Upcoming ThunderPOS Features

The next feature update is coming soon, and there are a number of requested adjustments and changes coming down the pipeline for our supported users.  As we do not release feature updates during the holiday shopping season, this is expected to be the last of the calendar year.

First, we've made the custom reports, which are available through tools -> report generator, capable of being scheduled for emailing in the same manner as the other reports in the system.  In addition to excel and pdf formats, these reports can also be sent as text files.

There have also been additional filters added to the special orders and preorders report, to show items either filtered by the date they were ordered, or filtered only to items that are in stock to pick up.

Next, we've added the ability to save a customer picture on customers.  For enterprise users, this is currently a local-only field.  For those who are reporting to Leads Online, this picture will be sent with the transaction, which should help in locations where a customer's picture is required to comply with local law.

Customers can now have a picture attached to their record

For more advanced users, the ability to import from a spreadsheet has been re-added at a store level.  This has hopefully been improved from the old method, allowing for a little more room for error, but we still highly, highly recommend a database backup before using this functionality, as the only method of reversing an import is to go to a backup.  In addition to bringing items or customers in, this tool can now optionally update existing records.

We've also added the register designer into the main program.  This has been a hit with the test customers who have had it as a separate program, and we hope everyone will find it as useful as they have

Finally, we've made adjustments to customer and item searching that should result in improved performance, particularly from stations that are not the server.  The amount this will be noticed will depend on your database and hardware situation, but in all cases should result in equal or better performance.

This update is currently in testing, but should be available in late October or early November.
Big Box Closures Can Mean Independent Opportunities

The coming holiday shopping season will be the first since Toys R Us went bankrupt, and many Sears locations will be closed or liquidating as well.  This is not simply because of e-commerce.  Both chains had debt issues going back decades, and in Toys R Us' case this had prevented even basic maintenance on some aspects of their store,  as their CEO admitted earlier this year.

If you had stores in your area close, not all of this business will move online.  Many of our retailers already have toy sections, above and beyond their games, music, or books, but it may be an area to expand on for this Christmas season.  Most people still prefer to shop in person, and advertising on trying to fill the gap opened up when the big brands shuttered their doors can be a way to bring in new faces to your store.

Retail spending is expected to grow this holiday season.  Make certain your store gets its share of this.
Get Featured on our Site

We are working on a revision of our website, and are looking for customers who would be interested in being featured on it.

We would need the following from you:

The name and location you would want credited.  This can include other contact information if you want.
A testimonial
Optionally, though appreciated, a high-quality picture of your store, interior or exterior.
Permission to use the above on the site.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.1.2.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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