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Hiram Clarke

Beltway Southwest Business Park Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
On June 14, 2016, Council Member Green, the TIRZ 25 Board members, Hines Development Corporation, Chushman & Wakefield representatives and residents of District K gathered at the 112, 500 square feet distribution space to celebrate the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Beltway Southwest Business Park. Located in a 75 acre, master planned, deed restricted, corporate park with frontage on Fort Bend Tollway and Beltway 8, the Beltway Southwest Business Park is an outstanding location with excellent access to all Houston submarkets.
"We are extremely proud to have attracted a Class A, master planned business park to District K. This light manufacturing and distribution space will surely attract other quality businesses to our immediate area," states Council Member Green.
Designed by Architects Plus, the building features a sleek, distinctive design while also providing tenants with functional and efficient floor space, all within a controlled business park setting. According to Charlie Meyer, Hines Director, many of the tenants they have done business with in north Houston have additional locations or have expressed a desire to have another location in the southwest part of town. Hines has a stellar reputation for providing highly functional, architecturally distinctive and flexible buildings at extremely competitive rates in order to fill a void within the submarket.
Delivery is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016 with tenant spaces ranging from 20,000 square feet to 240,000 square feet, with additional land to accommodate build-to-suit and end users.

Department of Neighborhoods Canvasses Meredith Manor Neighborhood
A team of Department of Neighborhoods (DON) Community Liaisons and Code Enforcement Officers conducted a "Block Walk" Wednesday, June 8, 2016 in the Meredith Manor neighborhood.
The team distributed printed information door-to-door to inform residents about common city code violations, fines and compliance. Code Enforcement Officers inspected Chapter 10 code violations such as overgrown lots, junk motor vehicles and rubbish.
"Our neighborhoods are one of our greatest assets in the district. We want to continue to foster positive relationships between residents and city code enforcers. Educating our neighborhood residents is critical to maintaining safe and vibrant communities," Council Member Green states.
DON's Block Walk is an educational canvassing initiative designed to establish positive communication about city services and code compliance with citizens and civic leaders. Big thanks to DON and Super Neighborhood Council #40 for supporting this neighborhood project. We look forward to seeing the improvements throughout Meredith Manor.
Sims Bayou Federal Mitigation Project Remove Floodplain Designation from Hiram Clarke Properties
It has been 25 years since the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Harris County Flood Control District started the Sims Bayou Federal Flood Risk Management Project - beginning at the Houston Ship Channel and working its way westward to Croquet St. within the Windsor Village subdivision. Following the recent completion of this federal and regional flood damage reduction project along Sims Bayou, th e Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved a major floodplain remapping effort that that will remove the floodplain designation from approximately 4,400 homes and businesses within the Sims Bayou watershed within the City of Houston. This includes the property owners of the Hiram Clarke community. Effective last month (May 18, 2016), this change will lead to significant flood insurance rate reductions for many property owners in this area.
Completed in late 2015, the  $395 million Sims Bayou Federal Flood Risk Management Project is a partnership project between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Harris County Flood Control District. The Corps was the lead agency on this 25-year project, which officially began in 1990. The project included widening and deepening 19.3 miles of Sims Bayou and adding environmental enhancements from the Houston Ship Channel to Croquet St., just west of South Post Oak Rd. The project also included the replacement or modification of 22 roadway bridges, and the acquisition of 925 acres of right-of-way along Sims Bayou. In addition, the Flood Control District constructed three stormwater detention basins in the 1990s and 2000s, providing temporary storage for millions of gallons of stormwater during periods of heavy rain.
Following completion of the federal and regional projects, FEMA approved an official Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) that shrinks floodplain boundaries on the effective floodplain map for Harris County. Property owners can NOW contact the floodplain administrator for their area to determine how their property is affected by the newly revised floodplain maps. Houston residents can contact the City of Houston Floodplain Management Office at 832.394.8854 or for map information. Please visit FEMA's Map Service Center at to view the effective FIRM for Harris County. For an official floodplain determination, please contact an insurance agent or mortgage lender.
A FIRM is a floodplain map produced by FEMA and adopted by a city or a county. It is used to determine flood insurance rates and to assist in floodplain management and the regulation of land development. Its purpose is to identify areas at risk for flooding from a bayou, creek or other waterway overflowing during 1 percent (100-year) and 0.2 percent (500-year) floods, and from coastal flooding related to storm surge during a tropical storm or hurricane.
Map revisions typically are issued after the completion of major flood damage reduction projects and can result in the reduction of flood insurance rates. A LOMR typically involves one or two panels of the FIRM. In the case of the Sims Bayou LOMR, five panels of the 144 for Harris County were involved. Capital projects may reduce the size of floodplains by increasing the capacity of bayous and creeks and by excavating stormwater detention basins to temporarily store excess stormwater.
The City of Houston's interactive mapping system at has now been updated to include this map change. The Flood Control District is also in the process of updating its Flood Education Mapping Tool at , which allows homeowners to enter their address to learn their flood risk.
For more information about the project, or if you have questions or comments, please call the Flood Control District's Project and Study Information Line, which is monitored daily, at 713-684-4040 or email .

