WooCommerce Integration 

As mentioned previously, we have an upcoming integration with WooCommerce that will be released soon to give our customers using a cloud server an option for built-in product syncing with an ecommerce platform.

We have released two videos showing the basic functionality and setup process for this feature, available at  here and  here.

Be aware that while this is for those using a cloud server, if you are interested in a Wordpress integration, you may be able to move over to using a cloud server from your current local server.

Please contact support with any questions you might have about this process or if it will work for you.

Register Designer Options

One aspect of the new WooCommerce integration is the option to view notifications of incoming orders at the register.  This feature may be expanded to allow for notifications from other aspects of the system if our customers would be interested in that.  However, the button for notifications is not the only thing that's been added to the register designer since its original release, and you may be interested in adding one or more of them to your existing design.

As a reminder, you can get to the register designer through the system administration menu, and it will allow you to greatly customize your register layout.

First, the notifications button as mentioned will allow you to see when notifications have come in, and mark them as read.

Scan license will allow you to select a customer by scanning their driver's license, if they were set up with that license to begin with.  This is used with the drivers license parsing.

Reprint priceless last receipt will reprint the most recent transaction without prices on it, what is often called a 'gift receipt' by consumers.

Renew discount card will allow you to sell a discount card renewal, even if the discount card in question has not yet expired.

Finally, Quick Label will allow you to print a Quick Label, identical to the same function available through the Items screen.
Curbside Service

Many of our customers are in areas where mandatory stay at home orders are starting to expire, or already have expired, but have still expressed interest in ways they can offer curbside service to their customers.  In addition to using an ecommerce integration, one possibility for those customers wanting to pay via credit card at the store is through the use of suspended transactions.  Customer can call in their orders, and simply suspend them and get them together and ready for pickup.

You can put an unlimited number of tickets on suspend, and this will allow your customers who do not want to enter the store to still shop with you, without tying up the register and keeping it out of the hands of those who are coming inside.

If you have any questions on how this would work as a procedure and are supported, feel free to contact support.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.5.0.  To get back on support, or to upgrade to phone support from email support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.  If you are not on phone support, and you call, a response will be sent to the email address on file.  You can also buy a support incident from our website.


We will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.


As a reminder to users of Windows 7, Microsoft's support of this version of Windows has ended as of January 14th, 2020.  We highly recommend getting onto Windows 8.1 or 10 if you are on Windows 7.  Versions of ExtremePOS, Musicware, Praiz, and ThunderPOS 4.0 and above should all be compatible with Windows 10; versions before 4.0 were sunset for support as of the end of 2019.


If you are on a version older than 4.0 that has been sunset, you can contact sales for information on purchasing an update.

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