This month, we're discussing how to handle a Windows 10 update if support is unavailable
Recovering From a Windows 10 Update

A lot of customers have been unintentionally updating to Windows 10.  While we're glad to try to help supported users repair their situation after this update, this sometimes happens on weekends or after hours.

Updating causes different issues on different computers.  Our strongest recommendation, as always, is to have a current backup off of the computer to prevent data loss in the event of something going horribly awry.  However, some of the most common issues are covered below.

By far the most common issue people have after updating to Windows 10 involves printer drivers no longer functioning.  Upwards of 80% of customers have reported at least one printer, whether receipt, label, or report, having this issue.  Generally, this can be handled by uninstalling and reinstalling the printer.  Uninstall the printer by going to devices and printers, right clicking the problem printer, and hitting remove device.  Power off the printer, or unplug it from the computer.  Download the latest drivers from the printer manufacturer's website, and then plug it back up.  This will resolve this issue in most cases.

Less common, but simpler, updating to Windows 10 will sometimes break the licensing of your software.  To fix this, when running the software select to register, then fill in your serial number and customer id, check the box that states you are reregistering, and fill in the reason of "Windows 10 update".  Your serial number and customer id have been emailed to your email address on file with ExtremePOS, or included with your invoice receipt for the purchase of the software.

The third common issue is by far the most complex, and the one most likely to require contacting support.  This one only impacts multistation setups, and occurs when the non-server stations are unable to connect to the server.  There are a variety of reasons this can occur.  A few things that you can check yourself are as follows:

First, go to control panel, then to network and sharing center.  Make certain file and printer sharing are enabled.  If you are using mirrored accounts or domain accounts, make certain you are logging in with the same account on each station.  If you are using a guest account, make certain that password protected sharing is off and public folder sharing is on.

Second, your firewall may be blocking the connection.  Go into your firewall software on the server - which is often built into antivirus - and add exceptions for SQL Server and SQL Server Browser.
Windows XP Support Ending June 1st

Over the next few months, you will start to see some exciting updates to your POS system.  We recently added EMV credit card transactions.  With Version 4.0, we will be bringing you the ExtremePOS iPad register app.  Some features coming in future updates include automated backups, and new, simpler, modern user interfaces for store options and more.  However, in order to move forward, ExtremePOS needs to keep up with the latest technology.  This means that we are going to have to end support for Windows XP.

The vast majority of ExtremePOS customers have already migrated off Windows XP.  However, if you are a supported customer still using XP, you will need to upgrade your operating system with the release of ExtremePOS Version 4.0, coming no sooner than June 1, 2016.  As we've notified all users, Microsoft discontinued all support for Windows XP in April of 2014.  Since then, we have been warning users that we would eventually need to end support for Windows XP with new versions of ExtremePOS.
Sunset Announcement

Please be aware that we will be sunsetting support for versions of the software on December 31st, 2017.  This means that we will not be able to guarantee assistance with issues with these versions of software, even with the purchase of a one-time support call, past this date. Currently, all versions 2.6.0035 or older have been sunset.

For more information on our sunset policy, see our website.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 3.6.1.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.

We will be closed on Friday, March 25th for Good Friday.
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