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Dear Bainbridge Islanders,
Ballots for the 2018 General Election have been mailed and are due by Election Day November 6, 2018. While there are several important issues for voters to consider in this election, Bainbridge Island residents may be particularly interested in learning more about Proposition 1 - SAFE Mobility Levy. The City's SAFE Mobility Levy website  has information that can help you understand the details of this proposed levy lid lift. If approved, the levy will provide $15 million in funding for a wide range of transportation and accessibility projects. Please take a moment to learn more. 

During the past few weeks, City staff have been doing outreach to educate residents about the levy details through community workshops and booths at the ferry and Farmers Market. One question that comes up is why the City hasn't identified an exact list of projects that will be built. In fact, Resolution 2018-21 lists many potential projects for the three largest categories of spending (Shoulder Improvements, Safe Routes to Schools and Trails, and Walkable Winslow). Beyond these examples, the City Council wants to ensure a high level of community participation in the process to make final choices on projects, which builds on many years of work done previously by City staff and citizen committee members. 

To capture this intent, the Council specified a detailed and thorough selection process the City intends to follow. The project selection process will rely on a 24-member selection committee comprised of interested residents, representatives from the school and park districts, and three Councilmembers. If the levy is approved, the creation of this committee will be step one in getting our new projects underway.

Next Wednesday, Oct. 31, brings Halloween and our annual neighborhood and Winslow celebrations. Please be extra cautious as you travel around the island on Wednesday night, as many families and children will be sharing our roads. And if you are trick-or-treating in Winslow, please make City Hall one of your stops. City staff will be handing out candy 4 - 6 p.m.  and the magnificent BHS marching band will be performing at 4:45 p.m.

Best wishes,

Morgan Smith 
City Manager
Temporary Sailing Schedule Returns this Weekend for Colman Dock Construction
The Bainbridge Island and Bremerton ferry routes will be on a temporary sailing schedule this weekend to complete work at Colman Dock that was delayed last weekend by heavy fog. All Bainbridge Island and Bremerton sailings will share a single slip on Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28. Please be sure to check the schedule
Lower Prices for Electric Car Charging Station on Winslow Way

The City  is lowering the price on the Winslow Way ChargePoint station from $.49/kWh to $.29/kWh effective today. 

Following an inquiry by a citizen, the City's Finance staff completed a thorough analysis of the rates compared to ongoing recovery of installation and maintenance costs. 

Finance staff determined the City was able to drop the price by $.20/kWh while still allowing the city to recover installation costs over the next several years. Once installation costs are fully recovered, it's likely the price will be reduced again. The City rates are set at a level that does not generate a profit, but does cover the cost to keep the station available to citizens. 
New Tree Regulations to Begin December 3

In an effort to preserve trees, the City Council approved new tree retention and tree removal permit regulations this week at the City Council business meeting (see item 8.G). The changes come out of a multi-year review of tree and landscaping regulations recommended by the Tree & Low Impact Development Ad Hoc Committee 

The significant changes to the tree regulations fall into two categories: the mechanics of the City's clearing permit process and new tree retention requirements for residential properties in the R-2.9, R-3.5 or R-4.3 zones.

1. Changes to clearing permits (BIMC Chapter 16.18):
  • Permit renamed to Tree Removal/Vegetation Maintenance Permit.
  • For properties one acre or less in size: A tree removal permit will be needed to remove four or more significant trees (previously, a permit was required to remove seven or more significant trees). 
  • Increasing the time period from 12 months to 36 months related to the removal of significant trees without a permit. For most properties, if the property is more than an acre in size, the owner can only remove up to six significant trees without a permit every three years.
  • At this time, a clearing permit (Tree Removal/Vegetation Maintenance Permit) is free. 
2. New tree retention requirements for all single family residential properties in the  R-2.9, R-3.5 or R-4.3 zones; the new retention requirement is 30 tree units per acre (see BIMC Section 18.15.010.G.4.iii ). Property owners in these zones should check with City staff prior to removing any trees on their property to ensure that they remain in compliance with the new regulations. If trees are removed, replanting may be required.

The ordinance becomes effective on Monday, December 3.  A public meeting to explain and answer questions about the new regulations is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, November 19 at City Hall. If you have any questions about the new ordinance, please contact Senior Planner Jennifer Sutton at 206-780-3772 or email
You're Invited: Launch Preview of Kingston-Seattle Foot Ferry Service

Kitsap Transit is hosting three informational sessions to discuss the Kingston-Seattle fast-ferry service. The sessions will be Saturday, November 3 at the Village Green Community Center, located at 26159 Dulay Rd NE in Kingston, at 8:30 a.m., 3 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. 

This is an opportunity to learn more about the fast-ferry service and to get your questions answered. For more information, please visit the Kitsap Transit website.
BIPD to Hold Drug Take Back Day Tomorrow
Have any unused or expired prescription medicine to get rid of? Bring the items to BIPD tomorrow for Drug Take Back Day. The event is happening  10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the BIPD police station, located at 625 Winslow Way East.  

Y ou may deposit loose pills directly into the disposal box or submit the entire container. If you dispose of the container, please remove your personal information from the prescription label. Details here.
Upcoming Events
  • Wednesday, October 31: Trick-or-Treat Downtown, 4 - 6 p.m.
  • Friday, November 2: First Friday Art Walk, 6 - 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 3: SAFE Mobility Levy Outreach at Farmers Market, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
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