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July 7, 2010
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Christmas in America, Orphan Hosting Program
Update on Acholi Orphans Call to Action
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Meet James:
Ex-LRA Child Soldier,
Northern Uganda

James, Ex-Child Soldier

James Ariama (word meaning survivor) has been through a horrific childhood.

This young man has a dream and he believes you can help him! James wants to become a physician and serve the needs of the children that he came from, the very children you are assisting feeding right now in Northern Uganda.

James needs sponsors right now to assist him with his dream of becoming a village doctor to the orphans of Uganda.

Please read his gripping story, emotionally written from his own words, and ask yourself how you can help this young man fulfill his one and only dream.
I know you are anxious to know what has been happening with our humanitarian and child assistance programs! There is news this week and we cannot wait to share that with you! There are some very special donors out there and we will recognize you on the website but for now please know that you are all very special to us and you have meant the very survival of some of our children!
Christmas in America, Hosting an Orphan!!!
Children in the Hosting Program
Want to share your life for a few weeks with a program that will change a child's life? If you have ever considered helping an orphan child you may want to host a child and show that child love during the holiday season as we are so blessed! This is also an excellent opportunity for those families that may be considering adopting an older.

Please consider this opportunity

We will be partnering with New Horizons for Children a Christian based hosting program for orphans. This is a unique opportunity for children in Latvia and Ukraine to spend time in the US during the holidays! The director of the orphan hosting program was interviewed and here is the transcript of that interview telling more about the program!

Now is the time to get involved!

Q: Why did you start New Horizons for Children?
A: I started it after my husband and I adopted an older teen from Russia in 2000. Now he is 21 and his prayer has always been for God to help his friends and other orphans find families, too. We have now adopted 5 times... most recently after becoming a last minute backup family to a little boy age 5 with mild Cerebral Palsy... we weren't expecting to adopt nor ever considered a handicapped child... he is now home and we can't remember life without him in it! In all, we figure about 80% of our host families don't expect to adopt, but 70%+ do.

Q: You are a non-denominational Christian ministry. Do your host families need to be Christians?
A: Our host families are of a Christian faith, and our aim is to share the love of Jesus with kids who may have never known or realize they do have a Father! The same one we all have, in Heaven, who loves them very much.

Q: Do you need to be actively seeking adoption in order to participate in the program?
A: No.

Q: What training do host families receive prior to the child's visit?
A: Full day in Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Florida, Boston, Indianapolis, Charlotte. Host parent training manual, telephone and email support and access to past host families is provided to every family. Even if you live out of these main areas, you can still host if you can make it to the training and can receive the child from the core airports of Washington Dulles, Chicago, Newark/NY and Atlanta. Other airports will have an add-on airfare which all will be arranged by the staff.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the program?
A: Cost of the child's travel and misc. program fee: $2500.00

Q: How long does the child stay in your home?
A: 4-5 weeks (4 weeks at Christmas-mid-December through mid-January, or 5 weeks in summer-late June through early August)

Q: What host program activities do you and the child participate in during the visit?
A: Group events if the family lives within the program radius on some weekends, usually 7-10 days apart. Welcome party: America 101. This is a Christian experience with crafts and games. Farewell party.

Out of program families who live more than 2.5 hours from core programs in Atlanta or Dallas or Philadelphia do not attend these and have other connection needs with email of photos, calls to chaperones etc.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of hosting an orphaned child?
A: Expectations of family and child not being equal. Keeping in mind the child is an orphan, and became that way from something that happened to them. They don't "look like" orphans, so families tend to forget and raise expectations beyond what a child is ready for. The farewell at the airport is really tough. But, all kids come as a group and must return as a group, or the program will end.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of hosting an orphaned child?
A: The blessing of experiencing life through a child's eyes and teaching love from a family perspective, realizing communication is 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal and connecting with a child who came into your home not speaking your language or being familiar with your schedules, culture, meals, living conditions, ways of showing love, etc.

Q: What are the ages of the children and where are they coming from?
A: 5 years of age and up, from Latvia and Ukraine.

Q: How can we find out more info?
A: Contact Little Miracles International and we can help you get started with the first steps!

