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West Airport Blvd. Extension Groundbreaking Ceremony
The West Airport Blvd. extension from Hiram Clarke Rd. to Almeda Rd. is finally ready to start construction. In celebration of this long awaited mobility project, Council Member Green hosted a ceremonial groundbreaking event on February 1st at the current dead-end of West Airport Blvd., east of Hiram Clarke Rd.
A portion of this West Airport Blvd. extension corridor runs through the Five Corners District boundary; particularly at the Buffalo Speedway intersection. "With the near completion of the Buffalo Speedway bridge over Holmes Rd., which is slated for completion in Fall 2018 (another ribbon cutting celebration) and the completion of this roadway project, which is slated to be complete in Fall 2019, these two major thoroughfare corridors are ripe for potential development", states Council Member Green. 

The West Airport Blvd. construction project will include 4 lanes with raised medians, sidewalks and a bike lane. "We are excited about the impact this extension will have on improving connectivity and mobility." 
South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition 5th Annual Banquet "Community of One" 
On January 27th, the South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition held their 5th Annual Awards Banquet featuring, former District K resident ReShonda Tate Billingsley as the keynote speaker.  Over 200 guests left inspired to do more in the community after hearing the captivating stories and message delivered by Tate-Billingsley.
The SHCCC is an alliance of 26 Civic Clubs and HOAs dedicated to improving our community through beautification, improved education and recreation and better housing for all.  If you missed the gala this year, mark your calendar for next year's event on January 26, 2019. 
For more information about joining the SHCCC contact Mya Carrol, president at shccc.info@gmail.com.  Check out their facebook page. 
Council Member Green Hosts Annual Seniors' Valentine's Day Luncheon
Valentine's Day is the perfect day to celebrate what we love about District K. Council Member Green hosted his annual Seniors' Valentine's Day luncheon on February 14th at the Red Rooster. Over 500 seniors enjoyed lunch, line dancing, fun and roses. "Thank you to each of our seniors who joined us for the event. We enjoyed celebrating with you. Special thanks to Mr. Titu Alam of the Red Rooster and Kroger for the donation of the roses," states Council Member Green.
Aldi Grocery Store Coming to Westbury
An ALDI supermarket is planned to be built on the site of the old Westbury Centerette at the corner of West Bellfort and Chimney Rock Rd. The old Westbury Centerette was demolished in 2015 in anticipation of a LA Fitness location. However, the site did not work for this proposed fitness center. Since then, not much has happened on this vacant lot.
With the proposed plans for a new supermarket, this site has the capacity for the store and accessible parking. The District K office is coordinating with the Westbury Civic Club to reach out to the land developers to get more details. As of now, construction on this site is delayed until a natural gas utility line can be relocated, which is expected to occur this Spring. The supermarket is slated to open in 2019. The District K office will continue to monitor this development which will be an economic boost for this residential community .

Fort Bend Houston
Stimley Blue-Ridge Library Identified as a Family Place Library
Earlier this month, the Stimley-Blue Ridge Library celebrated their certification as a Family Place Library. They are the first library in the Houston Public Library system to achieve that acknowledgement and representatives from the Texas State Library, the Family Place Library organization and from Council Member Green's office were there to celebrate along with a first grade class from Blue Ridge Elementary and Briargate Elementary, respectively.  There were parents and library staff members in attendance as well as representatives from the local YMCA, the Pinnacle Senior Center, the Missouri City N AACP branch, Briargate CIA, and the Y Not Line Dancers, who had everyone up and moving.

