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Dear Bainbridge Islanders,

We are truly into summer now, with many islanders enjoying outside time in trails, parks, gardens, and Puget Sound, and the longest days of the year offering extra hours of daylight to put to good use. This is a busy season at the City, with many requests for permits and building inspections, since all types of construction work and repairs accelerate to take advantage of the dry, warm weather. It is also the part of year when our annual maintenance work on roads and other facilities ramps up. To cover what is needed, the City typically hires 6-8 seasonal workers to assist Public Works during this peak time. These extra hands provide an important boost to our capacity, and their help is much appreciated. 

The City Council also continues to be very active in its work on policy initiatives and project planning. This past week, the Council's business meeting included a narrowing of the landmark tree ordinance, a public hearing on small cell wireless regulations, changes to the City's animal control code, and changes to some of the Council's advisory committees. Next Tuesday, the Council study session will involve a wide range of topics, such as continued discussion on potential changes to sign code rules, options for rules related to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and "tiny homes," the planned Sustainable Transportation project, and presentations from both the Utility Advisory Committee and Climate Change Advisory Committee.

This coming weekend is an important milestone for many island families, as on Saturday afternoon Bainbridge High School and Eagle Harbor High School will celebrate the graduates of the Class of 2019. There is a great deal of crossover between our City "family" and our school "families," and every June you can overhear disbelief in the hallways when co-workers realize that the small child who came to visit mom or dad at work is now graduating as a fully grown adult, ready and able to take on the world. To all our Bainbridge graduates and their families, congratulations on everything you have achieved so far, and may your next adventures be exciting and meaningful.

Best wishes,

Morgan Smith
City Manager
Council discusses landmark tree ordinance extension

During the June 11 business meeting, the City Council discussed a possible six-month extension of the landmark tree ordinance, but no action was taken.

Council discussed extending the landmark tree ordinance to only apply to the Winslow Master Plan area, which includes the downtown core and nearby residential areas.

The six-month extension would allow staff and the Council more time to consider and potentially adopt revisions to Chapter 16.32 BIMC (Protection of Landmark Trees). The potential revisions come after the May 7 study session where Council discussed a report from a team of arborists regarding City regulations on tree and vegetation removal. 

The Council adopted an ordinance in June 2018 to protect landmark trees after numerous public comments expressing concern regarding the loss of landmark trees on Bainbridge Island due to land clearing and development activities. The ordinance designates landmark trees based on size and species, requires a permit to remove any landmark tree, and imposes fines if a landmark tree is removed without a permit.

Council will continue the discussion at the June 25 business meeting.  In addition, the City is preparing to advertise an opening for a full-time arborist to review permits for tree removal and assist with the development of vegetation management policies.
City Council approves changes to Animal Control Code

The City Council approved several changes to the City's Animal Control Code during the June 11 business meeting ( Ordinance 2019-03). 

  • Create a process for reconsideration and rescission of a potentially dangerous animal declaration (Section 1).
  • Create a civil infraction related to failure to provide adequate care for a pet or for livestock (Section 9).
  • Increase the time period that the animal control authority must wait before trying to find a home for an impounded and licensed dog or cat from four days to seven days (Section 15).
  • If an impounded and unlicensed dog or cat, or other domestic animal, is not redeemed by the owner within 72 hours (three days) of the time of impoundment, the animal may be adopted by another person or euthanized.
Not Approved
  • Council removed language implementing a civil infraction related to bites to people by livestock (Section 6).
  • Council removed language requiring the licensing of cats (Section 11).
For a detailed list of the changes, please see the June 11 discussion . The Council forwarded final approval to the June 25 business meeting.

The City contracts with the Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) to enforce the City's Animal Control Code.
EPA updates cleanup plan for Wyckoff-Eagle Harbor Superfund Site 

Below is information from the EPA regarding an update at the former Wyckoff site.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced this week an updated cleanup plan at  the former Wyckoff wood treating facility. 

