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April 17, 2016
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April Networking Event is next week

IIBA Chapter Networking Event

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

5:30 - 6:00 - Check in, networking
6:00 -
8:00 - Dinner, networking activities

Breckenridge Brewery Colorado Craft  
2220  Blake Street (near Coors Field)
Denver, CO 80205 
Click here for website/map 


Join the IIBA Denver Chapter for a Spring networking event! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow business analysis professionals in the front range area and interact on a social basis. 
Who should attend?  
Anyone who works in the BA space is welcome: business analysts, system analysts, project managers, quality assurance, process analysts, agilists, enterprise analysts, or anyone who wants to network and learn more about the IIBA.
Bring your business cards and join us for a great time and free Mexican buffet!   
There is no cost to attend.
Buffet and soft drinks provided. Cash bar.

The event is sponsored by
ECS Team. 
May Chapter Meeting - Save the Date

IIBA Chapter May Meeting

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5:30 - 6:00 - Check in, networking
6:00 - 6:30 - Announcements and Chapter business
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation
7:30 - 8:00 - Group QA session

Speaker: Michelle Kahler
Presentation Title: How to Influence Your Sponsors for Success

Research consistently states that engaged executive sponsorship is one of the most important keys to success for an organization implementing a change effort.  Business Analysts are inherently positioned to influence sponsors and business owners to help lead them through critical change initiatives.  The most effective Business Analysts use their influence with key stakeholders to confirm business objectives align with organizational strategy, clearly define and articulate business needs/requirements and make sure the final solution is what is really needed for the business. Success in this activity elevates the level of the Business Analysts, strengthens their leadership and career development, and provides much needed value to the business.  Join us as Michele guides us through this interactive session.  She will provide insights from across industries and key take-aways that a Business Analyst can implement immediately to improve influence with sponsors and achieve success.

Business Tech Center
8301 East Prentice Avenue, #400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Meeting Call-in Number:
If you can't attend the meeting in person, you can call in and listen to the meeting announcements and presentation.

There are two levels of membership: 1) IIBA National and 2) IIBA Denver Chapter with IIBA National. The meeting cost is free for members of the Denver Chapter. The cost is $10 for non-members of the Denver chapter. 

The meeting is sponsored by Progressive.  
President's Letter
by Monte Malenke
This month is our spring networking event, occurring on Wednesday April 20th  at the Breckenridge Brewery Colorado Craft in downtown Denver.  As always this will be an excellent opportunity to connect with other Business Analysis professionals, have some great food and a fun time!

Register for this now and make sure to put it on your calendar, sunny-tree-boughs.jpg and don't forget to thank our VP of Events, Gary Weiss for setting up this special chapter event.

Many thanks to ECSTeam who is the sponsor of this networking event and our Platinum sponsor this year.  If you are looking for a work, then you won't want to miss this free event and see what opportunities ECSTeam may have for you!

I would like to encourage you to consider getting involved with the chapter, as we have a few board positions coming up for new terms starting July 1st. They are: VP Finance, VP Communications, and VP Marketing. Keep an eye out for more about this soon - we want you to join us and make an investment in the Business Analyst professional community in Denver. 

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Vinton at VolunteerCoordinator@denver.iiba.org, or me at President@denver.iiba.org. I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Networking event!
ECS Team - Platinum Level Sponsor
ECS Team is a Platinum Level annual sponsor for 2016, and they are also sponsoring the April Networking event. ECS Team,  a national professional services firm, provides seasoned  consultants w ith deep expertise in a wide range of technologies to deliver  innov ative  solutions. We do this while leveraging your existing technology by working side-by-side with your staff. This approach shortens time-to-market, decreases costs and lowers project risks. For more information, please contact:
Chasity Rohl
Senior Staffing Manager

Progressive is the May Meeting Sponsor
Progressive began in 1937, and over the years, we have worked hard to build a superior proposition for auto insurance consumers through competitive pricing and by continuously improving our products and services. Today, we offer competitive rates and 24-hour, in-person and online services to all drivers throughout the United States.
For more information, visit www.progressive.com
The Business Tech Center Is Our Business Space Sponsor
We would like to the thank The Business Tech Center for their involvement with the IIBA Denver Chapter. The BTC currently has an exclusive offer for IIBA members - get 15% off the rental rate! 
To learn more, click here for a map and pictures of our meeting facility. 
or contact Pam Brockhouse at 303-996-2849 or
General Assembly was the March meeting food sponsor
General Assembly (GA) is a global educational company on a mission to empower a global community to pursue work they love. Focusing on the most relevant and in-dem and skills across data, design, business and technology, GA is confronting a skills gap through best-in-class instruction and providing access to opportunities.

