Please keep the following people and their families in your thoughts and prayers this week:

  • For Noah and Ada Hicks who were confirmed as part of worship on November 15!

Prayer Updates:
  • Mitchell Wheeler - cancer (nephew of Jack and Miriam Wheeler)
  • McKenna Grace Boston (newborn daughter) and Paige Boston - hospitalized with COVID-19 (Paige grew up at FPC)
  • Gene Wallace - following the death of his brother, Roger on November 13
  • Martha Young - hospitalized in Alabama (Cotton Young's grandmother)
  • Change the World Day is coming up on November 21
  • Guy McGiboney - Merryvale

Ongoing Prayer Concerns:
  • David Hunter - diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please be in prayer for David, his wife Martha, and his two girls Grace and Hannah (Jonny Atkin's uncle)
  • Betty Lunsford - hospital
  • Roger Tingler - surgery on hip incision
  • Betsy MgGehee - COVID-19 (mother of an Oxford Student)
  • Sarita Pope - breast cancer (mother-in-law of Elizabeth Martin Pope)
  • Trey and Cathy Davis - COVID-19 (nephew of Mac and Anne Cranford)
  • Nancy Smith - cancer treatments (daughter of Betsy and Sandy Morehouse)
  • Bill Cobham - ongoing health issues
  • Chris Zimmerman - recovering at home (future brother-in-law of Perri Walden)
  • Ginny Elliot - at rehab following a fall (stepmother of Aubrey Evans)
  • Beverly Maddox - husband has leukemia (friend of Jean Elder)
  • Karen Lein Kaasa - home health care (sister-in-law of Julie MacKenzie)
  • Gena McLendon - chemotherapy (friend of Doug and Sherri Bolton)
  • Sharon Walton - cancer surgery (friend of Patti Lanford)
  • Karen Moss - treatment for breast cancer
  • Carter MacKenzie - neck injury (son of Julie and Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Tom Bass - bone marrow cancer and dialysis (friend of Beth and Danny Vining)
  • Wilford Reed - daughter was in car accident; his brother has age-related issues (friend of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Denise Vining - recovering from kidney transplant (Danny & Beth Vining’s niece)
  • Bob Darby - kidney problems (friend of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Sharon Beasley Strickland - tests for oral cancer (classmate of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Joyce Williams - breast cancer treatment and Alzheimer's Disease (Danny Vining's sister)
  • Peter Milner - cancer (nephew of Day & Larry Kennon)
  • Angela Gregory - cancer treatment, in Scotland (sister of Dave Gregory)
  • Brandon Massey - blood cancer (grandson of Chuck & Sherry Brasher)
  • Carol Baynes - cancer (friend of Phyllis Yoder)
  • Sophia Hawley - cystic fibrosis

Military Service
  • Koen Ardis - Navy

Independent Living and Assisted Living:
  • Penny Blakeney (home)
  • Julia Brubaker (Benton House)
  • Jean Elder (The Oaks)
  • Dot Fincher (Merryvale)
  • Jerry McGaffney (Merryvale)
  • Guy McGiboney (Merryvale)
  • Travis Moss (Pruitt)
  • Betty Robinson (Merryvale)
  • Louise White (Merryvale)

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