Register Designer

We're very proud to announce that coming soon is our graphical register designer.  This tool will allow you to modify your register templates in radical ways, making it something truly designed for your specific business.

We've done an introductory video on the topic, available on youtube that will go over some of the basics.  This is based off an early internal build, and even so we think you'll see the power of what can be done.

One example of a very different look is this design:

This layout is designed for a different sort of screen than most stores are currently using; rather than a typical monitor, this is laid out for a Surface tablet, with large buttons for a touchscreen.  The look is wildly different from the normal register; the functionality is all there, with the only buttons that were removed being the cash, check, credit, and on account tender buttons.  In the video, using the editor and starting from our current Standard 2 register, this layout and color scheme was achievable in around twenty minutes of editing.

While that design is something very different in terms of look, you can also achieve an even simpler look for the register if your functional needs are low.  For one example of what a more minimalist register might look like, we present the below:

While there are a few elements on here beyond the bare minimum, this cuts out many of the buttons in favor of a bare-bones approach.  Each station can have its own design, as well, allowing you to do different things depending on the needs of a station.  Only accept tradeins at one of your three stations?  You can actually only give the capability to one of them.

Customer Display Support

As you may know, for many years we've had support for customer-facing displays, with advertising.  To this point, this has been done through a separate program, which we are discontinuing.

Instead, settings for the customer display are getting moved into the main program, with a license to use this for any customer who purchased the old software, as well as for any customer who purchases a rear display from us going forward.

As you can see, the color schema and wording are customizable here, and you can also configure video and picture advertisements to run on the display when not in a transaction.

Seven inch displays, with the license to use the display software, are $299.99.  These are USB devices and draw power from the computer.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.0.12.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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