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  February 9, 2016

Houston City Council Member Greg Travis

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To the residents of District G:



It has been a very busy first six weeks on City Council.  Council meetings, committee meetings, department meetings, constituent meetings, neighborhood meetings--there's certainly no shortage of meetings in this new job!  It has been my great pleasure to meet so many people and learn more about the important issues facing our city and the residents of District G.  My door is always open, and I look forward to hearing from you about your positions on the issues and your ideas to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.
Today I write to let you know about four important upcoming public meetings.  Please mark these on your calendar.  I look forward to seeing you.
 Council Member Greg Travis 

PWE to Conduct Gessner Road Community Engagement Meeting on April 13
As originally scoped by the Department of Public Works & Engineering (PWE), the Gessner Road Paving and Drainage Project, CIP #N-100017, would have widened the existing four lanes of Gessner to six lanes from Buffalo Bayou on the north to Richmond Ave. on the south.  After a large number of areas residents voiced opposition to the widening of Gessner, PWE was asked to look at other ways to gain needed roadway capacity and throughput without widening Gessner from four to six lanes.  At this point in time, the final configuration of Gessner Road has not been determined.  PWE has looked at additional alternatives that will be discussed during the April 13 meeting.

PWE was asked to re-evaluate alternatives that would not widen Gessner north of Westheimer and look solely at intersection improvements.  This effort was performed late during the last year.  The results of this effort will be presented at this meeting to seek additional comment from the community.
Public Engagement Meeting:
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Tracy Gee Community Center
3599 Westcenter Dr.
Houston, TX 77042
6:00 pm - Exhibits available for preview by the public
6:15 pm - Presentation
6:45 pm (end of presentation) - Q&A
7:15 pm - One-on-One time with Technical Team
7:30 pm - Meeting adjourns
Annual District G CIP Meeting to be Held March 3
The annual District G Capital Improvement Plan meeting will be held on March 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Stratford High School Auditorium, 14555 Fern Dr., Houston, TX 77079.

Capital Improvement Plan meetings are held every year to inform citizens of upcoming projects scheduled in their respective communities. The meetings afford citizens an opportunity to learn, voice their concerns and address their respective City Council Members and City of Houston officials regarding project planning & delivery. 

As in past years, any CIP requests should be requested through the 3-1-1 system ( ). To make any CIP request (Streets, Drainage, Library, Park, Police, Fire, Water, Sanitary Sewer, etc.), select "Traffic Streets & Drainage," then, under "Capital Improvement Projects, Streets and Drainage," select "New Capital Improvement Project Request."   Please send a copy of your request to our office .

Some of the major CIP projects in District G are as follows:

E-000047: Complete renovation of Jungman Neighborhood Library, 5830 Westheimer;
F-000775: Upgrades and improvements at Grady Park, 1700 Yorktown;
M-000263: Sherwood Forest Drainage and Paving Project;
M-000247 Nottingham & Yorkshire Drainage and Paving Projects;
N-000798: Memorial Drive Paving and Drainage Project (Eldridge to Kirkwood);
N-100029: Kirkwood Paving and Drainage Project (Buffalo Bayou to Westheimer); and
R-000536: Abandonment of Kirkwood #3 Lift Station and Diversion of Flow to Harvest Moon Lift Station.

To view the current Adopted FY2016-2020 CIP, visit:


Memorial Drive Reconstruction Project Public Engagement Meeting Scheduled for March 24

The Memorial Drive Reconstruction Project (Kirkwood to Eldridge) will begin soon.  In order to share the schedule, plans and other important information with interested residents, PWE will host a public engagement meeting on March 24 at 6:30 pm at BridgePoint Bible Church youth activity room, 13277 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079.

On December 9, Houston City Council Approved an Ordinance appropriating $20,787,611.00 out of the Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage DDSRF and $5,566,081.00 out of Water & Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund and awarding the construction contract to Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc. for the Memorial Drive Paving and Drainage Improvements project from N. Kirkwood Rd. to N. Eldridge Parkway.
This project was approved by the Texas Transportation Commission in the 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The State of Texas will refund the city 80% of the construction costs up to a maximum of $12,647,308.00, which will be reimbursed through monthly billings as costs are incurred.
This project consists of the construction of:
  • approximately 16,600 linear feet of roadway to major thoroughfare standards; 
  • reconstruction of a four-lane divided roadway consisting of approximately 89,864 square yards of 10-inch reinforced concrete pavement with curbs and gutters;
  • approximately 5,000 linear feet of 24 to 84-inch diameter storm sewer pipe;
  • approximately 8,725 linear feet of 4 to 24-inch diameter water line;
  • approximately 9,400 linear feet of 6 to 30-inch diameter sanitary sewer line, including all appurtenances;
  • seven new traffic signal systems along Memorial Drive;
  • wheelchair ramps, driveways, sidewalks, and street lighting; and 
  • a triple 10-foot by 10-foot bridge-rated box culvert structure to replace the existing bridge at Turkey Creek.
The total cost of this project is $39,001,000.00, to be appropriated as follows:
  • Bid Amount: $32,720,726.00
  • Contingencies: $1,636,100.00
  • Engineering and Testing Services: $625,000.00
  • CIP Cost Recovery: $1,309,174.00
  • Construction Management Fee: $ 2,710,000.00
Sources of funds:
  •  $12,647,308.00 from Fund No. 5430 - Federal State Local - PWE Pass Thru DDSRF
  •  $20,787,611.00 from Fund No. 4042 - Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage DDSRF 
  •  $5,566,081.00 from Fund No. 8500 - Water and Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund
  The contract duration for this project is 860 calendar days. Construction should begin very soon. 



Houston Housing Authority to Host Public Meeting on Fountain View Housing Project
The Houston Housing Authority has announced plans to construct a 233-unit apartment at 2640 Fountain View using low-income housing tax credits.  There will be a public meeting to discuss this project on Wednesday, March 9 at 6:00pm at Briargrove Elementary School Auditorium, located at 6145 San Felipe St., Houston, TX 77057.  All interested residents are invited to attend. 


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