This month, the iPad register app is available
iPad Register App Available

The iPad register app is now available!  Contact sales for information on receiving the licenses and configuring Store Server to allow you to connect this exciting new product!

Additionally, we have a demonstration server available if you download the register on your iPad.  Take a look at it in action before you commit to purchasing it for your own store.  
From the login screen, select Settings from the upper left on the toolbar.
In settings, enter the following
Server IP:
Server Port: 7597
Username:  epos
Password:  epos
The other settings should be left in default state since there is no hardware present.

Upcoming User Interface Improvements

With version 4.5 upcoming, we're beginning the process of redesigning our screens.  The objectives are not just to modernize, but also to simplify the user experience, making ExtremePOS more efficient for you.  In many cases, we will also be expanding functionality. We've previously featured the new invoice screen, but there are other areas getting an update for 4.5, and more will be coming in versions past this.
This month, we're discussing our enhanced Employee maintenance screen.  A screenshot of the new screen is shown below. 

Some of the highlights of the new screen are
  • List of employees in the pane along the left lets you easily find and navigate to the employee you need to modify
  • Addition of employee personal information, such as name, address, phone, and email.  Don't worry - if you have associated customers set now, these fields will be populated initially from the existing associated customers.
  • All permissions are now visible on the employee information pane on the right, without the need to click on tabs to view specific permissions.  They are also grouped more logically.
  • We have added the ability to limit employee price changes to a specific amount, which many of you have requested.
  • We have simplified the old "yes/no/prompt/override" permission system which was unintuitive.  Permissions now are simply On or Off.  Prompting for manager override is now a store level option.
This screen is an example of what you can expect from ExtremePOS going forward - a simpler, more intuitive user experience that gives you maximum functionality and lets you work more efficiently.  We hope you like what you see so far.  In coming newsletters, we'll show some of the other changes, including a new options screen and a new global changes screen.

Windows XP Support Ends

With version 4.0, support for ExtremePOS, Musicware, and Praiz on Windows XP has ended.  In order to install these versions, you will need to move to Windows Vista or above.
The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.0.1.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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