West Orem Dr. Concrete Panel Replacement is Finally Complete
The West Orem Dr. concrete panel replacement project between Almeda Rd. to Bathurst Dr. began in September 2015 with completion anticipated in July 2016. This roadway project is part of a three-street improvement project (West Orem, Fannin St., and Crosspoint) that has deteriorated beyond normal maintenance and repair.  The total cost of the three part project is $4,395,333.00
Concrete panel replacement is used to rehabilitate severely cracked and broken sections of concrete streets. The Buffalo Speedway concrete panel replacement project involves the design and construction of reinforced concrete pavement, base repair, as well as repairs and improvements to curbs and accessible ramps.

Pack Your Bags Challenge on location at Willow Water Hole
If you missed the airing of Great Day Houston's Pack Your Bag Challenge at Willow WaterHole on May 27, 2016, featuring Mayor Sylvester Turner, Council Member Larry Green and several District K residents you can see it here.
Great Day Houston reporter Courtney Pena hits the streets every Friday with fun challenges. Two people compete for the grand prize of a Houston weekend getaway. This challenge will run for 12 weeks and there will be 24 winners. 
"It was great to showcase Willow Waterhole Park with the viewers of Great Day Houston. Residents of Houston should know about this gem we have in District K. The recreational opportunities as well as relief from flooding concerns make this 290 acre development an extremely valuable resource in our area," states Council Member Green.
Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve is located in the Westbury area near the intersection of South Post Oak Road and South Main St. The expanses around the ponds are designed for wildlife conservation, passive recreation, and include walking trails and gazebos. Native plants are being nurtured on the site and additional trees will be planted as ongoing construction projects are finished.
To watch the segment, click on the attached link:
Brays Oaks
Northfield I & II HOA Poised for Special Minimum Lot Size Area Approval
Over the course of 3 years, Council Member Green facilitated District-wide community meetings to inform District K civic leaders about the amendments of Chapter 42 (City of Houston land development ordinance) and tools which might be available to help protect and preserve your neighborhoods. Most District K neighborhoods have the appropriate language within their current deed restrictions protecting them from these new changes; whereas others didn't have the minimum lot size protection noted.
Northfield I&II have taken the proactive step to protect their neighborhood character by applying for the special minimum lot size area (MLSA) designation. Glenshire and Braeburn Valley successfully applied and received designations last year.   
Revisions to Chapter 42 extending the minimum lot size and minimum building line requirements to neighborhoods within the corporate boundaries of the City of Houston that do not have a minimum lot size or minimum building lines established in their deed restrictions went into effect last month.
For those neighborhoods thought to already have language in their restrictions addressing the minimum lot size and/or minimum building line requirements, the District K office encourages you to consult with a private attorney to ensure your restrictions are valid and provide the protections set forth therein. The applications and information about this development tool can be found online at: .Contact Misty Staunton at 832-393-6582 or  to schedule a meeting prior to submitting an application.

 Bankside YMCA Hosts Open House
On Thursday, May 19, 2016 the District K staff members were special guests at the Open House held at the Bankside YMCA After School program. The Reserve at Bankside Apartment complex, located at 10700 Fondren Rd, 77096 is now home to the latest Bridging the Digital Divide Computer Center led by Johnny Molock.
CASE for Kids, a division of Harris County Department of Education in collaboration with Council Member Larry Green funded the computer lab. The Safe Haven computer lab will be used for after school homework assistance and computer literacy training for middle and high school students. Students will also have the opportunity to make videos and learn to transform their videos into short movies.
"We are excited to be able to offer this level of computer training and digital access to our students and the residents in District K. It is these types of programs that will help to ensure our students are competitive, states Council Member Green."
The computer lab will also be used for GED, ESL, computer literacy and job training classes.