The rewards of Hosting:

  • Seeing a child's eyes when they experience something they have never seen before-something as simple as bubble bath or a vacuum cleaner or a clothes drier.
  • Sharing special holiday events and summer activities and vacations!
  • Hearing those first English words, spoken with a darling accent, "sank oo."
  • Giving them the attention they have craved for so long and done without and watching them bloom from it. I could go on and on about the positives of opening your heart to a needy child.
  • Best of all, keeping up a correspondence with the kids, sending them little cards and gifts. They write back. I know I have touched lives forever. In fact, one child wrote about her hosting experience: "Those were the best days of my life."
  • Hosting to adopt, getting to know your child before you adopt!
  • Hosting just for the joy of hosting and providing a once in a lifetime experience to a child.
So how can you help if you can't host?
If you aren't interested in hosting maybe provide a partial or full sponsorship for one of the children to come!

Pass the word to your church!

Check with us to see if you qualify to host!

Write us for more info or if you have further questions on this unique hosting opportunity!

Call To Action: Help Acholi Children of Northern Uganda

Although we still need desperate assistance, your generous donations really helped us! We were not able to accomplish all of our desires but the immediate needs of the children were addressed!

As you can still see the children have major needs:
clothing, food, medicines, toys, books, education, shoes and more things than you can imagine. We need mosquito nets and a dormitory built for the adolescent girls. We also need to provide washable diaper solutions for the babies, and feminine sanitary washable supplies for the adolescent girls.

Children Line Up for Donated Food!!!
Children Line up

You helped us accomplish the following:

  • The children are now eating generous portions of food.
    We bought the following: beans, rice, maize flour (posha), sugar, cooking oil, soap and salt.
  • Medical treatment for head and body fungus
  • The children and staff with Malaria were treated.
We are feeling a lot better about their immediate conditions. You can see the original plea below and everything is still the same, we are completely dependent on you, our donors for the very lives of these children.

We would like for you to get involved in a monthly giving to these precious children. Just look what we did together!

The food has arrived!
The food has arrived!
We will be starting the child sponsorship very soon, and we will need your help at that time if you want to communicate with an individual child. We already have three sponsors that have stepped forward which is amazing!

If you would like to sponsor the orphanage (this is our more immediate need) in a monthly gift, that would be wonderful. There are so many needs for the body of children as a whole that we need to first address.

The Children Get Satisfying Warm Meal!
Warm meal~

Here's how you can make a difference!!

The children thank you for your generosity this month!

Monthly Orphanage Sponsorship Options

You can also help by sending a check:

Make payable to "Little Miracles International" on the "for" identification line of the check, please write the "Acholi Children" and send to:

Humanitarian Projects
Little Miracles International
PO BOX 19776
Amarillo, Texas 79114

Our Trip to Northern Uganda in June 2010

I've just had the most amazing experience, meeting some of the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy and loving on children from the depths of Northern Uganda. I will never forget these little tribal children nor will I ever forsake them in their desperate need. We will immediately begin a sponsorship program with these children and I'll let all of you know soon how you can help. Their faces will haunt me forever.

I bought them 100 kilo sacks of rice, maize beans and posha, soap and salt. They get no meat protein. All are riddled with parasitic infections in their little intestinal systems. I love these children now and I cannot imagine their life without our help. We must do more. They have qualified nurses but absolutely no medicines.

These children do not go to school, sleep in mud/thatch roof huts, haul water on their heads for miles and yet they are joyful. This by far has been the most humbling trip I've ever been on. I want you to know these children and help me pray for them. Their clothing was barely together, tattered rags. They are cared for by a community granny and two nurses who love them. This orphanage was founded and solely supported by a 24 year old former child soldier who cannot stand to see the children lost and without someone to care.

For more of the story please see Dream of a Child Website.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to assist at-risk of abandonment and orphaned children in the countries in which we work. Please consider giving today.
Lori Scott, Executive Director
Little Miracles International
Consider becoming a larger part of our projects by donating now. All donations are tax deductible, Little Miracles International, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Little Miracles International, Inc. sends 100% of your donation to your chosen project. If you don't want to pick, you can designate your donation to the MOST URGENT NEED.
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