"The Stimley-Blue Ridge Neighborhood Library is a great asset for the Fort Bend Houston community. I'm thrilled the Stimley-Blue Ridge Neighborhood Library was been recognized as a Family Place library," states Council Member Green.  
Houston Public Library LogoThe Stimley-Blue Ridge Library joins a network of nationwide libraries whose focus is on early literacy, parent education and engagement, family support and community connectivity, with the goal of ensuring children enter school ready and able to learn.  They have a well-trained staff who are knowledgeable about child development, family support, parental involvement and parent education.  In addition to having a big selection of children's books, there are parenting materials, multi-media materials and toys.  You can also enjoy a 5-week series of workshops for children and their parents/caregivers to find new ways to learn and play together.  Come visit!
General District K News
CM Green Provides Over $100K in Afterschool Funding Throughout District K
Neighborhoods in Houston City Council Member Larry Green's District K benefitted this year from over $100,000 in City of Houston funding designated for afterschool programs. The partnership is provided through the Harris County Department of Education's Center for Afterschool, Summer and Enrichment for Kids, or CASE for Kids City Connections.
Funding began Oct. 23 through April 27 for organizations selected as afterschool providers in District K. Awards ranged from $4,000-$15,000 for each organization.
The partnership with the City of Houston and CASE for Kids provided $45,000 in funding for nonprofit organizations in each of the 11 Houston City Council districts A-K. In addition, council members had the opportunity to increase their grant budget with council district funds. Council Member Green added an additional $62,000 in funds to ensure more programs are available for students throughout District K.
Boys & Girls Club Greater Houston, Bridging the Digital Divide, Mufassa's Pride, SEWA, Comp U Dopt, Shamelessly Saved, Edison Arts Foundation, Brentwood Community Foundation, TEEROC and Urban Outreach all received funds for their afterschool programs.
"Afterschool programs keep kids in our neighborhoods safe and provide enrichment," said Green. "It's a win-win for communities and our students."
Proposed Revisions to Chapter 19 Floodplain Management Regulations
The Houston Public Works Dept. presented information relating to proposed revisions to Chapter 19 of the Houston Code of Ordinances, which are the regulations governing development in the floodplain. 
The proposed revisions include:
  • Applying the floodplain management regulations contained in Chapter 19 to the 500-year floodplain (currently they only apply to the 100-year floodplain)
  • Requires freeboard above the 500-year flood elevation (currently described as "x" feet; the administration recommends 2 feet, but this is specifically open to public comment).  This would require any addition to the property to be elevated to the 500-year flood elevation plus two feet
  • Prohibits any net fill in the 500-year floodplain

Public input on proposed changes to Chapter 19 can be made by emailing the Houston Public Works Department at pwe.director@houstontx.gov. The ordinance will be presented to City Council on March 21, 2018.
More information about the proposed revisions to Chapter 19, go to www.houstonrecovers.org.
District K SAVE THE DATE Events

March 24, 2018 -- District K Neighborhood 101 workshop -- "How to Lower Your Property Taxes"
  • Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center, 3810 West Fuqua St., 77045
  • 9:30 a.m.
  • RSVP required. Contact the District K office
March 29, 2018 -- District K CIP meeting
  • The Fountain Life Center, 14065 South Main St., 77035
  • 6:30 p.m.

April 7, 2018 -- Keep District K Beautiful Day

  • All District K neighborhoods are encouraged to participate
Council Member Green Neighborhood Sightings (January-February) 
Council Member Green made his rounds to discuss District K initiatives. Listed below are community meetings Council Member Green and the District K staff have attended during January through mid-February. 

January 4 -- TIRZ #25 board meeting
January 4 -- Near Southwest SNC meeting 
January 8 -- Northbrook North Townhomes HOA Annual meeting
January 9 -- Central Southwest Super Neighborhood Council meeting
January 11 -- Fort Bend Houston SNC meeting
January 18 -- South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition meeting
January 18 -- Braeswood SNC meeting
January 19 -- Fort Bend Houston Bridging the Divide meeting
January 19 -- Five Corners Management District Board meeting
January 22 -- Northfield I & II HOA Annual meeting
January 23 -- Ridgemont CIA Annual meeting
January 25 -- West Airport Blvd. Extension Community Informational meeting
January 26 -- Hiram Clarke Bridging the Divide meeting
January 27 -- Briargate CIA Annual meeting
January 27 -- Brentwood Place HOA Quarterly General meeting 
January 27 -- South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition Gala
February 1 -- West Airport Blvd. Extension Groundbreaking event
February 1 -- TIRZ #25 Board meeting
February 6 -- Brays Oaks SNC meeting
February 10 -- Southwest Crossing HOA Annual meeting
February 12 -- Transportation, Technology, & Infrastructure Committee meeting
February 14 -- District K Seniors Valentine's Day Luncheon event
February 15 -- South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition meeting
February 15 -- Braeswood SNC meeting
February 16 -- Fort Bend Houston Bridging the Divide meeting
February 20 -- Fort Bend Houston Oil Well Blowout Town Hall meeting
February 21 -- West Airport HOA Annual meeting
February 21 -- Westbury Area Improvement Corporation/SNC meeting 

