Version 4.9 Previews

Version 4.9 continues our improvements and modernization effort on ExtremePOS.  This update covers a lot of supporting features that many of you probably use.  These include searching vendor databases, tracking serial numbers, gift card management, physical inventory, bundle management, rental maintenance, invoice searching, time clock, repairs, price table editing and more.     

Most of the vendor databases - AEC, BRE, VGPC, Superfile, and Ingram Entertainment - are moving to the above search screen.  In addition to the current methods of searching, we're adding features to the screen.  One is the ability to see if items are already in your store database, and view the stock levels.
You'll also be able to use the new price comparison tool to update of an individual item's pricing:

This is a feature that many of you have been requesting.
Physical Inventory

Screens for Physical Inventory in 4.9 have not changed significantly.  There are changes behind the scenes, however, to make things simpler.
For those who scan items at the register, rather than using the spreadsheet or batch scanner methods, you can now use alternate ids to scan items at the register if you use them, as well as showing a list of recent items scanned rather than simply the most recent item scanned.

There are a few other minor changes behind the scene, but we've tried to keep the interface on this process close to the one you're familiar with.
Serial Number Tracking

4.9 adds a new serial number tracking screen.

This screen allows you to search for a serial number and see all items that have been bought, sold, or traded that have used this serial number.  In addition, you can view the entire transaction or reprint the receipt from this screen.
This will make serial number activities tracking much simpler for you.
Stay tuned for more newsletter articles on additional 4.9 enhancements!

We will be closed on Monday, December 25th for Christmas Day, and Monday, January 1st for New Year's Day.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.8.0.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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