This month, we're previewing upcoming user interface changes
Application User Interface Enhancements

Soon, you will start to see redesign and improvements of many of the ExtremePOS screens. The focus of the redesigns are to make the software easier and more intuitive to use for you and your employees. We are decluttering the screens, cleaning up the layout and grouping buttons so they are more logical and easier to find. Below is an early screenshot of the updated Register Screen. We will also be introducing a new Store Options screen that pulls all your options that are now spread across several screens into one easy to navigate interface, as well as a new modernized interface for Employee Maintenance. While we won't be able to satisfy everyone's requests, we welcome your feedback and thoughts as we go through this process. If you have any comments on the Register redesign or suggestions for further screen redesigns, please send them to

iPad Register Preview

In addition to the above, our iPad register application is in the process of getting approved by Apple for release.  While we do not know exactly how long this process will take, we're looking forward to the release and wanted to present some of the final screenshots as a preview:

Above is the touch screen register.  You can use either this or a traditional style register screen, and can quickly toggle between the two using the button in the top left.

This is the checkout screen.  The plus next to the cash button allows you to select from more common currency amounts - $1, $5, $10, etc.

Finally, this is the item lookup screen.  You can do searches here, and view most of the information about an item before adding it new or used to your transaction.
Microsoft Announces End of Free Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft has announced that after July, they will begin to charge $119 for an upgrade to Windows 10.  While many of you have already upgraded, or have decided not to, be aware that this deadline exists and decide whether to take it by that time - the last thing you'll want is to have to pay for something you could have had for free.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 3.6.1.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.

We will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.
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