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February 15, 2016
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March Chapter Meeting - Save the Date

IIBA Chapter March Meeting

Wednesday, March 16

5:30 - 6:00 - Check in, networking
6:00 - 6:30 - Announcements and Chapter business
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation
7:30 - 8:00 - Group QA session

Speaker: Morag Barrett 

Presentation Title: Cultivating Winning Relationships
Morag Barrett is a public speaker and author of "Cultivate the Power of Winning Relationships." She launched her company Skye in 2007, prior to which she was responsible for global leadership and executive development in a US Telecoms company. Since launching SkyeTeam she has had the opportunity to work with clients in a range of industries including Healthcare, Telecoms, Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology. Morag is a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and has been featured in inc.com, business insider, TheStreet.com, American Management Association and is a regular contributor the Association for Training and Development, Society for Human Resources and HR.com among others.

Business Tech Center
8301 East Prentice Avenue, #400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Meeting Call-in Number:
If you can't attend the meeting in person, you can call-in and listen to the meeting announcements and presentation. Details to be provided later.

There are two levels of membership: 1) IIBA National and 2) IIBA Denver Chapter with IIBA National. The meeting cost is free for members of the Denver Chapter. The cost is $10 for non-members of the Denver chapter.
President's Letter
by Monte Malenke, President
As the warm weather finally begins to melt the recent snow, I can't help thinking about spring just around the corner, and our upcoming networking event that will happen in April. Keep an eye out for the invite to this special semi-annual event which is a great chance to catch up with other Business Analysis colleagues and have a great time.

I am also pleased to announce that Shaughnessy Spiers will be taking over as our Marketing VP from Sandi Byron who needs to step back from this role due to a job change and many other time commitments. Shaughnessy brings a marketing background and a lot of energy and I am so pleased to have her fill this role to maintain the momentum Sandi has started. Sandi will remain on the Marketing committee assisting Shaughnessy, so we are fortunate to have Sandi remain involved.

If you would like to get involved with the Denver Chapter, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator,
Stephanie Vinton at VolunteerCoordinator@denver.iiba.org, or me at President@denver.iiba.org.

I look forward to seeing you next month on March 16th at out next Chapter meeting!  
ECS Team - Platinum Level Sponsor
ECS Team is a new chapter Platinum Level sponsor for 2016. ECS Team,  a national professional services firm, provides seasoned  consultants w ith deep expertise in a wide range of technologies to deliver  innov ative  solutions. We do this while leveraging your existing technology by working side-by-side with your staff. This approach shortens time-to-market, decreases costs and lowers project risks. For more information, please contact:
Chasity Rohl
Senior Staffing Manager

The Business Tech Center Is Our Business Space Sponsor
We would like to the thank The Business Tech Center for their involvement with the IIBA Denver Chapter. The BTC currently has an exclusive offer for IIBA members - get 15% off the rental rate! 
To learn more, visit our website at TheBusinessTechCenter.com
or contact Pam Brockhouse at 303-996-2849 or
View from the BABOK®
by Ramkumar V. Ramachandran
4.2: Conduct Elicitation

The purpose of Conduct Elicitation task, per BABOK version 3, is to draw out, explore and identify information relevant to the change. In BABOK version 2, the focus was on meeting stakeholders to elicit information regarding their needs. Version 3 encourages to identify or systematically discover information that are not directly available from stakeholders.

The Elicitation activity plan is the input identified in BABOK V3 for conducting elicitation. BABOK V2 recommended business need, organization process assets, requirements management plan, scheduled resources, solution scope, business case, and supporting materials also as inputs.

Recommended techniques common in both BABOK V2 and V3 are: Brainstorming, Document Analysis, Focus Groups, Interface Analysis, Interviews, Observation, Prototyping, Requirements Workshops, and Survey/Questionnaire. In addition to these techniques BABOK V3 also recommends Benchmarking & Market Analysis, Business Rules Analysis, Collaborative Games, Concept Modeling, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Mind Mapping, Process Analysis, and Process Modeling.

Customers, Domain Subject Matter Experts, Implementation Subject Matter Experts, End users and Sponsors are recognized as stakeholders on both BABOK V2 and V3. BABOK V3 also recognizes other stakeholders who could collaborate in elicitation by participating, interacting or providing information or feedback on document, systems, models, and interfaces.

The output of "Conduct Elicitation" task on V3 is unconfirmed Elicitation Results which has captured information in a format that is specific to the elicitation activity. In V2 the output is referred to as "Elicitation Results" with the documentation appropriate to the technique capturing the information provided by the stakeholders. Further in V2, this is followed by a task to "Document Elicitation Results" which consumes the elicitation results and provides the stated requirements and stakeholder concern.
CBAP Certification. Why?
by Alan Cavin, CBAP
I received my CBAP Certification in July of 2015 after over a year of study. It was a somewhat painful experience because of the time involved. I gave up my casual reading in favor of reading the BABOK and the Watermark study guide. I spent numerous hours at Starbucks to get away from distractions at home. I was in a virtual study group through the Denver Chapter and participated in a regular group at work. And I failed the exam the first time! 
CBAP Study Group Started - Winter 2016
by Mary Anne McSweeney
I nterested in studying for the CBAP® or CCBA® Certification exams while they are still based on BABOK version 2? The first session started on Wednesday, February 10th, and there were 4 participants. 

