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Willow Waterhole MusicFEST - FREE for ALL !!!
The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy and Brays Oaks Management District have teamed up again to host the 2016 Willow Waterhole MusicFest. This year, the MusicFest will consist of two days and will continue to be a FREE event of live music. The MusicFest will take place at the Reserve's south gazebo, 5300 Dryad Drive, behind Westbury High School .

"Every year, I look forward to this annual event. Because this will be a two-day event as compared to the previous years, the community will have a better opportunity experience more participating bands and musicians," states Council Member Green.
Participating performers at the two-day festival will include professional bands ranging from jazz and funk, to zydeco and folk music. Also in the mix are ten area schools as well as 30+ vendors, food trucks and more.
I strongly support this annual community event because the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy provides visitors an opportunity to explore this hidden jewel nestled behind Westbury High School," states Council Member Green.
The Conservancy was formed 14 years ago and is still working to transform the 239-acre Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve into a pristine park environment. Through a collaboration of the Harris County Flood Control District , which owns the land, and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department , the Reserve will consist of six stormwater detention lakes and public recreation space at its completion. To know more about Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy , visit or
Friends of Westbury High School Foundation Celebrates Annual Scholarship Gala 
The Friends of Westbury High School Foundation, an all-volunteer, non-profit, tax exempt organization, was founded in 1992. Thanks to the generous support of Westbury alumni, friends, and business partners, the Foundation from 1994 to the present has raised over $200,000 for scholarships for deserving Westbury students. In addition, the organization supports school projects; such as campus landscaping, mentoring, serving on school committees, and maintaining the Foundation website.
For more information about the April 23 gala, please contact  or e-mail .
Westbury Community Says Goodbye to Another Building at Westbury Square
Westbury experienced another demolished building of the former Westbury Square in February. This was the former pizza restaurant building that had been vacant for years and destroyed by fire in 2010. After years of legal battles with the City of Houston, two previous buildings at Westbury Square were demolished around this time last year. The two other remaining buildings are also in poor condition and the City is continually working with the property owner to demolish those remaining derelict buildings. The Company on Stage is still operating from one of the more stable buildings; whereas, the property owner is still evaluating his options.
"In past years, Westbury Square was the commercial anchor of the Westbury community. Now that another demolition has occurred, we hope the current property owners will find a suitable buyer that will regain this once vibrant commercial destination and transform it into an exciting commercial center of commerce filled with quality retail development," states Council Member Larry Green. The District K office will continue to monitor the movement of the Westbury Square "saga".
Westbury Area Storm Drainage Community Input Meeting - April 21
Council Member Green, along with the City's PWE Dept., will facilitate a community input meeting to address the upcoming Westbury Area Storm Drainage project planned for the Westbury area. The community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Westbury High School (auditorium).  
Council Member Green has sent an invitation to Harris County Commissioner Gene Locke, Mayor Turner and Harris County Flood Control District to attend this important meeting. The discussion being addressed will not only involve the proposed improvements of the streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage systemwithin Westbury, but also the drainage channels that bisect the Westbury community that's managed by the Harris County Flood Control District. " I understand that providing new infrastructure will not solve the Westbury flooding issue alone, but we need to address the Willow Waterhole drainage channel that has continually added to the constant flooding conditions of this immediate area," states Council Member Green.
The District K office is anticipating a large turnout of Westbury residents at this community meeting. SAVE THE DATE - April 21.
Brays Oaks
Northfield I & II HOA Initiates Special Minimum Lot Size Area Application Process
Earlier this year, the Northfield I & II HOA hosted a community meeting relative to initiating a special minimum lot size area application with the Planning and Development Dept. Last year, revisions to Chapter 42 was modified by City Council that extended the minimum lot size and minimum building line requirements to neighborhoods within the corporate boundaries of the City of Houston that do not have minimum lot size or minimum building lines language within their most current set of deed restrictions.

