New Editions Available

We're expanding our currently available product lineup with new editions for ThunderPOS.  These lower-cost versions carry certain restrictions, but may be very suitable for stores that do not need the full set of functionality available in the product, nor Enterprise or Ecommerce functionality.  In particular, stores with small numbers of items, such as a popup, mobile, or temporary store, may be interested.

For further information on these different editions, and a comparison of functionality, see  our website
 Report Builder

The report builder is a flexible tool for getting information into a format that you might need.  It is less useful for totals and those types of reports than the kind of bulk information that you may want to export into other environments, such as a detailed inventory list to export to a custom ecommerce platform.

Available through tools -> report generator, this screen will allow you to select from particular areas you want to report on, then select the fields and filters you want to apply.  Once this is done, you can either show it one time, or save it as a template to easily reuse it .

The vast majority of fields on these reports can also be used for sorting purposes, and sorting will be saved in the template as well.

A recent addition to this feature is that, similar to our predesigned reports, you can now schedule custom report templates to be emailed.  Additionally, because of the nature of these reports, you can have them sent as a csv or tab delimited text file, in addition to the pdf or excel formats offered by the standard reports.

To schedule one of your templates to be sent, after saving it, click 'Manage Scheduled' in the top right.

SQL Server 2008 End of Life

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is reaching the end of its support life early next month.  This was the backend database of choice for ExtremePOS, Musicware, and Praiz for many years.  If you updated from ExtremePOS to ThunderPOS without moving SQL server, you may also still be using 2008.  

If on 5.0 or above, you can update SQL Server in place.  We have tested this with and recommend using SQL Server 2014.  If on support, you can contact us regarding this.  The process will typically take an hour or two, so we highly recommend doing it outside of business hours.

If you installed 5.0 to begin with, or it's on a server computer that a version prior to 5.0 was never on, then SQL Server 2014 is already installed.

Additionally, we would like to remind users that Windows 7's end of life is in January 2020.  Updating versions of Windows is rather more intensive than updating SQL Server, but is also going to be more vital, so we suggest thinking about it and planning for it now, whether that's replacing computers or simply updating the existing computers to Windows 10.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.4.2.  To get back on support, or to upgrade to phone support from email support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.  If you are not on phone support, and you call, a response will be sent to the email address on file.  You may also buy a support incident from our website.


As a reminder to users of ExtremePOS Payment, we will no longer be able to support this product after July 9th, 2019 as the version of SQL Server it depends on is reaching the end of life.  This will render Payment no longer PCI Compliant to continue to use past this date.  If you are currently using Payment and your software is out of date, we highly suggest you contact us and discuss options for upgrading to keep your PCI compliance.


Also, remember that we will be closed Thursday, July 4th for Independence Day.
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