Willowbend/Willow Meadows
Council Member Tackling Aggressive Panhandling Issue 
In April 2016, Council Member Green coordinated a community stakeholder meeting at the Salem Lutheran Church to discuss the aggressive panhandling concerns at the West Bellfort/South Post Oak Rd. intersection. The stakeholders in attendance included the nearby civic associations of Willow Meadows, Willowbend, Westbury, Meyerland, and Pct. 287 Civic Association as well as representatives from the Houston Police Dept., METRO Police, and the Coalition for the Homeless.
Over the past year, the District K office has received a number of phone calls and e-mails regarding this citywide issue. Council Member Green is working with the new City Attorney, Ronald Lewis, to find a resolution. "Aggressively soliciting money at various intersections throughout the District is not a homeless issue, but a  panhandling issue," states Council Member Green. "I am committed to working with the community stakeholders of the West Bellfort/South Post Oak Rd. area to combat this concern."
Houston police can ONLY enforce the laws and TxDOT can only enforce ordinances the City has enacted.  Unfortunately that means we cannot install signage such as "no camping", "no littering", "no soliciting"  if there are no City of Houston ordinances that say you can't do those things.
"We are working diligently to strengthen the ordinance.  Our goal is to address the verbiage in the ordinance, then our police officers will have the ability to enforce the law and get approval from the City Legal Department", states Council Member Green.
A officer has to witness a vagrant/panhandler actually in the street with the cars before they can take action.  There is no law in Texas against loitering, however the police officer has to witness the person lottering.  There is also a law against urinating publically, but the officer must witness that action.  METRO will send out their police department to deal with people who take over the bus shelters and are not Metro bus patrons.
The District K office will continue to work on this initiative and keep the community apprised. "It's a dreadful problem and we are definitely working on this matter with the City's Legal Dept., HPD, METRO, the State of Texas, the Mayor's Office for the Homeless, and other outside agencies."
Stadium Park
Fannin St. Concrete Panel Replacement is Near Completion
The Fannin St. concrete panel replacement project between I-610 (South Loop) to Old Spanish Trail began in October 2015 with completion anticipated later this year. The City's Public Works and Engineering Dept. first began the Fannin St. project in late 2015 (I-610 to Holly Hall Dr.) in preparation for the 2016 Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. The remaining segment of Fannin St. (Holly Hall Dr. to Old Spanish Trail) is currently underway. This roadway project is part of a three-street improvement project (Fannin St., West Orem Dr., and Crosspoint) that has deteriorated beyond normal maintenance and repair. The total cost of the three projects is $4,395,333.00.
Concrete panel replacement is used to rehabilitate severely cracked and broken sections of concrete streets. The Buffalo Speedway concrete panel replacement project involves the design and construction of reinforced concrete pavement, base repair, as well as repairs and improvements to curbs and accessible ramps.
This Fannin St. panel replacement project is an active example of a ReBuild Houston project. The ReBuild Houston Initiative is the City of Houston's voter approved pay-as-you-go plan to rebuild drainage and street infrastructure. Its goal is to improve quality of life and mobility for residents through the reconstruction and proper maintenance of drainage and street improvements. For questions about this project, e-mail or call 832-395-2090.
Fort Bend Houston
Fort Bend COPRS' Energy Efficiency Program
For those homeowners residing within Fort Bend County, the Fort Bend Corps is a great partner to the City of Houston. The Fort Bend Community Revitalization Projects (Fort Bend CORPS) has been providing free home repair assistance since 1999. The CORPS manages six programs to deliver home repairs. The CORPS primary focus is to provide home repair assistance to restore safe and decent housing for low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners in the Fort Bend County area who are physically and financially unable to make needed repairs to their homes. All repairs are done free of charge to the homeowner. The CORPS repairs are limited to projects that are necessary and address life, health and safety issues with the goal of restoring safe and decent housing.
Fort Bend CORPS announced the continuation of the Energy Efficiency Program for Fort Bend County residents. Since November 2007, the CORPS has served over 1250 households with this program. The repairs are provided to qualified homeowners to maximize electricity savings. Weather forecasts expect the summer to reach unbearable temperatures and the CORPS aims to cool off area residents with this program. Please contact Fort Bend CORPS to inquire more information of this program and how it could help you or someone you know.
Home repairs that maximize electricity savings may include:  
  • attic insulation
  • solar screens (east and west sides only)
  • compact fluorescent lamps
  • ENERGY STAR room air conditioners
  • ENERGY STAR refrigerators
  • Duct sealing
  • Air infiltration measures
  • HVAC replacements
  • Water heater blankets & pipe insulation (electric units) 
To determine your eligibility or for more information on the program, please contact the Fort Bend CORPS at 281-617-7416 or via e-mail at .
Bees are rescued from a Residential Home within District K
Council Member Larry V. Green, in partnership with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA), removed two large bee hives from a vacant home on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.
The bee removal took place at 16315 Tiburon Way, 77053 within the Briar Villa South neighborhood.
Promoting public safety and enhancing the quality of life for residents are top priorities for Council Member Green. Council Member Green states, "I am delighted the District K council office was able to identify a resource and partner with AHBPA for the removal of these bees. It was exciting to see the actual honey combs and the bees at work. Our office is always happy to work with neighborhood leaders to identify resources in the community to solve the concerns that may arise in our District."
Honey bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the United States. The AHBPA is dedicated to saving and protecting the future of our nation's bee population. Without the honey bee, the state of Texas could lose billions of dollars in agricultural production.
"Our mission is to protect the feral honey bee from extinction through education, relocation, and legislation," states Walter Schumacher, CEO of the AHBPA, a 501(c)(3) that performs bee rescues in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston metropolitan areas. Schumacher recently helped pass a resolution within the Texas Legislature that was signed on June 11, 2015 by Governor Greg Abbott, which makes the honey bee the official state pollinator of Texas.
Demolition of a Dilapidated Structure in Fort Bend, Houston
Houston City Council Member Larry V. Green, in conjunction with the City of Houston's demolition initiative, successfully removed another dangerous and abandoned home from a neighborhood in District K.  On Monday, May 23, 2016 the existing structure at 16338 Paiter St., 77053 within the Ridgemont subdivision of the Fort Bend Houston community was torn down at 11:00am while neighbors and District K staff watched. Site demolition included removal of the dilapidated structure and slab.
Promoting public safety and enhancing the quality of life for residents are top priorities for Council Member Green. Eliminating hazardous buildings within District K neighborhoods helps to reduce crime and create a safer environment for our children and residents. The demolition is part of the on-going, Klean It Up/Green It Up campaign to beautify District K through tree plantings, community clean-ups, mini-murals, and increased focus on recycling, and elimination of blighted structures among other green initiatives.
Council Member Green states, "Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a high priority. Being able to rid this eyesore from the Ridgemont subdivision helps to promote public safety and that makes everyone feel better. We will continue to raze these properties until all of the designated structures have been demolished."
General District K News
Council Member Green Neighborhood Sightings (late April - mid June)