The Northfield I & II community is in the process of mailing their completed ballots back to the Planning and Development Dept. to achieve their 55% threshold requirement for a special minimum lot size area. If they meet the required threshold, the application will be submitted to the Houston Planning Commission for approval and then onto to City Council to be codified as an ordinance.
"Most District K neighborhoods have the minimum lot size language within their most recent deed restrictions. For those District K neighborhoods without this protected language, the Planning Dept. has provided a development tool that those neighborhoods can easily protect the traditional character of their residential neighborhood," states Council Member Green. "So far, Glenshire and Braeburn Valley are two District K neighborhoods that originally didn't have the protected language in their deed restrictions, but worked with the Planning Dept., and the District K office to secure through neighborhood character their a special minimum lot size area ordinance."
More information about this development tool can be found online at .When you make your appointment with the Planning Department, please bring a copy of your most recent deed restrictions.
 West Airport Blvd. Update
Last year, the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Dept. (PWE) began an extensive concrete panel replacement project along West Airport Blvd. from Fondren Rd to South Gessner Rd. "Since coming into office in 2012, this stretch of West Airport Blvd. has been the #1 priority for many of the Brays Oaks residents that travel along this route everyday," states Council Member Green.

Prior to the start of this panel replacement project (before the construction started), Council Member Green hosted an informational meeting at the South Gessner HPD Substation where representatives from the residential communities abutting West Airport Blvd. were invited to engage the PWE project manager as well as the project contractor to ask questions about the project.   

"The District K office has monitored the progress of this project during its year-long rehabilitation phase," states Council Member Green. "I'm glad to report that this rehabilitation project has finally been completed. The improved riding surface is so much better."

Hiram Clarke
Completion of Sims Bayou Mitigation Project is Poised for Celebration
The Harris County Flood Control District is gearing up for a celebratory event that will mark the completion of a project that is near and dear to the Houston/Harris County community's heart - the Sims Bayou Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project!  The celebration is scheduled for Friday, April 22 at 9:30 a.m. at Townwood Park, 3403 Simsbrook Dr., 77045.
"The Harris County Flood Control District is finally able to close the chapter on this 25-year long project. Relative to the collaborative funding by the federal, local, and community partners, the District K community along Sims Bayou is already seeing great flood damage reduction benefits," states Council Member Green. "Since the bayou has been widened, the area that was once prone to average rain events has yet to experience extreme flooding; not even during Hurricane Ike which caused major flood damage across the city.
As local partner to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on this flooding mitigation project, the Harris County Flood Control District is celebrating this momentous event with governmental and community partners. "I welcome all to attend this celebratory event as the District K community expresses our sincere appreciation for the commitment the Harris County Flood Control District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have shown District K regarding this project throughout the years!"
For more information about this April 22 celebratory event, contact Kim Jackson with the Harris County Flood Control District at  or 713-316-4885.
Council Member Green Celebrates the Groundbreaking of the Quantum Utility Facility
Earlier this month, Council Member Green, in collaboration with the TIRZ #9, TIRZ #25, and Five Corners Management District board members, celebrated the groundbreaking of a renewal energy company that has located adjacent to the H.O. Clarke Power Plant location along Hiram Clarke Rd. at South Main St.
Navasota Energy Generation Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Quantum Utility Generation, LLC, is a renewal energy company that consists of Siemens W501D5 gas turbine.Upon completion, the facility will secure peak energy supply in the Houston Zone of ERCOT, a growing load center, at the existing Centerpoint substation in the 8-acre portion of the former Hiram Clarke power plant brownfield site is being repurposed. The facility is anticipated to be in-service as early as 2017.
"I'm proud to welcome a renewable energy company into the District; particularly a company that will generate approximately 100 jobs during the construction phase," states Council Member Green. Overall, this renewal energy facility will utilize the latest, most advanced clean burning natural gas, emissions-control technology, thereby allowing low peak emissions. It will support the development of additional renewable generation in ERCOT by the facility's ability to start and stop fast and frequently and therefore close the generating gap caused when renewable energy suddenly drops offline.
Fort Bend Houston
South Post Oak Rd./FM 2234 Project Update
Last year, the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Dept. (PWE) began an extensive concrete panel replacement project along South Post Oak Rd. from Beltway 8 to FM 2234 (McHard Rd.). Prior to the start of this panel replacement project (before the construction started), Council Member Green hosted an informational meeting at the Ridgemont Community Center where representatives from the abutting residential communities along South Post Oak Rd. were invited to engage the PWE project manager as well as the project contractor to ask questions about the project. The project involved expanding South Post Oak Rd. from 4 lanes to 6 lanes between Beltway 8 to West Ridgecreek, redesigning the intersections of West Ridgecreek Dr. and Court will have handicapped ramps, new mast-arm traffic signals, and concrete panel replacements for the remainder of South Post Oak Rd. from West Ridgecreek to FM 2234.  
"The District K office has monitored the progress of this project during its 11-month rehabilitation phase," states Council Member Green. "I'm glad to report that this rehabilitation project has finally come to an end. We are pleased with the riding surface."
In addition, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has officially completed the FM 2234 expansion project from Cartwright Rd. to the Fort Bend Tollway. The District K office will continue to communicate with TxDOT and monitor the next phase of the FM 2234 expansion project from the Fort Bend Tollway to FM 521 (Almeda Rd.)
Stimley-Blue Ridge Neighborhood Library Becomes a Family Place Library
Family Place Libraries redesign the library environment to be welcoming and appropriate for children; connect parents with the resources, programs and services offered at the library and other family service agencies; and reach out to non-traditional library users. Through Family Place Libraries, the following core components will be implemented into the Stimley-Blue Ridge Neighborhood Library:
  •  A robust collectionof books, multimedia materials for babies, toddlers, parents and service providers.
  • A specially designed, welcoming spacewithin the children's area for families with young children.
  • Parent/Child workshops thatinvolve toddlers and their parents and caregivers; feature local professionals who serve as resources for parents; facilitate early intervention; and teach strategies for healthy child development and early literacy.
  • Develop a neighborhood coalition by building relationships with community agencies that serve families and young children to connect parents to community resources and develop programs and services tailored to meet local needs
  • Outreachto new and non-traditional library users.
  • Developmentally appropriate programmingfor very young children and their parents such as the "Very Ready Reading Program" story times, After School Zones, and Summer Reading Program that encourage a love for reading amongst all family members.
The Stimley-Blue Ridge Neighborhood Library is being reimagined as part of the Houston Public Library new Strategic Master Plan. After renovations, the library will reopen in partnership with the City's Health Department, with a fully operational mini-WIC (Women, Infants and Children) center located inside. The library's new family friendly design will include a large youth collection, a children's nook, an early learning center and a living room style lobby. Training and meeting spaces, including the computer lab, conference room and large meeting room will have constant programming spaces where both the library and WIC will provide targeted family programming that promotes family engagement and learning for all ages, in addition to nutrition classes for pregnant women and workshops and classes for new parents.
General District K News
Council Member Green Neighborhood Sightings (late February - mid April)
Council Member Green made his rounds to discuss District K initiatives. Listed below are community meetings Council Member Green and the District K staff have attended during late February through mid-April:

