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February 13, 2020
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The youth gather at Bread and Butter every Sunday morning at 10:00am for Sunday School.
Passing of the Peace remains a favorite element of Sunday worship as we celebrate the love shared amongst our congregation members!
Family Promise
February 16-23, 2020
Family Promise begins THIS Sunday! There are still a few slots left to volunteer, so sign-up today! Help us offer hospitality with excellence! 

Doug Bolton will be our lead coordinator and Susan Boteler will be assisting. Jay Lanners will be coordinating all meals. 

Barbara Brown Taylor Lecture
February 20
Join the FPC family on a trip to Decatur to hear author, Barbara Brown Taylor, give a lecture at Agnes Scott College.

The church van will be available for transportation, with plans to leave the church at 4:30pm and enjoy dinner together in Decatur before the lecture.

More information about the event can be found here .

Please email Kimmy to RSVP so we can plan transportation.
Welcome Neeley!
February 23, 2020
We are so excited to welcome Neeley! Her first day in the office is Monday, February 17 and her first Sunday preaching is February 23.

Please plan to join us for worship and a reception in the Narthex following worship on February 23.
Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, February 26
Join us for the annual Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00pm at Covington First United Methodist (1113 Conyers St. SW).

Kimmy will be preaching, Neeley and Patrick Carmichael will be participating, and our choir will be singing as part of a joint choir.
Installation for Rev. Neeley Rentz Lane
March 8, 2020
Join us as we celebrate the installation of our new Senior Pastor, Reverend Neeley Rentz Lane. All are invited to worship with us and surround Reverend Lane with love and support.

There will be a reception to follow in the Fellowship Hall.
Calling all Cooks!
As part of our first year support for Neeley and her family,
the congregation is invited to participate in providing the Lane’s a weekly dinner starting February 20 through the month of May.

To sign up or for further details click here .

Contact Susan Boteler with any questions.
Find us on Facebook and Instagram!
If you haven't seen our pages on Facebook or Instagram recently, please be sure to "like" and "follow" us.

The best way to spread the word about the exciting things at FPC is to "like" and "share" our posts.
Staff Email Addresses
Some people are still using the old email address for Peni Kehoe. Please make sure you are using all the correct staff e-mails:

Kimmy Briggs:
Peni Kehoe:
Neeley Rentz Lane:

Please check your contact list and update them appropriately.
Food Pantry
Donations for the month of February
The Food Pantry is now open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00-12:00. Donations of any non-perishable food items are welcome.

Suggestions donations for February: canned meats (no tuna; stews, meals w/ meat, etc.
Please keep the following people and their families in your thoughts and prayers this week:

  • The birth of Emma Claire Stillerman to parents Tom and Erin Stillerman and grandparents Pam and Jim Stillerman!
  • The birth of Ridge Campbell Wade to parents Grady and Angela Wade and grandparents Billy and Theodosia Wade!
  • On Saturday, the Rev. Neeley Rentz Lane was unanimously voted to be received as a member of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta!

Prayer Updates:
  • We extend our sympathy and prayers to Ed and Susanne Perkerson following the death of Ed's sister Jane LeMaster

Ongoing Prayer Concerns:
  • Roger Tingler - hip replacement
  • Tom Bass - bone marrow cancer and dialysis (friend of Beth and Danny Vining)
  • Becky Stokesbary - gall bladder (Kimmy's mom)
  • Caryn and Michael Thompson following of the death of Winnie, Caryn's great aunt and Alice Bolton, Michael's grandmother
  • Bill Cobham - surgery
  • Martha Daddario - kidney surgery (friend of Jeff and Julie MacKenzie)
  • Brenda Howell - breast cancer
  • Anderson Krieger - leukemia (friend of Trista Hooten-Wilson)
  • Denny Dobbs - knee surgery
  • Koen Ardis - Navy basic training
  • Noah Hicks - recovering from knee surgery
  • Wilford Reed - daughter was in car accident; his brother has age-related issues (friend of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Denise Vining - recovering from kidney transplant (Danny & Beth Vining’s niece)
  • Julia Jones - cancer treatment (friend of the Carmichaels and Boltons)
  • Karen Lein Kaasa - cardiac bypass (sister-in-law of Julie MacKenzie)
  • Bob Darby - kidney problems (friend of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Sharon Beasley Strickland - tests for oral cancer (classmate of Jeff MacKenzie)
  • Bill Miller - vascular dementia (Beth Vining's brother)
  • Joyce Williams - Alzheimer's Disease (Danny Vining's sister)
  • Peter Milner - cancer (nephew of Day & Larry Kennon)
  • Larri Harris - melanoma treatment (friend of Susan Boteler)
  • Larry Kennon - recovering from shoulder surgery
  • Terry Elder - myasthenia gravis (daughter of Jean Elder)
  • Ellen Clary - cancer (ex-wife of Bill Clary)
  • Angela Gregory - cancer treatment, in Scotland (sister of Dave Gregory)
  • Robby Ashworth - treatment for brain tumor (son of Joyce Ashworth)
  • Matt Cooper - CPD officer at home but still recovering
  • Brandon Massey - blood cancer (grand- son of Chuck & Sherry Brasher)
  • Carol Baynes - cancer (friend of Phyllis Yoder)
  • Robin McKeown - cancer (friend of Phyllis Yoder)
  • Sophia Hawley - cystic fibrosis

Independent Living and Assisted Living:
  • Penny Blakeney (home)
  • Maxine Blankenship (The Oaks)
  • Patti Borders (Merryvale)
  • Julia Brubaker (Benton House)
  • Jean Elder (The Oaks)
  • Dot Fincher (Merryvale)
  • Alice Gadilhe (Merryvale)
  • Jerry McGaffney (Merryvale)
  • Guy McGiboney (Merryvale)
  • Betty Robinson (Merryvale)
  • Roger Wallace (Merryvale)
  • Louise White (Merryvale)

Please update your prayer requests this week! 
Email: or call the church office, 770-786-7321.