Version 4.9.1 Released

Version 4.9.1 has been released to supported users.  In addition to some user interface tweaks requested by customers, we've got a new vendor database available from All Media Supply, with a focus on vinyl.

Among the other changes in this version, we have a change to the invoice searching screen covered by the last newsletter.  Specifically, we've added a search only for invoices that either have an overall discount or invoices where at least one item was discounted.
All Media Supply Database

This database, from a distributor called All Media Supply, has books and music products, with a particular focus on imports and vinyl.  It's freely available for download through the database menu in the launcher under the 'AMS' heading.  In addition to being quite useful for data entry, you can get current suggested retail pricing information for titles you already have in stock.

For looking through this database, in addition to the normal quick importing functions where you can scan the items, you can search by artist, title, genre, or format.

While this information can be useful for any store dealing music or books, it's particularly useful for those using All Media Supply as a distributor.

If you'd like to open an account with All Media Supply please contact them either by emailing at or by calling at (954) 616-8787. AMS would like to offer any stores that open a new account 10% off their first order (in the form of a credit to be applied to their second order). AMS offers free shipping on any orders over $250 and will ship same day on any orders received before 3:00 PM EST.

Special Orders and Preorders

These features, which are very closely related, both allow you to take down deposits from a customer for a particular item that they intend to pick up later.  In both cases, you'll need to be using the customers feature to create the customer in advance - a default customer cannot be used for this.  The main difference is that preorders are generally for items that have not yet been released, while special orders are for items that have been released and may even have been previously sold, but are either not currently in stock or the customer does not want the item right away.

To sell an item as a preorder, when setting it up in item management, check the box for 'Preorder Item'.  You may set a minimum deposit they must put down in order to preorder.  When setting up an item for preorder, the Preorder Date field is the first day you will accept deposits towards this item, where the Street Date field is the first day that these preorders may be picked up.  The system will enforce these dates, not allowing transactions that would violate them to happen.  Once the item has been set up, simply try to sell it as you normally would sell any item, and it will prompt you to create a preorder.

To sell an item as a special order, there are two methods.  First, if you have the 'Stock Prompt' option turned on and attempt to sell an item that you are out of stock of, it will offer the option to create a special order.  Second, you may go through the actions menu to 'Add Special Order', and a search window will appear.  Items you select through this will have special orders created for them.

In either case, after you've sold the special order or preorder, you can manage them by hitting the special orders window on the left.  This will cause the following screen to appear:

From here, you can complete and invoice to have the customer pay the remaining amount on the ordered item, cancel and refund deposit to get rid of that special order, or add to deposit to have the customer put additional money towards the item without actually picking it up.

Creating Rental Items

Many stores carry some number of items that can be rented, as well as purchased.  There is a screen in the system for creating rental copies of items; you may access this by going into the view menu at the invoice screen and then selecting the Rentals option.

Once you're on this screen, in the top right either scan or search for the primary number for the item for which you want to make rental copies.  From there, the simplest way to proceed is by hitting 'Autogenerate Copies' and simply following the onscreen questions the program asks of you.  For more information on this screen, see page 50 of the manual.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.9.1.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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