Windows 10 Connections

With version 5.0, we've made alterations to the way that our product connects to the database.  These will make the connection stabler, particularly within Windows 10 as it receives updates. 

Additionally, the installation process now handles the default windows security configuration automatically.  While you'll still have to give it access through any third-party firewall programs you use, the built-in Windows Firewall should be ready to go as soon as you finish installing.

Customers on older versions of the software who have been having issues with Microsoft resetting their sharing settings with every update may want to apply the 5.0 upgrade as soon as possible for this reason.
New Receipt Options

There are a number of new options relating to the receipt in ThunderPOS, allowing you a greater degree of control than ever before on how your receipts look.

In version 5.0.12, we've added the ability to use a 2-inch receipt printer, rather than the typical 3 inch.  While many stores will prefer to stick to the traditional three inch width, those pressed for space or just wanting a smaller receipt can use a 2-inch model.

For USB printers, you can now select the font size and style.  Most distinctly, you can now have the program exert direct control over the printer in the same way a serial printer would, including direct control of logo printing, cutting, and the cash drawer.  This will use the printer's built in font, but will lose some of the features that USB printers get, such as couponing.

The notes you can set on an individual transaction have been greatly expanded.  These have gone from 5 lines of up to 40 characters each to 500 characters, and you can set your own line breaks within them wherever you need.  These can be set under the register functions button, or by hitting control+t at the register.

Discounting and promotion information is now broken out separately on the receipt, and is entirely optional to print, as is the customer's account balance.  These options are all available under the receipt section of settings.
Smaller Receipt and Cash Drawer Options

For those customers pressed on space, we're now offering some smaller form factor solutions.  Pictured below are some of Star's new offerings, which can be used with a PC or with a Surface tablet. As you can see, these are available both in the classic black style:

Or in a more modern-looking white style:

In particular, the unit pictured on the far right of these pictures is a combination cash drawer and receipt printer, atop which your monitor or tablet can sit.

For further information on these units, or other smaller form factor hardware, contact Sales.

Help Resources

As a reminder, we have a number of resources available for assistance with the program.

For supported users, you can reach us at  We are also always taking feedback on the software.  If you're on phone support, you can also reach us at (919) 387-7597, extension 101.  Phone hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

The latest version of the manual is always available off our website.  This link can also be accessed through the help menu in the program, which will launch your default browser and pull the manual up.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.0.12.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.

We will be closed Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day.
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