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June 16, 2016 
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July Chapter Meeting
View from the BABOK
Thank You to all volunteers!
Volunteer of the Month
New Certification Assessments
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July Chapter Meeting

Join us at the July chapter meeting

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5:30 - 6:00 - Check in, networking
6:00 - 6:30 - Announcements and Chapter business
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation
7:30 - 8:00 - Group QA session

Speaker: Judy Cacco
Presentation Title
To the BABOK and Beyond! - Situational Adventures of BAs
Biography: Dr Judy Cacco logs over 14 years as a Business Systems Analyst, and as a result, leverages her  experiences to share the BABOK® techniques as well as present some of the "personal challenges"  that BAs encounter from time to time.   She is currently the Principal Mediator for the Pathfinder Mediation Group, negotiating vendor contracts, mediating contract issues, and setting up Service-Level Agreements. Judy has been a member of IIBA for 12 years, a member of our Denver Chapter since the first year, and has served as chapter VP-Education and Chapter President.

Topic:  This presentation will cover an overview of BABOK techniques and extend to several scenarios where BAs encounter issues not addressed in the BABOK. Judy will present some of the interpersonal scenarios we encounter as BAs and provide tips on how to deal with these issues.

Business Tech Center
8301 East Prentice Avenue, #400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

There are two levels of membership: 1) IIBA National and 2) IIBA Denver Chapter with IIBA National. The meeting cost is free for members of the Denver Chapter. The cost is $10 for non-members of the Denver chapter. 
President's Letter
by Monte Malenke, President
I'm pleased to announce that Sandi Byron will be resuming the board position of VP of Marketing, and that Shaughnessy Speirs will be continuing as a Marketing Committee member. Due to changing personal circumstances, Sandi and Shaughnessy traded roles on the Marketing Committee, and I am truly pleased both will still be driving this committee since they have done a tremendous job here so far.

If you have any ideas or leads for potential sponsorships maybe Summer Sunby the company you work for, particularly for sponsoring our chapter meetings, please let them know at
Marketing-Committee@denver.iiba.org. Please join me in thanking both Sandi and Shaughnessy for taking on these roles and continuing the great work they have been doing!

We are still looking for interested folks for the open board positions, particularly for the VP of Finance. This position requires a minimal amount of time investment and should be an easy transition to maintain what Felicia Arambula has up and running. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Vinton at VolunteerCoordinator@denver.iiba.org, or me at President@denver.iiba.org if you considering running for one of these positions, or have someone you would like to nominate.

I look forward to seeing you at the July chapter meeting - enjoy your summer!

ECS Team - Platinum Level Sponsor
ECS Team is a Platinum Level annual sponsor for 2016. ECS Team,  a national professional services firm, provides seasoned  consultants w ith deep expertise in a wide range of technologies to deliver  innov ative  solutions. We do this while leveraging your existing technology by working side-by-side with your staff. This approach shortens time-to-market, decreases costs and lowers project risks. For more information, please contact:
Chasity Rohl
Senior Staffing Manager

