Cloud Server Database With 5.4

With version 5.4, the option will be there for new customers to use a cloud database server, rather than set it up on a local computer.  Initially, this will not be available to existing customers who want to keep their current database, nor for Enterprise users.   However, we do expect to make the option available this year for both of these cases.  There are also a few specific vendor databases that will not work with these settings.  

There are tradeoffs to consider when deciding between a cloud database or installing one locally.  A cloud database may be more suitable if you're uncomfortable managing hardware, if your registers cannot be on the same network as each other, or if you want to at some point install additional registers for back office purposes at separate locations.  The main disadvantage is that you need a solid, stable internet connection; if you are in a place where this is not possible, a traditional on-premises system will be more speedy and reliable for you.

Server Type Selection in ThunderPOS 5.4

There will be more news regarding this feature and others that will take advantage of it in the coming months.
Email Marketing To Your Customers

Following after the release of text messaging to customers last month, there have been customers wondering what similar options are available for email.

While we do offer the ability to send emails through the software, in terms of sending to customers this is limited to emailed receipts.  (You can send one-time or scheduled reports, but this is much more for your own use than anything with customers). 

If you are wanting to send marketing emails, we highly recommend the use of a service such as the one we are using to send this newsletter, Constant Contact.  Other, similar services also exist; depending on the number of customers you have who want to sign up and how often you want to send out content, some of these may be more efficient than others.

Using a service like this brings some important benefits.  First, these services specialize in getting this sort of email delivered.  They can help keep you from getting filtered out as spam, and from getting all of the bounced messages back for customers who have changed email addressed or the like.  Second, a reputable service like this will automate opting out for customers who no longer want to receive emails.  Finally, they can help lay out a more visual email beyond just text.

You can export email addresses for use with these sites through the customers screen.  Click more and then export email addresses.  This will only get those customers who are on the current search, which can be useful for building lists of those interested in particular types of products.

If you're just wanting to send receipts, or you want to set up an email address for sending reports, these settings are found under System Administration -> Settings -> Internet Features -> Email.  You'll need an account that allows for programs to send using what's called SMTP.  Note that for some services, particularly gmail, you'll need to enable a setting to allow external programs to send using SMTP.
Bulk Label Printing

Most of our customers are aware of the ability to print single labels through a supported barcode printer.  However, there are a few ways to mass print labels rather than go through one by one, and depending on your store all of these can be time savers.

First, there is the label utility.  Available through the tools menu, this can print labels in two ways:  It can bulk print for purchase orders that have come into the system, or it can print labels that have been queued either through Enterprise or by a Vendor Database update.

Second, you can use the Items screen to do a search, then select the "Mass Print Labels" function from the more button.  This will allow you a few options.  You can either print labels on this search both new and used based on your stock level, just new, just used, or a quantity regardless of your stock level.  

Third, you can turn on the option to automatically print pricing stickers for items as they're traded in.  This will print for used price 1 or 2 based on the condition traded, unless you turn on the option to always print used price 1.

Finally, even if the option mentioned above is off, you can manually print all stickers for a trade in through the transaction screen by viewing the details on the trade-in and clicking "print labels for trades".
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.3.0  If you want to get back on support, or to upgrade to phone support from email support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.

Our pay as you go rate and policy has changed this year.  If you are not on a phone plan or a software rental plan, please see January's newsletter in the archives for details.
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