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, data, and design. It's where Denverites can skill up in high-demand fields, from Digital Marketing to Visual Design, or completely change careers to become Web Developers, Data Scientists, and more.

Our part-time and full-time courses, single-day classes, bootcamps, and networking events help arm the GA community with the right skills to support the growing need for talent just east of the Rockies. Located in the vibrant LoDo district, GA Denver is woven into the fabric of The Mile High City's booming startup and tech scene.

We would like to thank our new sponsor General Assembly for sponsoring the food for the March chapter meeting. 
View from the BABOK®
by Sandi Byron
Section 4.4  Elicitation and Collaboration 
It is very important that the project stakeholders are provided information about the project related to the task of business analysis which is appropriate to the stakeholder.  This means the correct content, at the right time, and in a format the stakeholder(s) can use.
Section 4.4 Communicate Business Analysis Information discusses the need to ensure that the stakeholders all have a shared understanding of the business analysis information.  To ensure this, the information is not pushed out but must be bi-directional in order to engage the stakeholders to ensure they understand the information communicated and agree on the content and decisions.  Communication of the business analysis information is an iterative process throughout the project as new data is received or decisions made.

There are two inputs to the task "Communicate Business Analysis Information":
  1. The actual business analysis information that is collected or created by the BA and which needs to be communicated to the stakeholders.
  2. The "stakeholder engagement approach" which describes the stakeholder groups, the roles, and general communication needs.  
The output is the communicated business analysis information with a shared understanding by the target stakeholders of the content and implications.

The stakeholders consist of the end user, customer, domain and implementation SMEs, testers, or any other person/group to whom analysis information may need to be communicated. To get to this output, the BA must first determine the objectives and format of the communication package.  The information must be conveyed clearly and in a format for continuing changing activities. 

It is important that the BA select the appropriate communication platform.  Perhaps group collaboration which communicates the package at the same time to a group of relevant stakeholders.  This is often useful as it allows an immediate discussion and agreement with multiple stakeholders.  However, there may be instances where individual collaboration is needed whereby information is communicated individually to stakeholders because a group setting is not feasible or will not result in the best results.  Perhaps e-mails or other non-verbal methods of communications where little or no explanation is needed is the best form of communicating the business analysis information.

Interviews, reviews, and workshops are the three techniques often used to communicate the information and gain agreement.  
Why is it important to be a member of an IIBA Chapter?
by Barbara Griffith, CCBA
As a relative newcomer to the field of Business Analysis, I had a lot of  computer_server.jpg questions. When I was starting out in my IT career, there was no formal job title or function called business analysis so far as I could see. Back then, it was all about technical ability - wrangling servers, stringing network cables, getting workstations to connect, and helping users log on and find their files. Yet, conceptually, we were already doing something resembling business analysis at times in our work. We would have to figure out what people wanted and needed, even though they might have trouble articulating technological needs, and then figure out how to provide these features and conditions, all within the constraints of our organization and the limits of what was possible. 
The development of business analysis as a career specialty, with a shared body of knowledge, best practices, and credentialing standards has helped organizations navigate the perils of technological change. Having a parent organization such as IIBA has elevated the value of our contribution in the eyes of the industry. But, a global credentialing and educational organization is not enough.
Local conditions are what we live in. Local chapters help newcomers learn the norms of the business analysis profession in their area. Job markets are local in nature as well. The need for certain skill sets, experiences with various techniques and practices, and tips on who is hiring and what they are looking for, are all communicated more accurately in local chapters than at a national or international level.
Your local chapter is a gold mine of information for improving your experience as a business analyst. While guests can attend chapter meetings for a small fee, being a chapter member opens the door to local study groups that prepare members for the challenge of BA certification tests. I took advantage of a study group and it was a big help in walking me through the complexities of the material in the BABOK. Other advantages to joining your local chapter include discounted professional development events, seminars, and voting privileges. There are also opportunities for leadership as you grow in expertise.
Furthermore, the fun of getting to know people, hearing their stories, and learning from their experiences happens very effectively at a local level. Career coaches constantly advocate networking to active professionals, and local chapters are great for networking. One of the best ways we can advance our profession is through our local presence, and by encouraging and building up each other.

We'd love to see you at our local chapter meetings and events and have you join our chapter.
CBAP Study Group is Concluding - Spring 2016
by Mary Anne McSweeney
I nterested in studying for the CBAP® or CCBA® Certification exams while they are still based on BABOK version 2? The final session is April 27th.

