In addition to the purchase order and vendor returns functionality discussed last month, version is introducing a new scheduler feature for customers.

You can either do resource based scheduling or employee based scheduling.  The former may be useful for things like scheduling the use of a store resource, such as a gaming station.  The latter would be more useful for appointments with particular people, such as a repair technician.

You can edit and make an appointment on the calendar, and it will reflect the above information:  A particular customer, for a particular resource or employee, from one time to another.  You can associate an item with the appointment for billing purposes, and add the item to the invoice from the scheduler.  You can set a note with further information, which will also be reflected.
Blocking Websites

We've gotten a few questions of late about recommendations for blocking employees from accessing unauthorized websites on the point of sale computers.
The optimal case for your point of sale computers is simply banning any internet use other than that of the point of sale itself.  Unfortunately, we know that isn't always realistic.  However, one of the most common causes of issues is malware infection, generally from email or poor decisionmaking on the websites visited.
An alternative is blocking all but the websites needed for store operations, at least for your employees.  There are third party programs that can assist with this, but most web browsers have functionality to allow for it for limited users.
If you use a third party piece of software, make certain that you are allowing, which is our license and updates server.

For Google Chrome, instructions on blocking and allowing specific sites can be found  here .

Customer Mailings

One part of the recently released version 4.7 that you may not have realized is that it can make it very easy to print labels for physical mailings to your customers, as well as export email addresses for email lists through a service such Constant Contact.

For a physical mailing, first you'll want to make certain that you've selected the mailing style label as your default.  From the customers screen, click on print label, then change label design.  Select the mailing label layout appropriate for your printer - most customers who have gotten printers from us will want the Bixolon 2 Mailing Label design - and make certain you have the fields selected.  Save the default label, and print one to make certain it looks correct.

Then, you're going to want to do a search for the customers you want to print labels for.  If you want all customers, you can skip this step.  Otherwise, hit search in the lower left.

You can do a variety of searches here.  These include a birthday range, people who have bought certain items or from certain categories and departments, people with discount cards, and other criteria.

Once you've done the search, go to the more button, then 'mass print labels'.  Be prepared for the number of labels that will come, as depending on your database and search this could be several thousand labels.

For email addresses, you can similarly do a search, but rather than 'mass print labels' you'll select 'Export Email Addresses'

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.7.2.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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