Houston Police Department Positive Interaction Program (PIP) Meetings 


Starting this month, the Southwest HPD Division will consolidate the Westbury and Hiram Clarke HPD storefronts PIP into one combined PIP meeting. The Braeburn PIP will continue to serve as a separate PIP via the South Gessner Division.
District K will consist of two (2) active PIP meetings administered by the Houston Police Department. All PIP meetings are open to the public; regardless of where you live.
Southwest/Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston PIP Meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of the month)
Southwest HPD Substation
13097 Nitida St.
Houston, TX 77045
For more information, please contact the HPD Westbury Storefront at 713-726-7126. The Westbury HPD Storefront hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or the Hiram Clarke Storefront at 713-433-2720. The Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Braeburn PIP Meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of the month)
Braeburn HPD Storefront
7576 West Bellfort Ave.
Houston, TX 77071
For more information, please contact the HPD Braeburn Storefront at 713-773-7550. The Braeburn HPD Storefront hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Has Your Civic Association Been Updated with the District K Council Office?
Update your civic association contacts with the District K council office. If your civic association has recently elected new officers, changed the primary contact person, new e-mail address, new contact number and/or new or changed meeting location, time, and date, please take a moment to update your contact info with the District K council office.  
Periodically, the District K office sends pertinent information about District K news and City of Houston topics of information relating to your neighborhood and neighborhood association. To ensure you and your civic association receive this information, we need you to update your contact info. Thank you for your help and your interest in District K.
General City of Houston News
Solid Waste Heavy Trash Schedule and Dept. of Neighborhoods Enforcement Resumes March 1, 2018 

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, both the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) and the Solid Waste Dept. placed a moratorium on the enforcement of heavy trash codes to give residents reasonable time to clear debris, junk and other materials from their properties.  As the City continues the recovery and rebuilding process, DON and Solid Waste Depts., will resume heavy trash inspections and code enforcement operations in accordance with City of Houston Code of Ordinances Chapter 39 on March 1. 

The Solid Waste Department will temporarily suspend City crews collecting Hurricane Harvey storm debris effective February 28, 2018. Contracted storm debris crews will remain in place until further notice. Harvey storm debris is still being collected so continue to place debris at the curb. Report uncollected storm debris to the City of Houston 3-1-1 service line.
March 1 will mark the start of tree waste month. DO NOT PLACE junk waste at the curb.
Tree Waste months: January, March, May, July, September, and November.
Junk Waste months: February, April, June, August, October and December.

Relative to curbside recycling collection, customers are encouraged to place only the following items in their green recycling carts: paper, cardboard, clean food cartons, plastic containers #1-5 and #7, aluminum cans and bimetal cans. A detailed list of accepted items can be found on department's website (http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/recycling.html). Customers are also reminded that glass is not accepted in the curbside containers, but can be recycled at all City recycling drop-off locations. The recycling link previously mentioned lists those locations and has them mapped.
Here are a few other reminders to remember after our recycling hiatus:
  • No Hurricane Harvey Debris should be in the recycling cart. While we recognize that many customers used their carts to haul demolition material to the curb immediately after Harvey, material of that type is not recyclable and is considered trash.
  • Recycling should be loose and not bagged in the cart. Loose material speeds the processing line and ensures that contamination is kept at a minimum.
  • Glass is not accepted at this time and should be taken to a convenient drop-off site.
  • All city drop-off locations continue to work on a 7 day schedule until further notice. These sites include the Neighborhood Depositories, Westpark Recycling Center and the Environmental Service Center. Remember to check with 3-1-1 or the department's webpage for operating hours.
  • The Recycling Collection Schedule is found here: http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/Recycle_Cal.pdf
DON is specifically responsible for inspections and code enforcement pertaining to littering, placement of trash containers for garbage collection service, rules that establish the items that will be picked up by city collectors, including junk and tree waste, and disturbance of contents of garbage collections containers.  Other aspects of garbage collection are managed by the Solid Waste Department.
"The District K office continues to monitor these communities that are still going through the recovery process," states Council Member Green. "I encourage all to contact the District K office if storm debris still needs to be collected. After the February 28, this storm debris collection service will cease and the City's normal heavy trash schedule will resume." Department of Neighborhoods Logo
In addition to heavy trash codes under Chapter 39, DON is also responsible for the enforcement of Chapter 10 codes pertaining to overgrown lots, dangerous vacant buildings, nuisances on private property, trash and junk accumulation, junk motor vehicles, graffiti, and congregate facilities sanitary equipment.  The department also enforces Chapter 28 codes pertaining to the placement of unlawful signs on city property and right of way.
For more information visit www.houstontx.gov/neighborhoods.
Carports Require Building Permits
Carports are structures that require building permits. A new brochure, prepared by our Site Planning Team, is available to help constituents understand permitting requirements for carport structures.
Why get a permit? It's the law. State Building Code and the City of Houston's Code of Ordinances require building permits. Not obtaining a permit subjects the property owner to code violations, including costs of receiving "red tags" known as code violation notices.
Permit fees are doubled in these circumstances. A permit, in advance of construction, helps ensure that the structure is safe, and that it complies with applicable private deed restrictions and building line requirements.
Obtaining a permit can also save time and money by constructing the improvements correctly the first time. Proper construction also helps residents avoid embarrassment when the violation is caught. Visit the Houston Permitting Center for assistance before building any structure.
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