This month, we have more detailed information about the upcoming update
Version 4.6 Released

Version 4.6, with the inventory and labeling updates, has released.  We anticipate another minor release in the near future, with several requested tweaks to the software.

Once that's done, we'll be moving to the next area of the software getting a facelift:  Customers.  In this newsletter, we'll have previews of some of the early screenshots for new customers, including complete revisions to searching for customers.  These are not yet finalized, and we are still welcoming input on things you would like to see.
Customer Update Previews

Similar to the recent set of revisions to items, customers are getting an overhaul.  We're moving away from the tabbed approach with the new screens, still, as you can see in the above early screenshot of the customer edit screen.  All information from the first three tabs has been merged into the above.

The scan license and print labels functions are going to remain; label designs will receive an overhaul, and we'll be making it easier to print out mass numbers of labels.

As you can see, the transactions screen is going to be in a separate screen from the edit screen.

Customer Grid and Search

The grid above will show the customers, and allow for better searching and displaying than the current product.  It'll also allow for you to more easily select the customers you're looking for than the existing customer screen.

The above is the first draft of the customer search screen.  As you can see, we're planning on allowing for many more fields than currently allowed for to be searched.  There may be others added, as well as additional sort options.
We have a Cognitive 2-inch Label Printer available currently for $399.  These units normally run $599.  This printer is one of the most resilient on the market, and many customers are still using earlier Cognitive models that they bought from us fifteen or more years ago.  This is a rare discount on this brand, and one we have a very limited supply of.  Please contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100 if you are interested.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.6.1.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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