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Dear Bainbridge Islanders,
In early 2018, City staff worked together to identify values that we agreed were most important to our work and most representative of our shared goals for the organization. I wanted to use my last message of the year to highlight one of those values which is particularly important to me:

Professionalism. We bring knowledge to our work and energy to new challenges.

By design, there are many ways this value can be expressed or demonstrated. One example is the commitment City staff make to pursue professional development opportunities, and to seek technical and educational opportunities that increase their knowledge and skill. In 2018, a notable number of our employees took the time and initiative to achieve new credentials that will enhance their professional abilities. I'd like to congratulate these employees, highlight their achievements, and thank them for their extra effort.

Another example of professionalism is the significant value we gain from long-time employees who have helped to serve and care for the community through decades of change. One of those employees is Jerry Kramer -- a Maintenance Technician III in Public Works/Operations and Maintenance who will be retiring in a few weeks after nearly 23 years of service to the City of Bainbridge Island. We will miss Jerry's experience within the Utilities group, his expertise with troubleshooting and repair, and his high level of engagement and support for other team members.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Morgan Smith 
City Manager
City Council Amends & Extends Landmark Tree Ordinance

T he  City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to approve Ordinance 2018-45  extending the interim landmark tree regulations for six months until June 26, 2019. While approving the extension, the City Council also added exemptions to the regulations based on staff recommendations from public comment. 

The landmark tree ordinance was adopted by the Council on an emergency basis in June after the Council heard concerns from residents about the loss of landmark trees on Bainbridge Island. Since then , the city has received 22 permit applications for removal of landmark trees. Approximately 90% of those applications were for dead or dying trees. 

In the amended ordinance, people will no longer be required to get a Removal of Landmark Tree permit if: 
  • The tree at issue is dead.
  • Trees need to be removed to maintain road, access, or utility rights-of-way or easements.
  • The timberlands are managed as commercial forests under state law.

The ordinance was intended to be a temporary measure while the City continued to work on additional permanent tree regulations. In October, the City Council contracted with a team of arborists to review and make recommendations on City regulations governing tree and vegetation removal, including Chapter 16.32 BIMC Preservation of Landmark Tree. The recommendations from the arborists are expected by the end of this month.

Watch the Dec. 11 City Council discussion here
City Council Forms Ad Hoc Committee for Suzuki Project

The City Council approved a motion Dec. 4 to form a Council Ad Hoc Committee for the Suzuki Project. The Councilmembers who will serve on this committee include: Rasham Nassar, Sarah Blossom and Matt Tirman. It's expected the Ad Hoc Committee will meet early next month to begin the process to develop a recommendation to the full Council for a new development partner to replace Housing Kitsap. As a result, the next Council Study Session discussion has been postponed from January 15, 2019 to a later date which has not yet been selected.

In addition, the video and presentation of the Olympic Property Group's (OPG) Nov. 28 public workshop are now available on the OPG project  website
City Releases Proposed Layout of Additional Buoys in DUOWM

Many people in the rowing and liveaboard communities gathered at City Hall Monday night to  discuss the placement of additional buoys in the Dave Ullin Open Water Marina (DUOWM) in Eagle Harbor.

Earlier this year, the City Council voted to provide funding to expand the number of moorage sites in the DUOWM from nine to 16, as allowed under the terms of the City's lease with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

The Marine Access Committee (MAC) hosted the public meeting to gather community input to make a recommendation to City Council about the placement of the buoys. A proposed layout (above) was provided by Operations Project Manager Aaron Claiborne.
The meeting was recorded by BKAT and will air on the following days and times:
  • Sunday, Dec. 16 at 11 a.m. & 9:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Dec.18 at 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 11 a.m.
The video will also be available on the  BKAT Viebit site at a later date. Learn more here
City Council Wrap-Up
During the December 11 City Council Business Meeting, the Council took the following actions:
  • Approved System Participation Fees for water and sewer utilities for new development.
  • Discussed funding request from Tyler Moniz Project, an organization that was created to raise awareness about suicide and depression in youth. The City Manager was asked to return to Council with information on hiring a facilitator to lead a discussion on teen mental health issues to identify gaps in service. 
  • Staff will continue discussion of a $10 increase in car-tab fees, from $20 to $30, during the Jan. 8 meeting.
You can watch the discussions and view the agenda here.
City to Begin Accepting Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications Next Month

Every three years, people have an opportunity to request amendments to the City of Bainbridge Island Comprehensive PlanYou may apply to amend the Comprehensive Plan in January and February 2019. 
The Comprehensive Plan describes the 20-year vision for the City and how that vision will be achieved. The plan includes goals, policies and implementing actions on land use, economic, environment, water resources, housing, transportation, capital facilities, utilities, cultural, and human services.  A future land use map with designations is also included in the plan. The Comprehensive Plan is locally adopted by the City Council and is mandated by the Washington State Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A).

Generally, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan fall into two categories:
  • Non-site Specific: Usually amendments to the text of the Comprehensive Plan such as changes to goals, policies, or vision statements.
  • Site Specific: Usually a request to change the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan to change land use designations for a property or properties (e.g. Request to change from Residential -1 to Residential -2).
The amendment process is outlined in Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) Chapter 2.16.190
For more information, please visit the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment process webpage.
Thank You for Your Service, Jerry Kramer!

Jerry Kramer joined the city as a Utilities Maintenance Technician in March 1996, after working in the food industry for many years.

Due to his analytical and detail-oriented nature, he has excelled as a utilities technician and has provided outstanding systems troubleshooting, repair work and customer service. Jerry is 100% engaged in his work and, day or night, always ready to help fellow staff or respond to an emergency. 

We wish Jerry the best in his well-earned retirement!

Mark Your Calendar: Styrofoam Recycling Events Scheduled

As the holidays approach and your home fills with packaging from all the shopping and gifts, please consider bringing your Styrofoam packaging to upcoming recycling events. 

Kitsap County is hosting a free STYRO-Roundup recycling event for Kitsap County residents 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 29 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds Van Zee building, located at 1200 Fairgrounds Rd. NW in Bremerton. Please limit your recycling to one carload per household.

BI Zero Waste is hosting a Styrofoam and CD recycling event Saturday, Jan. 26 and Sunday, Jan. 27 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bay Hay and Feed barn. Please bring only clean, white, dry, snappable (#6 EPS) block packaging and coolers. Please remove all tape and stickers. No peanuts. The CDs should not be in cases. If you'd like to volunteer to help snap the packaging, please contact BI Zero Waste at .
Upcoming Events
  • Saturday, Dec. 29: STYRO-Roundup, Kitsap County Fairgrounds Van Zee Building, 9 a.m. - 3p.m. Learn more here

  • Tuesday, Jan. 8: City Council Business Meeting, Council Chamber, 6 p.m.

  • Saturday, Jan. 26 & Sunday, January 27: Styrofoam & CD Recycling Event, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Bay Hay and Feed. Sponsored by BI Zero Waste.

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