Version 5.0 Previews

This month, we will be previewing the new 5.0 Register.  This is still under active development, but we thought we'd share some previews of things to come.
Register 5.0

Beginning in 5.0, we will begin providing multiple register templates so you can choose how you want your register to look. In 5.0, we will be providing a few templates to choose from. In upcoming versions, we will be expanding the options, and eventually you will be able to customize your own register giving you ultimate flexibility. Below is a draft of the default template for the new register screen in version 5.0:

This template is intended to match the legacy register you have now, so it's easy to adjust your employees to the new version of the software.  However, there are a few differences.
First, searches to add items will use the new, improved search screen you use during store maintenance.  Also, functions that were formerly in drop down menus along the top have been moved to buttons along the left.  This allows for easier access and more intuitive use for new employees.  You will still have your existing keyboard shortcuts, and additional ones are being added to make the software more efficient to use.
As mentioned before, a template designer tool is planned for a future release allowing you to design one or more register templates for your stations.  For example, buttons can be added, removed, relocated, recolored, or relabeled based on particular needs of your store.
We're also adding an option for those who prefer to use the touchscreen at the register rather than computer keyboard.  This option will bring up on-screen keyboard/numpad for data entry during a sale.  For example, pictured below is the numpad upon touching the quantity field:


Part of the updated register includes an update to promotions, including some of the most requested features many of you have had.  Several other features, such as Discount Levels, are getting merged into promotions to make price management far simpler and centralized for the new version of the software. You can now handle everything in one place, the new Promotions Screen, shown below:

The displayed promotion is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, one of the most requested promotion types.  After the update, the following promotions types will be available:
Buy X get Y for % off - this is flexible, allowing for, for example, buy one get one free, buy two get one 50% off, etc.
Dollar Discount - some specific amount off all selected items, to a minimum of 0.
Percentage discount - a percent-based discount off the selected items.
Specific price - all selected items sell for a specific dollar amount.
Trade Bonus - a percentage-based increase on trades.
Promotions can be on departments and categories and specific items as before, but you can now also exclude specific items within those departments and categories for the additional flexibility some customers have asked for. Additionally, day of week promotions can now be limited to specific times of the day, allowing for things such as doorbusters to automatically expire.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.9.2.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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