This month, we have upcoming updates on inventory maintenance and the iPad application.
Physical Inventory

Doing a physical inventory can be a very stressful time.  A quick review of the basics of doing it can help, however.  A more detailed explanation may be found in the manual; to access it from within the program on the main invoice screen go to the help menu and then ExtremePOS Help.  For Praiz and Musicware users, this is Praiz Help or Musicware Help respectively.

1.  Start ExtremePOS and select Tools -> Initiate Physical Inventory from the invoice screen to enter the Physical Inventory screen.   Note that this is a new location and changed in version 4.5.0

2.  Select the department(s) you want to inventory. To inventory your entire store, select "All" from the Department list box. To select multiple departments, hold down the "Control" key and click each department you want to select.

Note: While taking Physical Inventory, ExtremePOS will only recognize and count items in the selected departments.
Click the OK button. This will create a Physical Inventory database

IMPORTANT: You will need to COMPLETE inventory in the selected departments before you update quantities to your store database. At that point, you will be able to go back and select other
department(s) to inventory.

3. You should select "Continue Counting" to bring up the Count screen and begin taking inventory. Select "View Depts" if you want to see a list of departments currently being inventoried.

4. Collect inventory from the Count Screen
    In order to count an item:
    1. Enter the quantity in the Quantity box
    2. Indicate whether this is a new or used item by selecting the appropriate option button.
   3. Scan the item OR type in the item number and hit OK Information about the item including expected and actual quantities for new and used will be shown in the "Last Item Scanned" box. When you have completed taking inventory, exit the Count screen by selecting "Done".

5. View Discrepancy Report
Select View or Print inventory discrepancy report to see all differences between expected and actual quantities, and value of any lost inventory. 
Note: When quantities are updated, the final discrepancy report will be automatically saved to your store data directory under Backup\Reports. The filename will be based on the date and time the report was created. The program will inform you of the location and filename that the final report is saved to.

6. Update Quantities
Selecting "Update Inventory" will overwrite the quantities in your store database with the counted quantities in your physical inventory database. Update should not be performed until you have COMPLETELY inventoried the departments you have selected. Quantities will be updated ONLY for the departments which you have inventoried during this session. It is recommended that you view the discrepancy report one last time before updating quantities to verify that you are ready to perform the
update. When the update is performed, it CANNOT be undone. If you find you need to adjust the quantities after you have already performed the update, you will need to do this at the inventory
maintenance screen.

If you wish for any reason to discard the inventory taken thus far, select "Clear Physical Inventory Count". This will delete the quantities and allow you to restart inventory from scratch. This is
primarily helpful if you are experimenting with the software rather than actually taking inventory. Be aware that once you select "Clear Physical Inventory Count", it CANNOT be undone.  
Physical Inventory Tools

The above process can be done with just your standard wired scanner at your point of sale station.  However, we do offer tools to make the process easier, possibly allowing you to do it more frequently and therefore keep a tighter control on your inventory.

First, instead of a normal, wired scanner, you can use a bluetooth-based wireless scanner. This device can go up to 328 feet away within your store and act as a scanner for your desk; you can also use it as a normal scanner the rest of the time.  However, you'll need someone watching the computer for any errors (such as the item you've scanned not being set up in inventory, or not in the department you're working with) and you won't be able to use both it and a normal scanner on the same station at the same time. We sell this device for $499.99

The other mobile option is a specialized batch scanner and mobile terminal that can be used to collect a large number of scans and then upload them all together to the inventorying station.  You can use these at the same time as the station's own scanner, and at any distance or even in other buildings. In fact, while collecting the data the pos system doesn't even have to be on. You may also, for larger stores, have several in use at any time for an even quicker inventory process.  These do not have the capability to work as normal scanners, however.  They are about the size of a cell phone and run off of normal AAA batteries. 

iPad Application Update

Based on your feedback, we've made some visual adjustments to the iPad register application.  This updated version will be available in the app store soon.

Above is the new checkout screen.  The payment types remain on the left, but you can now see the register screen behind it, and the payment types are more compact.  The list of payments are on the right, and can be removed by swiping the same as any other item.

The register screens have also been given a facelift.  Above is the normal register, intended to be used with a scanner.  Buttons have been increased in size, and the check out and cancel transaction buttons are colorized to stand out more.  Overall, we've gone for a cleaner design, on both this and other screens.

The touch screen register, above, has fewer changes than the normal register, but has gotten similar colorization and smoothing.  Note that the buttons for items and groups are still custom colored; while we've left them white in the above screenshot, you can set them to the colors that you want.

4.6 Inventory Update Preview

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, we're continuing our overhaul and modernization of the point of sale with inventory maintenance.  This is still in early stages, and subject to change, but below are a few of the developmental screenshots:

Above is the new search screen.  Rather than selecting the particular fields you're searching by, all appear, and only those you select something in will impact the search.  The searchable fields are by and large the same, but rather than needing to remember the department, category, or vendor IDs, you'll get dropdown lists if you want to search this.  You're also going to have additional options for searching based on the stock levels.

This screenshot is for the new Vendor Maintenance.  The fields for this are identical to those presently available, but the list along the left makes for more convenient access.

Department and Category maintenance have gotten similar updates, though with far fewer fields; they're visually largely identical to the above, for increased consistency.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.5.3.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.

We will be closed for Christmas on December 26th, 2016.

We will be closed for New Year's Day on January 2nd, 2017.

Happy holidays, and have a very merry Christmas!
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