We have heard from IIBA international that it will continue to base
Develop Your 
the CBAP and CCBA exams on BABOK v2 until the 3rd quarter of 2016. As we know, BABOK version 3 is a longer text with new information, so it may be worthwhile to study up and take the exam now! 
This is a virtual study group, so there is no need to drive anywhere to meet as we will be connecting via web conferencing. The goal of the study group is to cover the complete BABOK in preparation for taking the CBAP or CCBA exam.
Give yourself, your company and your clients a huge benefit by getting certified! As soon as we have at enough participants ready to meet, we can schedule a new study group.

For more information, see the chapter website, https://denver.iiba.org/study-groups  
Membership News
by Susan Futey, CBAP, VP Membership
Welcome new Denver Chapter members!
Patrick Bull
Nicole Gast
Jeff Sylla
Sandra Tiedeman
Ramkumar Vasudevan
Thomas Vosburg

And we are happy to welcome back to the Denver Chapter:
Mary Anne McSweeney
Pamela Thompson

Active Member Count: 89

Not a member yet but interested in joining?
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Benefits of being a local chapter member:
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If you have any questions about membership or renewal, please feel free to send an email using the Contact Us link on the IIBA Denver Chapter website.   
Thanking our Volunteers!
by Monte Malenke, President
Even though she only served as our VP of Marketing for a short  Thank You time, Sandi Byron has had a remarkable impact on the chapter by really ramping up our sponsorship program and support. She is responsible for cultivating the relationship with ECS, our 2016 Platinum sponsor, which is a key level of sponsorship for the chapter. Please join with me in thanking Sandi for her very productive time on the board, and for her incredibly positive and consistent support of the chapter. Many, many thanks Sandi!
Chapter News
by Debbie Rasor, CBAP
Recap of January Chapter Meeting  
At the January chapter meeting, Heidi McLaughlin gave an interesting and informative presentation on 'Ten Ways to  Improve Your Requirements Elicitation'.  42 people attended and 4 people viewed the presentation remotely.

If you missed the event, you can see the replay at the chapter website.

Chapter Communications Committee News 
A chapter cannot run without volunteers and here are some volunteer updates. We have 3 new people involved the newsletter this month in a new capacity.  Barbara Griffith, who had been writing BABOK articles, is now moved to working on the monthly newsletter. Ramkumar Ramachandran has written his first BABOK article which gives an overview of the BABOK Conduct Elicitation task. And finally I'd like to give a big thank you to Alan Cavin for his terrific article on why he became a CBAP. Thanks to all of you! 
Get involved! 
by Stephanie Vinton, Volunteer Coordinator
Do you want to support local Business Analysts, the profession, increase visibility to your company, or gain recertification credits? The Denver chapter is looking for help in this manner:

Corporate Programs
There is currently an opening for Corporate Programs in the Marketing Committee. If you are interested, contact marketing@denver.iiba.org.  

Meeting Technology Coordinator
We are looking for someone to run the live, call-in access to our chapter meetings. This person coordinates with the meeting presenter and is the point of contact with our web/telephone participants during the meeting. It's helpful if you have a cell phone to use for texting to contact the participants during the meeting and you will need a computer to share the meeting slides. It is helpful if you have PowerPoint as that is what is used by most of our presenters.  Contact Stephanie Vinton at volunteercoordinator@denver.iiba.org.
Denver Chapter Education News
by Heidi McLaughlin, CBAP, PMP, VP Education
Chapter Mentor Program 
The Denver IIBA Chapter is dedicated to providing members with various resources to enhance their knowledge and expertise. One resource is our mentor program, which allows individual members to partner with each other with the goal of sharing ideas on strategies, techniques, issues, or anything else that influences their roles as Business Analysts. 

We can each benefit from collaboration and sharing with other members. If you would like more information on how to participate, please contact Heidi for more details.

Call for Speakers 
We are looking for speakers to speak at our chapter meetings on topics relevant to business analysts. If you have an interest in being a speaker, being part of a panel of speakers, or if you know someone who would make a great speaker, please contact Heidi for more details. Some topics that have been suggested are listed below, but of course our interests are not limited to this list.  
  • BABOK Review
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK
  • Process Mapping
  • BA Diagramming & Modeling
  • Elicitation 
  • Enterprise Analysis
Upcoming Chapter Meetings
March 16 - Morag Barrett will speak on the topic of Cultivating Winning Relationships. Register here.
May 18 - Michelle Kahler will speak on  the topic of How to Influence Your Sponsors for Success.
July 20 - To be announced
September 21 - To be announced
November 16 - To be announced

See more details in future newsletters.

Newsletter Editor: Debbie Rasor, CBAP
Associate Editor: Barbara Griffith, CCBA
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