Progressive was the May Meeting Sponsor
Progressive began in 1937, and over the years, we have worked hard to build a superior proposition for auto insurance consumers through competitive pricing and by continuously improving our products and services. Today, we offer competitive rates and 24-hour, in-person and online services to all drivers throughout the United States.
For more information, visit www.progressive.com
Thank you Progressive! 
The Business Tech Center Is Our Business Space Sponsor
We would like to the thank The Business Tech Center for their involvement with the IIBA Denver Chapter. The BTC currently has an exclusive offer for IIBA members - get 15% off the rental rate! 
To learn more, click here for a map and pictures of our meeting facility. 
or contact Pam Brockhouse at 303-996-2849 or
View from the BABOK®
by Barbara Griffith, CCBA
5.1 : Trace Requirements 
In keeping with the trend we have been seeing, the transition from BABOK V2 to BABOK V3 for tracing requirements involves an elaboration and an enlargement of this topic compared to its treatment in V2.
In V2, Manage Requirements Traceability (4.2), the inputs are requirements and the requirements management plan. In V3, this area becomes Trace Requirements (5.1) with inputs of requirements and designs. The V2 output is requirements (traced) whereas the outputs in V3 are requirements (traced) and designs (traced).
The stated concerns in V3 revolve around the desire to improve upon impact analysis, discover inconsistencies and gaps more reliably, gain deeper insights into the scope and complexity of change, and reliably keep track of which requirements have been addressed so that none are overlooked.
In V2, the elements of this task are relationships and dependencies, impact analysis, and a configuration management system. By relationships is meant:
  • Necessity: if one requirement only makes sense to implement if another related requirement is also implemented.
  • Effort: when a requirement is easier to implement if another requirement is also implemented.
  • Subset: when the requirement is a decomposed outcome of another requirement.
  • Cover: when one requirement fully includes another requirement.
  • Value: when including a requirement affects the value (positively or negatively) of another.
A Configuration Management System is mentioned as a tool for managing large numbers of requirements.  In V3, elements include the level of formality (which increases the effort needed to trace requirements), and also relationships:
  • Derive: when a requirement is derived from another requirement, such as a business need that leads to a particular technical solution.
  • Depends: When there is a relationship between two requirements, such as necessity (where the need to implement one requirement is tied to the implementation of another) and effort (when implementing one requirement affects the ease of implementing another).
  • Satisfy: the relationship between an implementation element and the requirement it is satisfying.
  • Validate: the relationship between an implementation element and another element or test case that can determine whether the solution meets the requirement.
The tools/techniques mentioned for V2 include the Coverage Matrix wh ich is simply a table or spreadsheet that is used to manage tracing. A more robust tool may be needed for complex projects. In V3 the use of a requirements management tool or repository is specifically discussed for this reason. Also enumerated as guidelines and tools for V3 are domain knowledge, legal and regulatory information, and the information management approach.
The stakeholders listed for V2 include the implementation SME, the project manager, and the Tester. Stakeholders for V3 include customers, the domain SME, the end user, the implementation SME, operational support, the project manager, sponsor, suppliers, and testers.
Overall, the approach recommended in V3 is more organizationally holistic and more technologically robust than in V2, in keeping with the development of business analyst though.    
Membership News
by Susan Futey, CBAP, VP Membership
Welcome new Denver Chapter members!

Richard McLaughlin
Patricia Saunders
Darrell Wunderlich
Active Member Count: 96

Not a member yet but interested in joining?
It's a great way to network, share business analysis knowledge and experience, and learn about new techniques and processes.  Best of all, membership is just $25/year Join Now! 
Benefits of being a local chapter member:
  • Attend chapter meetings free
  • Participate in Denver Chapter elections (as candidates or as voters)
  • Participate in members-only offers such as volunteer opportunities at BA World
  • Get to wear a snazzy name badge at the meetings
IIBA member, but not a Denver Chapter member, your cost = $10 per meeting. IIBA member and a Denver Chapter member (annual membership fee of $25) your cost = free.
Take advantage of this deal today! 
You do have to be a member of the IIBA International Organization in order to join the IIBA Denver Chapter. Join IIBA through their website at  www.iiba.org .   IIBA Membership benefits include:
If you have any questions about membership or renewal, please feel free to send an email using the Contact Us link on the IIBA Denver Chapter website.   
Thanking all our Volunteers!
by Debbie Rasor, CBAP
With the ending of the term of some of the chapter VPs, it is a good time to recognize all volunteers for the last year. People volunteer in so many ways. Thank you all! thankyou_paper_hdr.jpg
  • President and VPs: Monte Malenke, Felicia Arambula, Grant Warden, Heidi McLaughlin, Susan Futey, Sandi Byron, Shaughnessy Speirs, Gary Weis   
  • Website conversion and maintenance: Linda Meserve, Grant Warden, Terence Jackson, Bill Kennedy, with help from Felicia Arambula and Susan Futey, and Bryan Lindsey
  • Newsletter articles writers: Ramkumar V Ramachandran, Aseem Kapoor, Alan Cavin, Barbara Griffith, Sandi  Byron, Monte Malenke, Debbie Rasor
  • Meeting speakers: Parker Malenke, Michelle Kahler, Heidi McLaughlin
  • Photographer: Bryan Lindsey
  • Education: Mary Anne McSweeney, Debbie Rasor, Michelle Kahler, Alan Cavin, Heidi McLaughlin
  • Study group leader: Mary Anne McSweeney
  • Membership: Evelene Kirby, Nataliya Burdeynyuk, Stephanie Vinton, Alan Cavin, Peter Hanson, Anita Maresh, Susan Futey 
  • Marketing: Aaron Nieman, Sandi Byron, Shaughnessy Speirs
  • Event planning: Gary Weis, Nicole Wilker, Bryan Lindsey
  • Finance: Felicia Arambula
  • Newsletter: Barbara Griffith, Jay Galecki, Debbie Rasor 
Volunteer of the Month
by Monte Malenke
This month I want to recognize Nicole Wilker as our volunteer of Thank You the month!