Feb. 17 - Friends of Linkwood Park Strategy meeting
Feb. 17 - Westbury SNC/WAIC meeting
Feb. 18 -- Westbury High School Community BOND meeting 
Feb. 19 -- Fort Bend Houston Bridging the Community Divide meeting
Feb. 23 - Southwest PIP meeting
Feb. 26 - Hiram Clarke Bridging the Community Divide meeting
March 3 - TIRZ #25 meeting
March 5 - ABC Dental National Dental Month Community Health Fair
March 8 -- Brays Oaks SNC meeting
March 8 - Northfield I&II HOA Minimum Lot Size Area Community meeting
March 10 - District K CIP meeting
March 14 - Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston PIP meeting
March 15 - Brays Oaks District Board meeting
March 15 - Braeburn PIP meeting
March 16 - Westbury SNC/WAIC meeting
March 16 - Southwood Place Patio Homes Board meeting
March 17 - Fort Bend Houston SNC meeting
March 17 - South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition meeting
March 11 -- Southwest Houston Bi-Monthly Breakfast
March 18 - Fort Bend Houston Bridging the Community Divide meeting
March 18 - Five Corners District Board meeting
March 19 - Neighborhood 101 Workshop - United Way Community Building Grant Program
March 13 - Southwest HPD Substation Community Input meeting
March 18 - Cambridge Park Waterline Informational meeting
March 19 - Westbury SNC/WAIC meeting 
March 21 - Transportation, Technology, & Infrastructure Committee meeting
March 22 - Westbury Community Garden Celebration
March 22 - Southwest PIP meeting
April 1 -- Hiram Clarke Bridging the Community Divide meeting
April 4 - Corinthian Pointe HOA Annual meeting
April 5 - Brays Oaks SNC meeting
April 7 - TIRZ #25 Board meeting
April 9 -- Keep District K Beautiful Day
April 11 - Special-Called Panhandling Community meeting
April 11 - Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston PIP meeting
April 12 - Almeda Plaza Civic Club meeting
April 12 - Central Southwest SNC meeting
April 14 - Fort Bend Houston SNC meeting
April 15 - Fort Bend Houston Bridging the Community Divide meeting


