snull@crhcarchives.org  

The Heritage Center gladly provides research services.  Please contact the center for rates.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
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First Saturday each month 
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900 Barton Street #111
Fredericksburg, VA
(540) 373-3704 

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The Circle Unbroken: Civil War Letters of the Knox Family of Fredericksburg  
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Daisy Turner's Kin
An African American Family Saga
Jane C. Beck 
On sale now at the Heritage Center 

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