Nicole stepped up to fill the role of Meeting Coordinator and has really picked this up and made significant contributions to the chapter. She is the one who has been handling the various details to make each chapter meeting come together, and is the one taking care of getting the food to each meeting. She found a very cost effective option that has been very popular with the chapter from Illegal Pete's, which has worked out extremely well. Please join with me in giving Nicole a big thank-you! You can send note thanking her at
MeetingCoordinator@denver.iiba.org or to offer a helping hand. You are greatly appreciated Nicole! 
Get involved! 
by Stephanie Vinton, Volunteer Coordinator
Do you want to support local Business Analysts, the profession, increase visibility to your company, or gain recertification credits? The Denver chapter is looking for help in this manner:

Marketing Committee Rep 
The Marketing committee is seeking one volunteer to expand our efforts to market toward new members. This role would work closely with other IIBA committees (membership, communications) to plan and execute strategies to attract new members, such as membership drives or social media campaigns. Please email marketing@denver.iiba.org if you are interested.

Three chapter VPs 
Three chapter VP positions are open: VP Finance, VP Membership, and VP Communications. These are two year terms starting in July. Contact volunteercoordinator@denver.iiba.org. 
New Certification Assessments
by Debbie Rasor, CBAP
I participated in the IIBA webinar held on May 27th about the new Level 2/3 certification.  The new certifications will be competency based. Several other professional organizations have gone to competency based assessments such as the Society for Human Resources Management and American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

The assessment for the Level 2 certification (currently CCBA) test will be scenario-based. It will be based on situations that can be described in 2-4 sentences where candidates must answer a questions based on the situation. The Level 3 certification (currently CBAP) test will be case study-based. The situations will be longer than for level 2 (1 to 1.5 pages) where candidates must analyze and synthesize, and evaluate the situation and answer multiple questions. about the case.

In July, IIBA will publish exams for levels 13 and finalize eligibility for 3 levels. The exam cut-over will be in September. The date has not been announced. 

Members can view the archived version here. 
Denver Chapter Education News
by Heidi McLaughlin, CBAP, PMP, VP Education
Chapter Mentor Program 
The Denver IIBA Chapter is dedicated to providing members with various resources to enhance their knowledge and expertise. One resource is our mentor program, which allows individual members to partner with each other with the goal of sharing ideas on strategies, techniques, issues, or anything else that influences their roles as Business Analysts. 

We can each benefit from collaboration and sharing with other members. If you would like more information on how to participate, please contact Heidi for more details.

Call for Speakers 
We are looking for speakers to speak at our chapter meetings on topics relevant to business analysts. If you have an interest in being a speaker, being part of a panel of speakers, or if you know someone who would make a great speaker, please contact Heidi for more details. Some topics that have been suggested are listed below, but of course our interests are not limited to this list.  
  • BABOK Review
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK
  • Process Mapping
  • BA Diagramming & Modeling
  • Elicitation 
  • Enterprise Analysis
New CCBA in Colorado
                                                     by Debbie Rasor, CBAP
There is a new CCBA in Colorado: Congratulations
  • Alicia Hoeltgen, CCBA, Lafayette, Colorado (June 8th)
There is now a total of 5 CCBAs and 50 CBAPs in Colorado.
May Chapter Meeting
by Debbie Rasor, CBAP
On May 18th, Michelle Kahler gave a high-energy/interactive presentation on How to Influence Your Sponsors for Success. 41 people attended in person with one on the phone. Here is the link to the presentation.
Upcoming Chapter Meetings
July 20 - Judy Cacco will speak on the topic To the BABOK and Beyond! -Situational Adventures of BAs.
September 21 - To be announced
November 16 - To be announced

See more details in future newsletters.

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