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February 16, 2017  
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January Chapter Meeting
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January Meeting Recap
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March Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
5:30 - 6:00 - Check in, networking
6:00 - 6:30 - Announcements and Chapter business
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation
7:30 - 8:00 - Group QA session

Speaker: Laura Brandenburg, CBAP 

Presentation Title: Business Analysis is Not Just a Job Title: How to Leverage Your Career Experience to Become a Business Analyst

One of the most common questions I receive is "How do I become a business analyst if I'm a ______?" And in the blank goes anything from software engineer to tester to manager to customer service representative.
Each individual's path into business analysis is unique, and depends heavily on their skills and career experience. In this webinar, you'll learn about the core skills to becoming a business analysis, and see how transferrable skills show up in common job functions. 
You'll leave prepared to speak more confidently to the business analysis skills you have, based on your past experience in related roles under different job titles.  You'll also learn what steps to take to grow your business analysis responsibilities no matter what role you are in or what title you have.
About Laura Brandenburg:
Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is an internationally-recognized leader known for helping mid-career professionals start business analysis careers. She is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and the founder and CEO of Bridging the Gap, a leading provider of virtual training for business analysts.    
Business Tech Center
8301 East Prentice Avenue, #400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
There are two levels of membership: 1) IIBA National and 2) IIBA Denver Chapter with IIBA National. The meeting cost is free for members of the Denver Chapter. The cost is $10 for non-members of the Denver chapter who attend the in-person meeting. 
President's Letter
by Monte Malenke, President

See you at the next chapter meeting in March!
ECS Team - Sponsor
ECS Team continues as an annual sponsor for 2017. ECS Team,  a national professional services firm, provides seasoned  consultants w ith deep expertise in a wide range of technologies to deliver  innov ative  solutions. We do this while leveraging your existing technology by working side-by-side with your staff. This approach shortens time-to-market, decreases costs and lowers project risks. For more information, please contact:
Chasity Rohl
Senior Staffing Manager
The Business Tech Center Is Our Business Space Sponsor
We would like to the thank The Business Tech Center for their involvement with the IIBA Denver Chapter. The BTC currently has an exclusive offer for IIBA members - get 15% off the rental rate! 
To learn more, click here for a map and pictures of our meeting facility or contact Pam Brockhouse at 303-996-2849 or info@TheBusinessTechCenter.com.
Food Sponsor
We would like to thank Günther Douglas for sponsoring our food in January!

Günther Douglas, Inc. excels in bringing technology and people together. Our company was founded on the belief that Denver deserves a local, personalized recruiting firm that focuses on customer service and provides only the best candidates and job opportunities available throughout the country. You enjoy the same caliber of talent as the big firms with exceptional results, deep relationships and better value.     
View from the BABOK®
by Barbara Griffith, CCBA
6.4 Define Change Strategy

In BABOK V3, 6.4 "Define Change Strategy" unites concepts that were spread over two sections in V2. The defining the change strategy means to develop and study alternatives for implementing change, and then come to a decision about which strategy to follow. Elements of the definition will include the context of the change, possible alternatives, the business justification, how much investment and resources would be needed to implement a particular strategy, who the key stakeholders in the change would be, what the transition states would look like, and what value the enterprise would gain.
Both a current and one or more desired future states would be evaluated. Risk analysis would be very important, not only for the current state (in case the plan for change is questioned as to its need and/or value) but for each desired future scenario.
The inputs for defining the change strategy include the stakeholder engagement approach, the current state description, the future state(s) description, and the results of risk analysis. Both the solution scope and the strategy for implementing the change are outputs of this process.
In V2, the elements of V3 6.4 were spread over two sections, 5 and 7. "Assess Capability Gaps" (5.2), "Determine Solution Approach (5.3), and "Define Solution Scope" (5.4) all fell under Enterprise Analysis. "Assess Organizational Readiness" (7.3) and "Define Transition Requirements" (7.4) were discussed under Solution Assessment and Validation. The new grouping of inputs, outputs and tasks in V3 makes sense, as big changes to an enterprise are often tightly connected and need to be viewed as a whole. Often more than one transition state must be planned for.
Because of the prominence of risk as a concern, the techniques recommended for this activity include SWOT Analysis, Business Cases, Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking and Market Analysis, Vendor Assessment, and Financial Analysis. Stakeholders are almost everyone: the customer, the domain and implementation subject matter experts, the end user, operational support, the project manager, the regulator, the sponsor, the suppliers and the testers.
This area represents a more holistic approach to enterprise change in V3 vs. V2. The business analyst must strive for a big picture of a large process, and great care must be taken to engage all stakeholders and not to miss anything significant.  
Membership News
by Susan Futey, CBAP, VP Membership
Welcome new Denver Chapter members!
Philip Baker
Katie Man
Tracy Olson
John Tillett
Christopher Watts
Active Member Count: 86

