Web-Based Item Management

We have a few more developmental screenshots of the back office, particularly in the area of item management.  As you can see, the site will work on desktop or mobile, though the amount of information available on the screen is obviously much higher for desktop.

Desktop item searching

Mobile item searching

Searching works very similarly to the quick search within the windows client.  For performance reasons, only the first fifty results are initially loaded; scrolling down will trigger loading additional results.

Desktop Item Creation.

Mobile Item Creation.

Item creation, similarly, shows more fields on the screen for the desktop but is very usable through the phone.  You likely wouldn't want to enter an entire store's inventory through the mobile interface owing to the lack of a proper keyboard, but it can be great for handling a single item edit or addition quickly.
Item Label Printing Options

As a reminder, you have a few different ways to do bulk label printing.  First, you can choose to do it based off of a search in the item maintenance screen, under store -> items.

Make certain you do the search you want first, and then go through the more button -> mass print labels.  You can either print based on your stock levels or print a fixed number of labels for every item on your search depending on your needs.

The other options for bulk printing can be found under tools and then label utility.  The first of these is based off of purchase orders.  You can either print all items that were ordered on a purchase order, or all items that were received.

Queued labels will allow you to print out all labels that were queued up through either the vendor databases or through pricing updates sent down through an Enterprise setup.
Driver's License Scanning

One lesser-known feature of the software that can be particularly useful for our customers who may sell age restricted items is our compatibility with driver's license scanning from supported scanners.

Right now, you can use this for setting a customer up with much less typing, and verify the authenticity of the license and the date of birth as well.  Within the customer screen, simply hit the scan license button on the customer screen, scan the 2D barcode that is on the license, and the information will pull from the barcode into your system.  Note that this isn't looking it up against a database from the state and doesn't do any sort of automatic reporting against your customers - it's simply the information contained on the license itself.

Depending on the state issuing the license, it will contain the name and address of the customer, their driver's license number, and potentially their weight, eye and hair color, height, and gender.

Coming up in 5.4.4, expected to be released by the end of October, there will additionally be an option to scan the license at the register as an additional means of looking up the customer.  This button will not be on the default register templates, but can easily be added through the designer.

A barcode scanner with this capability is available through our shop; make certain that you select the option for including license scanning.  If you already have one of the models that can be updated, primarily the Code 900 or 950, then you can reach out to us about getting driver's license parsing loaded onto the device for, at the time of writing, a $100 charge.  This will only be available for scanners that were originally purchased through us.

The current version of the software, available for supported users, is 5.4.3.  To get back on support, or to upgrade to phone support from email support, contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.  If you are not on phone support, and you call, a response will be sent to the email address on file.  You may also buy a support incident from our website.


As a reminder to users of Windows 7, Microsoft's support of this version of Windows is ending in January 2020.  We highly recommend getting onto Windows 8.1 or 10 by this time.  Versions of ExtremePOS, Musicware, Praiz, and ThunderPOS 4.0 and above should all be compatible with Windows 10; versions before 4.0 are themselves being sunset for support as of the end of this calendar year.

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