Version 5.0

We've begun rollout of version 5.0 to customers.  If you haven't received the update yet, you can expect it within the next few weeks.  If you would like to receive it sooner, just contact us to get added to the next wave.
Version 5.0 Register Hotkeys

With the 5.0 update, the hotkeys have been reassigned to better match the new software layout and navigation:
F1:  Go to register from elsewhere in the product
F2:  Items
F3:  Customers
F4: Misc Item
F6: Gift Balance
Control Shift F8:  Reprint Last
Control F3:  Bundles
Control R: Invoice Search
F5:  Suspend Transaction
F9:  Recall Suspended Transaction
F7:  Search Vendor Database
Alt C:  Cancel Transaction


With 5.0, we have significantly expanded on the promotions feature, adding new types of promotions, more flexibility in assigning products to promotions, etc. Specifically, we've added buy one get one type promotions, dollar off promotions, and the ability to exclude specific items. Because of the new promotions features, you will need to regenerate promotions that you had under the previous version if you were using them. The promotions user interface is simple to use. Just follow the steps below...

Access the new promotions feature through Store -> Promotions.  Select "Add Promotion" on the lower left.  When adding a promotion, you'll set it up from top to bottom on the right.
The promotion title should be a name that you can recognize to identify the promotion.  It will show up on the invoice grid to indicate items getting this promotion.  It'll also show up on the receipt if you have the option to print discounts enabled!
You can select either to give the promotion to everyone, or to limit it to specific customers and discount cards.  Make sure if you're intending to give it to discount cards that after creating the promotion, you add it to the discount card item through item maintenance.
Now select the days and times the promotion will be active. You can choose always, on specific days (such as Mondays or Tuesdays) all day or specific times of day, or from a specific date range (such as July 4th 2018 - July 11th 2018).
These can give one of five things:  A specific price, a percentage off, a dollar amount off, a bonus to trade ins, or a buy x get y % off deal.  There will be specific settings based on the type of promotion you're setting up.
Finally, you'll want to set the items the promotion applies to.  Either you can select departments and categories or you can add individual item skus to apply to.  You can also now exclude specific items within a dept or category.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.0.4.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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