Not a member yet but interested in joining?
It's a great way to network, share business analysis knowledge and experience, and learn about new techniques and processes. Best of all, membership is just $25/year! Join now!
Benefits of being a local chapter member:
  • Attend chapter meetings free
  • Participate in Denver Chapter elections (as candidates or as voters)
  • Participate in members-only offers such as volunteer opportunities at BA World
  • Get to wear a snazzy name badge at the meetings
IIBA member, but not a Denver Chapter member, your cost = $10 per meeting. IIBA member and a Denver Chapter member (annual membership fee of $25) your cost = free.
Take advantage of this deal today!
You do have to be a member of the IIBA International Organization in order to join the IIBA Denver Chapter. Join IIBA through their website at www.iiba.org . IIBA Membership benefits include:
If you have any questions about membership or renewal, please feel free to send an email using the Contact Us link on the IIBA Denver Chapter website.   
Thanking our Volunteers!
by Monte Malenke 
This month, I would like to recognize Susan Futey once again as thankyou_basket_hdr.jpg our Volunteer of the Month! Susan has continued to serve the chapter so faithfully for many years, and as such is an important part of making the chapter work. I ' m sure everyone has met Susan as they check into our chapter meetings, making sure her team gets you checked in and that you have your name badge, and know where to go and answer any questions you have. Susan, thanks once again for being such an encouragement and tremendous help to the chapter - job very well done! 
January Meeting Recap
by Jay Galecki
In the January meeting, the attendees gathered in smaller groups for a requirements gathering exercise. With one person serving as stakeholder for customer, the rest of the group posed questions about system and project needs for a hypothetical situation. Attendees in the group attempted to form an epic and subsequent requirements based upon conversation with the stakeholder.
After requirements were gathered and an epic was formed, the teams discussed their results and techniques with other teams. Having an opportunity to work with other business analysts allows an opportunity to learn from many others' perspective and experience. Keep an eye out for this exercise on the calendar of other meetings! 
Get involved! 
by Stephanie Vinton, Volunteer Coordinator
Do you want to support local Business Analysts, the profession, increase visibility to your company, or gain recertification credits? The Denver chapter is looking for help in this manner:

Chapter Meeting Coordinator  
Do you like taking care of logistics? Use your skills to organize the details of our bi-monthly chapter meetings, such as making sure the food is ordered, picked up, and cleaned up for our meetings. And send out meeting notices. This role is not responsible for finding speakers or meeting rooms. If you would like learn more about possibly becoming our next Chapter Meeting Coordinator, please contact Stephanie or Monte.

Certification Study Group Coordinator  
The Denver Chapter is looking for a volunteer to coordinate a new study group for certification. Past study groups have been remote using conference calls and webinar technology. The group participants took turns presenting the subject matter so the volunteer coordinator is not responsible for all the material. IIBA has published exam blueprint information. 
Denver Chapter Education News
by Heidi McLaughlin, CBAP, PMP, VP Education
Chapter Mentor Program 
The Denver IIBA Chapter is dedicated to providing members with various resources to enhance their knowledge and expertise. One resource is our mentor program, which allows individual members to partner with each other with the goal of sharing ideas on strategies, techniques, issues, or anything else that influences their roles as Business Analysts. 

We can each benefit from collaboration and sharing with other members. If you would like more information on how to participate, please contact Heidi for more details.

Call for Speakers 
We are looking for speakers to speak at our chapter meetings on topics relevant to business analysts. If you have an interest in being a speaker, being part of a panel of speakers, or if you know someone who would make a great speaker, please contact Heidi for more details. Some topics that have been suggested are listed below, but of course our interests are not limited to this list.  
  • BABOK Review
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK
  • Process Mapping
  • BA Diagramming & Modeling
  • Elicitation 
  • Enterprise Analysis
Upcoming Chapter Meetings/Events
March Chapter Meeting (Wednesday, March 15th)  - Chapter member Laura Brandenburg will return to speak on Business Analysis is Not Just a Job Title: How to Leverage Your Career Experience to Become a Business Analyst. Register
April Networking Event - TBD
May Chapter Meeting
(Wednesday, May 17th) - TBD 

See more details in future newsletters.

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