We have heard from IIBA international that it will continue to base
Develop Your 
the CBAP and CCBA exams on BABOK v2 until the 3rd quarter of 2016. As we know, BABOK version 3 is a longer text with new information, so it may be worthwhile to study up and take the exam now! 
This is a virtual study group, so there is no need to drive anywhere to meet as we will be connecting via web conferencing. The goal of the study group is to cover the complete BABOK in preparation for taking the CBAP or CCBA exam.
Give yourself, your company and your clients a huge benefit by getting certified! As soon as we have at enough participants ready to meet, we can schedule a new study group.

For more information, see the chapter website, https://denver.iiba.org/study-groups  
Membership News
by Susan Futey, CBAP, VP Membership
Welcome new Denver Chapter members!

Timothy Broderick
Larry Garlick
Stephanie Wilson
Nicholas Wolf
Active Member Count: 92

Not a member yet but interested in joining?
It's a great way to network, share business analysis knowledge and experience, and learn about new techniques and processes.  Best of all, membership is just $25/year Join Now! 
Benefits of being a local chapter member:
  • Attend chapter meetings free
  • Participate in Denver Chapter elections (as candidates or as voters)
  • Participate in members-only offers such as volunteer opportunities at BA World
  • Get to wear a snazzy name badge at the meetings
IIBA member, but not a Denver Chapter member, your cost = $10 per meeting. IIBA member and a Denver Chapter member (annual membership fee of $25) your cost = free.
Take advantage of this deal today! 
You do have to be a member of the IIBA International Organization in order to join the IIBA Denver Chapter. Join IIBA through their website at  www.iiba.org .   IIBA Membership benefits include:
If you have any questions about membership or renewal, please feel free to send an email using the Contact Us link on the IIBA Denver Chapter website.   
Thanking our Volunteers!
by Monte Malenke, President
Thi s month I want to recognize Bryan Lindsey as our volunteer of the Thank You month! He has not only stepped up to serve as the chapter photographer, but has recently gotten involved with our website and is even now helping with the phone and web conferencing support for our chapter meetings. Bryan's investment in the chapter has made a real difference and is a great example for all of us. Many thanks Bryan, for seeing a need and stepping up to fill that need--much appreciated, and congratulations! 
March Meeting Recap
At the March meeting Morag Barrett gave a high-energy interactive presentation about Cultivating Winning Relationships. We learned about the three secrets to cultivating professional relationships. To see the slides of the event, click here. The link is at the very bottom of the page under the Event Documents heading. 53 people attended (51 in-person + 2 call-in attendees). 
News from IIBA HQ
The international IIBA chapter has free professional development opportunities. There are several public and members only webinars in the coming weeks. 

The IIBA international annual meeting is Tuesday May 17 at 5 pm. Click here to register. 
Get involved! 
by Stephanie Vinton, Volunteer Coordinator
Do you want to support local Business Analysts, the profession, increase visibility to your company, or gain recertification credits? The Denver chapter is looking for help in this manner:

Marketing Committee Rep 
The Marketing committee is seeking one volunteer to expand our efforts to market toward new members. This role would work closely with other IIBA committees (membership, communications) to plan and execute strategies to attract new members, such as membership drives or social media campaigns. Please email marketing@denver.iiba.org if you are interested. 
Denver Chapter Education News
by Heidi McLaughlin, CBAP, PMP, VP Education
Chapter Mentor Program 
The Denver IIBA Chapter is dedicated to providing members with various resources to enhance their knowledge and expertise. One resource is our mentor program, which allows individual members to partner with each other with the goal of sharing ideas on strategies, techniques, issues, or anything else that influences their roles as Business Analysts. 

We can each benefit from collaboration and sharing with other members. If you would like more information on how to participate, please contact Heidi for more details.

Call for Speakers 
We are looking for speakers to speak at our chapter meetings on topics relevant to business analysts. If you have an interest in being a speaker, being part of a panel of speakers, or if you know someone who would make a great speaker, please contact Heidi for more details. Some topics that have been suggested are listed below, but of course our interests are not limited to this list.  
  • BABOK Review
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK
  • Process Mapping
  • BA Diagramming & Modeling
  • Elicitation 
  • Enterprise Analysis
Upcoming Chapter Meetings
May 18 - Michelle Kahler will speak on the topic of How to Influence Your Sponsors for Success. Register here.
July 20 - Judy Cacco will speak on the topic To the BABOK and Beyond! -Situational Adventures of BAs.
September 21 - To be announced
November 16 - To be announced

See more details in future newsletters.

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