Council Member Green Hosts Annual District K Capital Improvement Plan meeting
Last month, Council Member Green facilitated the District K's annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Every year, the District K office rotates the location of the annual CIP meeting. This year's meeting was held in Fort Bend Houston at Willowridge High School, Ronald McNair Auditorium.     
The Public Works and Engineering Department presented a PowerPoint presentation about the Rebuild Houston initiative and gave an update of its 10-year plan. Other City of Houston departmental representatives such as General Services and the Parks Department were on-hand to give an update on existing CIP projects and proposed CIP projects within District K.
"As I move forward with my final 4-year term, I continue to encourage all District K constituents to come out and be informed of the proposed CIP projects planned within the council district. I was pleased we had a diverse cross-section of District K constituents attend this year's CIP meeting, asked questions about current and proposed projects planned for their neighborhood, and left the meeting feeling like their viewpoints were heard and answered by the City representatives prsent," said Council Member Green.     
For more information and specific details about CIP projects in your area and to see a draft of the Rebuild Houston ten-year plan visit . The City of Houston CIP is a 5-year plan that list projects the City intends to construct.

District K Mini-Mural Honors Dr. Red Duke
On the corner of Fannin St. and South Braeswood Blvd. is a mini mural to honor the memory of a hero who made his own indelible mark on the Texas Medical Center.
The two artists that contributed to transforming a plain traffic signal control cabinet into a mini mural bearing the iconic image of the late Dr. Red Duke are Anat Ronen and Pilot FX.
Dr. Duke was indeed a one-of-a-kind hero and Texas icon. The John B. Holmes Professor of Clinical Sciences at UTHealth was known for his extraordinary patient care and efforts to train medical students and surgeons. For the mural, the artists' goal was to capture Dr. Duke's personality, along with his trademark bottle-brush mustache, military issued wire-rimmed glasses and scrub cap.
In its pilot phase, Council Member Larry Green has supported the creation of 31 mini murals across the District K landscape using his District K council service budget fund. Again, Council Member Green has recently agreed to expand the mini-mural project further into the District near UTHealth's University Center Tower.
"Dr. Duke, a renowned surgeon, was one of the most humble, ethical, brilliant and hardworking doctors for the many who knew him, his hundreds of patients and his colleagues as well as hospital staff," states Council Member Green. "It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to have the likeness of this extraordinary doctor painted as a mini mural to be located in the Texas Medical Center where we can say he has been memorialized to be remembered by all who knew and admired him."
In addition to Green, the public art project has support from the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, the city's Department of Public Works and Engineering, Houston Arts Alliance, Fresh Arts and the Brays Oaks and Five Corners management districts.
It was the vision of Pilot FX to create a mini mural of Dr. Duke, who was often described as being "larger than life." Pilot FX collaborated with Ronen to paint the portrait, landscape and images of Memorial Hermann Life Flight® helicopters.
District K Hosted Neighborhood 101 Symposium - United Way Community Building Grants Program
Last month, the District K office facilitated a Neighborhood 101 symposium on March 19 at Westbury High School that addressed the United Way Community Building Grants Program.
This interactive symposium provided attendees with information about the in's and out's of the grant program. The United Way of Greater Houston created a fund that focuses on community-building initiatives. This program provides grants from $1,000 to $10,000 for short term projects or one-time expenses that will have a positive impact in the community.
The next funding cycle for the United Way Community Building Grants Program is September 14, 2016. The Funding Conference is an opportunity to learn about and ask questions regarding the grant process. Sessions are held from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the United Way, 50 Waugh Drive @ Feagan. The application deadline for the next funding cycle is September 21.
For more information about the United Way Community Building Grants Program, please visit .
Council Member Green Coordinated Its Annual Keep District K Beautiful Day
Council Member Larry Green coordinated five (5) community beautification and de-litter clean-up events throughout the council district on April 9 as part of the annual Keep District K Beautiful Day initiative.
Each of the five (5) community events was sponsored by an organization within the District which included the following:


