Version 5.0 Upcoming

Coming this summer, we've got one of our largest updates ever.  While other features will be covered in future updates, we're going to go into one particular, very important aspect of it this month:  Reporting updates.
New Reports Menu

We're moving reports from the drop down menu at the register to a dedicated screen.  This should make reports far more easy to navigate, and more consistent to apply filters to:

Along the left, you'll see the list of reports, grouped under rough top-level categories.  As you click on particular reports, appropriate options and filters will be made available to you.  You can then either run the report, showing it on screen, or schedule emailed versions of the report to send utilizing the email server you've set in options.

Replacing the old emailed reports tool, which was limited to a few specific reports, you will be able to schedule any report in the software to be emailed to an address on a recurring basis in either PDF or Excel format.

Report Viewer

Below is a sample screenshot of the report viewer in the new version, in this case showing off the audit register activity report:

There are a few differences worth noting here from the old report viewer.  The report on-screen is no longer formatted based on the default printer in windows while being displayed.

The export report button is now in the middle top of the screen - look for the disk.  Additionally, you can now directly email a copy of the current report in excel or pdf format through your configured email address by hitting the buttons in the top right.

Sample Reports

In order to better preview the reports, we're making a number of exported PDFs and Excel files available so that you can see the style you would be getting.  Note that you'll need an appropriate program installed to work with these.

First, the Sales Totals report.  This particular report was run for a single day, grouped by categories.  It's available in PDF form  here or in Excel form  here.

Next, we've got the Sales By Category display.  This one is with the chart visible; that can optionally be hidden when it is run.  This is also available in both  PDF and  Excel.

Our final sample is of a newly available report, for auditing price changes and discounts that employees are giving at the register.  This is available in  PDF

We will be closed Friday, March 30th for Good Friday.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 4.9.1.  Version 4.9.2 will be releasing next week.  If you want to get back on support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.
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