This month, we have more detailed information about the upcoming update
Version 4.7

As a reminder, we're releasing version 4.7 of the software in the coming month.  This update is focused on customers and a customizable reporting tool, updating the interface to allow for a more modern approach to customers, particularly updating the searching functionality.  Version 4.7 is an initial update to this, but there are a number of updated features in the works.

One aspect of this update we did not discuss at length previously is the change to the transactions screen, the equivalent to the transactions tab in customers.  In the current version of the software, this is solely used for accounts receivable transactions, and you can continue to use it for this purpose, for making adjustments and payments.  However, many people thought it would show a sort of sales history, a list of all invoices the customer has been selected for.  We've gotten this misconception so much that we've decided to make it the reality:

You can filter to only invoices to the account, same as the old way, by checking the box in the center left.  You can also see a list of items on those invoices by hitting the view invoice items button.

Coming not terribly far down the road will be an update to the scheduler feature to allow you to more easily schedule events for customers, or resources, for those who do things such as rent out space for events or for reading or play time.

We're also continuing to develop features to assist in marketing to your customers; some of these are coming with 4.7, such as easier email list exporting or customer searching based on purchases and total spending, but others will be further down the line.  Keep your eyes on this space for more details!

Have you made a backup today?  This week?  This month?  This year?  Ever?  The sooner in this series of questions you can say yes, the quicker and more complete your recovery time will be in the event of losing a server.
Are you taking the backups off of the harddrive of the server computer?  Do you know where they are?  If not, the usefulness of making them is limited.  While a backup on the local disk may help in some circumstances, if the entire hard drive fails, the backup can be lost alongside the database itself.
What data does a backup get you?  The ability to restore your inventory, customers and balances, sales and invoice history, vendors, and many but not all settings - virtually everything other than a few cosmetic settings.
How difficult is it to make a backup?  It's not difficult at all, though the location for this recently changed in version 4.0.  Under the System Administration tab of the browser, go to backup database.  You can browse to the location you wish to save it to, then hit Execute.
The backups are created as a single file, named along the lines of esc_v20_ and then date and time, followed by .bak.  This is to allow for you to easily see the created date.  These can range in size from around 10 MB for a relatively new or small store, into the hundreds of megabytes for stores with lots of inventory, history, and customer data.
For Enterprise users, you should also be backing up the store and especially corp databases regularly.  These can be done from within store and corp server by going to the database functions section.

Task Scheduling Backups

You can make a task to schedule a daily creation of a backup file within windows task scheduler.  While we still recommend making backups manually and taking them off the computer, this is a good safety valve:

Go to control panel
Administrative Tools
Task Scheduler
Along the left hand side click on "Task Scheduler Library"
Under actions, click "Create Basic Task..."
Make the name something you will remember, such as escbackup
Under trigger, select "daily" and select a time that the computer will be on
For actions, select "Start a Program"
In program/script, type OSQL
In arguments, things are a little bit more complex but essentially take the form:
-E -S\extremepos -Q "backup database esc_v20 to disk = 'F:\ESCDailyBackup.bak' with init"
The server instance, which is the portion after the S, will be\extremepos for the majority of users, but some users may have a slightly different configuration.  Supported users can contact support for assistance with this.
The part immediately after the equals sign is the full path and file name you want to make the backup to, inside of single quotes.
You should run the task, and verify that the backup is correctly made.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.6.3.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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