  • Concerned Citizens of Quail Run CIA De-Litter Campaign
  • Willowridge High School Commons Beautification Initiative
  • The Word Church/Westbury Village Community De-Litter Campaign
  • Southwest Manor Civic Club De-Litter Campaign 
  • Westbury Civic Club Beautification Initiative
"I am pleased that these District K communities have partnered with the council office to aesthetically enhance their respective community. This initiative will go a long way to not only beautify their neighborhood but also foster positive community engagement," said Council Member Green.  
This District-wide event was in conjunction with Keep Houston Beautiful Day, which is generally held annually during the early part of April. Keep Houston Beautiful Day kicked off the Keep America Beautiful's 2016 Great American Cleanup
Houston Police Department Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meetings
District K has three (3) active PIP meetings administered by the Houston Police Department. All PIP meetings are open to the public; regardless of where you live.  
Southwest PIP Meeting (every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
Aramco Building
9009 West Loop South Freewat
Houston, TX 77096
For more information, please contact the HPD Westbury Storefront at 713-726-7126. The Westbury HPD Storefront hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston PIP Meeting (every 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront
4363 West Fuqua St.
Houston, TX 77053
For more information, please contact the HPD Hiram Clarke Storefront at 713-433-2720. The Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Braeburn PIP Meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
Braeburn HPD Storefront
7576 West Bellfort Ave.
Houston, TX 77071
For more information, please contact the HPD Braeburn Storefront at 832-394-7555. The Braeburn HPD Storefront hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Has Your Civic Association Been Updated with the District K Council Office?
The Spring and Fall season is the time of year a significant number of civic associations host their annual civic association meetings. Since coming into office, Council Member Green has made a commitment to visit every civic association within the District. The task is almost complete; however, if you are receiving this e-newsletter and Council Member Green has yet to attend your civic association meeting, please contact the District K office at 832-393-3016 or to schedule an appointment.   
Council Member Green would like to attend your annual meeting, regardless if it's the first time or the second time. This is the once-a-year meeting that most community members attend. Council Member Green would like to introduce the District K council staff and briefly address any community concerns among the attendees. Also, keep us posted if your civic association has changed its contact info (primary contact person, mailing address, e-mail address, contact number) and meeting location and date.
General City of Houston News
City of Houston Announces Summer Youth Jobs Program 
Earlier this month, the City of Houston kicked off the Hire Houston Youth program which is a new initiative to provide summer internships and jobs to youth ages 16 to 24.  "Through this initiative, we are hoping to ignite this program with a guarantee of 450 jobs at City Hall and other public City facilities, "states Council Member Green. "This program is a call to our corporate City partners and community organizations to work together with the City of Houston by providing summer jobs for our young people who live in the city."
The application period for the Hire Houston Youth program opens April 18 and closes May 6, 2016.  Applicants will attend workforce readiness training one week prior to their start date. They will also receive career coaching and other benefits to prepare them for the future.  Once on the job, they will work from 32-40 hours a week for seven weeks and be paid at least $8.00 an hour.
For more information about the Hire Houston Youth program, visit .
Help Us Plan Houston
The City wants your input. What makes Houston a great place to live? How can we ensure Houston's future as a vibrant and growing city? To answer these questions, the City embarked on a process to create a general plan to guide Houston's growth and development, enhance neighborhoods and better coordinate efforts to make positive changes throughout our city.
The city is expected to grow significantly in the next 20 years and Plan Houston is an opportunity to take a fresh look at how the City plans for all it needs including enhancing services to current residents while preparing for future growth.
The plan will be a high level coordination and decision making tool. Plan Houston won't take the place of more detailed planning efforts such as the Parks Master Plan, the Library Master Plan, the Cultural Arts Plan and the Bikeways Plan. Plan Houston builds on existing plans, studies, policies, practices and regulations that make Houston a prosperous, healthy and sustainable city.
Please visit . From there you can sign up to receive updates, comment on the draft vision statement, review the goals and learn more about this effort. April 17, 2016, is the deadline to provide your feedback on the vision and goals. To contact us about Plan Houston, please email Help us plan Houston's future.
 Customer Information System Update - New Water Bill Statements
In an effort to better serve our customers, in the next few months, the City of Houston will be launching a new bill and web design. These new designs are more user-friendly and informative for you.
Some of the bill features include:
An Easy to read, Two-column format: With Meter Readings/Payment Arrangements on the left and Bill History/Meter Consumption on the right, the new bill statement will have all your information right at your fingertips.
An overview of your Summary of Charges: Easy to read chart that will provide information on your meter(s), including any information regarding payments received, adjustments on the account, and any current charges.
Personalized Consumption Graph(s): Will show your water consumption over the past 11 months, easily allowing you to analyze your past usage trends. In the future, the new website will have more user-friendly features and services accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
New Account Login: Redesign offers an easier option for setting up and accessing an account with fewer clicks.
  24/7 Online Access to Statements: View your account summary and statements at any time.
  Personalized Account Alerts: Where available, in order to prevent high usage, you can effectively manage your monthly water usage and bill through the Consumption Awareness Program (C.A.P.). Take full advantage of the new website by creating an online profile that will enable you to set up customized account alerts, register for automatic payments, and much, much more! Look for the changes coming soon and register now at
If you have any questions, please contact Utility Customer Service by phone at (713) 371-1400, by chat at, or by email at .
Receive Plat and Permit Reports by E-Mail
The City of Houston economy is picking up steam. With this increase is a number of development activities within the District. Keep up with development and construction projects in your neighborhood. Sign up for the City's E-Plat summary report and the E-Permit report to find out about plat and permit applications.
The Plat Summary E-Report contains information about the plats, replats, variances, and special exceptions to plats that will be considered at the upcoming Planning Commission meeting. The report provides locational, plat, and applicant information for each application in an Excel format that can be easily scrolled through, or sorted, based on particular data, such as council district.
The Houston Planning Commission meets every other Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in City Hall Annex Chambers, 900 Bagby St. unless otherwise posted.
The Plat Summary E-Report is usually sent out approximately a week before Planning Commission meets, while the Planning Commission Agenda is posted three days in advance of Planning Commission meetings on the Planning & Development Department website ( ).
The Permit E-Report provides information regarding any new construction, remodeling, or change-of-use permits by zip-code in an effort to inform citizens of activity in their neighborhoods. This E-Report is e-mailed every Monday.
To sign up, click here .
The Houston Parks and Recreation Department's Wellness Program
The Houston Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of fitness opportunities to help keep Houstonians fit for all ages and abilities. Whatever your interest from day camps and tennis lessons for children, classes and activities for active seniors, or adult sports leagues we have a program for you! If your tastes run toward passive recreation, your local parks are there for family picnics, strolls along one of our trails, a day flying kites or throwing a disc, or simply lying in the grass watching the birds go by. We offer more than 100 miles of walking/jogging trails in and around our parks.  In addition, there are exercise workstations located along some of our trails as well as indoor and outdoor basketball courts, outdoor tennis court, swimming pools, disc golf courses, golf courses and community center fitness programs designed to meet the needs of all Houstonians. Check out HPARD's Summer Activities Guide and Class Catalog f or a complete list of activities you can participate in visit .
State of Texas Offers Guidance with How to Protest Your Tax Appraisal
The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is pleased to announce that they have posted updated versions of two videos on the Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) website:  