The property is located inside the steel sheetpile wall at the south side of the entrance to Eagle Harbor. Site soils and groundwater are contaminated with creosote and other wood treating chemicals. Highlights of the new cleanup plan include:
  • Treatment of approximately 267,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil using in-situ solidification, which will immobilize the contamination by mixing a cement slurry into the soil.
  • An underground "cutoff" wall along the south side of the former wood treating area to divert clean groundwater away from them contaminated zone.
  • A low permeability cap and soil cover over the entire treatment area.
Construction will cost approximately $81.3 million and is currently scheduled to wrap up in 2032. When construction is complete, the property will become part of Pritchard Park. Read a fact sheet summarizing the plan, or review the entire plan including EPA's responses to public comments here.
Council to extend Race Equity Task Force term

The City Council reviewed a recommendation to extend the work of the Race Equity Task Force for an additional six months (through December 31, 2019) and also discussed clarifications to the group's scope of work.

The City Council established a Race Equity Task Force (RETF) earlier this year to seek suggestions on how the City can help Bainbridge Island to be an open and welcoming community for all.

The Race Equity Task Force includes three Councilmembers as liaisons: Joe Deets, Rasham Nassar and Matt Tirman. The task force includes six community members (one position is currently vacant).

As a task force, the work of this group is intended to be of limited duration and focused on specific tasks. As part of the  scope of work Council refined on June 11, the RETF will develop a series of events to  promote awareness and raise the community's level of engagement around race and to encourage a dialogue between Bainbridge Islanders and its elected officials.

The Council will consider formal approval of the extended term and scope of work as part of the June 25 consent agenda.
This Weekend: Household Chemical Collection Event

Residents of Bainbridge Island and the north end of Kitsap County can bring certain hazardous household chemicals to a free, one-day collection event this Saturday at the City's Operations & Maintenance facility, located at 7305 Hidden Cove Rd.

This event, which is being hosted by the City's Public Works team and Kitsap County Solid Waste Division, is limited to household products from Kitsap County residents. Organizers can't accept items from businesses or non-household organizations.

Containers must be five gallons or smaller. Organizers can't empty and return containers (fuel containers are the only exception).

* adhesives
* aerosols
* automotive fluids (excludes motor oil, antifreeze)
* corrosive cleaners
* flammable liquids
* lawn and garden chemicals
* oil-based paints and stains
* paint thinners
* pool and spa chemicals

Search to find recycling or disposal sites for these items.
* No latex paint
* No motor oil
* No antifreeze
* No batteries
* No light bulbs or tubes
* No needles
* No marine flares or explosives
* No business or non-profit waste
* No containers larger than 5 gallons
* No empty containers (put these in the trash, not the recycling)

* Do not mix products
* Transport items in sturdy, leak-proof tubs
* Keep products in their original containers. If you've used a different container, please label it.
* Transport items in your trunk or truck bed, not in the passenger area.

Please coordinate with your neighbors to combine items into one vehicle. This reduces cars on the road and shortens lines at the event! Read more here
Looking ahead: City Council agenda

Below are some of the topics to be discussed during the June 18 City Council study session:

  • Discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and tiny homes
  • Update on the sign code (sandwich boards)
  • Update on development moratorium
  • Update on Sustainable Transportation plan

You can receive the Council agenda every week when it's published -- sign up for Notify Me on the City's website-- select "City Council Meeting Notifications" from the list. You can get the updates by text or email.

The meetings are livestreamed on the City website. Visit the Agendas & Minutes section, then click on "In Progress" when the meeting starts. You can also watch the meetings on BKAT (Ch. 12 on Comcast & Ch. 3 on WAVE).
Community Classroom: Psychological First Aid

Interested in learning how to provide mental health support to yourself and others during times of heightened stress? Take a  Bainbridge Prepares  course on Psychological First Aid- a learned skill defined as providing self and others with first-line psychosocial support in the event of a crisis or disaster.
The class will be offered next Wednesday, June 19 at 7 p.m. at the Bainbridge library, located at 1270 Madison Ave N. Registration is not required. Learn more  here
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