In addition, the PTAD announces the "truth-in-taxation information" has been updated for 2014 and is now provided through the Web for better ease of use. The truth-and-taxation webpage is located at The truth-in-taxation videos for 2014 are expected to be posted to the PTAD website in early July. 

For more information, please contact the PTAD by e-mail at call 1-800-252-9121 (press 2 to access the menu and then press 1 to contact the Information Services Team).

Harris County Attorney's Office Offers Speaker's Series
T he Harris County Attorney's Office offers speakers who are experts on a wide range of topics that you and your organization might find interesting and educational.  The "Community Speakers Series" is designed to benefit the people of the greater Houston and Harris County area by providing information about our Office and the areas of law in which we practice.  These programs are intended to help individuals and suggest ways the Attorney's Office can work together to improve neighborhoods and quality of life in Harris County.
Upon request, the Attorney's Office will provide staff attorneys who can speak on a wide range of topics such as "Using Civil Law to Combat Crime", "Environmental Enforcement", and "Wills and Probate".  The Attorney's Office trust that your organization will take advantage of this public service initiative and look forward to your participation.
Please contact Debbie Dillard, Community Outreach Director, and she will be pleased to assist with scheduling or answering any questions you may have.  Ms. Dillard may be reached by phone at 713.274.5109 or via email at .
Notary, DPS Record Services Offered at Houston Municipal Courts
Last year, the City of Houston's Municipal Courts Department has expanded their service offerings to the public by implementing a Public Notary Services at all its current locations, as well as access toDepartment of Public Safety (DPS) Driving Records at the Herbert W. Gee Municipal Courthouse.
The Public Notary Service will be available at all court locations during normal operating hours.
Some examples of documents that may require a notarized signature are: formal protests, deeds, registrations, oaths, certificates and depositions. Fees vary between $4 and $6 for basic one-signature notary services. For a complete list of notary services and applicable fees, visit
For more information about Municipal Court services visit the website at  or contact the Houston Helpline at 3-1-1 or 713-837-0311, if outside the City of Houston. 
New District... New Council Member... New Beginnings!