Council Member Green made his rounds to discuss District K initiatives. Listed below are community meetings Council Member Green and the District K staff have attended during late April through mid-June:

  • April 19 - Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston HPD PIP meeting
  • April 20 - Braeswood Place HOA Annual meeting
  • April 21 - Braeswood SNC meeting
  • April 21 - Westbury Storm Drainage Project Community Input meeting
  • April 21 -- South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition Meeting
  • April 22 - US Congressmen Al Green & Gene Green HB 5025 press conference
  • April 23 - Willow Waterhole MusicFest
  • April 23 -- Friends of Westbury High School Foundation Gala 
  • April 26 - Mayfair Park Civic Club meeting
  • April 27 - Villas On Clearview HOA board meeting
  • April 30 - Neighborhood 101 workshop - Houston Arts Alliance
  • April 30 -- Linkwood Civic Club Annual Meeting
  • May 2 -- Transportation, Technology, & Infrastructure Committee Meeting
  • May 3 -- Brays Oaks SNC Meeting
  • May 3 - Friends of Linkwood Park Community Input meeting
  • May 9 -- Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston HPD PIP meeting
  • May 10 - Southwest Houston 2000/Brays Oaks District Bi-Monthly breakfast
  • May 12 - 2016 Trees for Houston Arbor Day Awards event
  • May 12 - Fort Bend Houston SNC meeting
  • May 14 - Texas Black Expo (District K Senior trip)
  • May 14 - District K Coffee with Dept. of Neighborhoods (Quail Run CIA) 
  • May 17 - Braeburn HPD PIP meeting
  • May 18 - Northbrook HOA board meeting
  • May 19 - Naomi Place HOA Annual meeting
  • May 19 -- South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition Meeting
  • May 19 - Avondale HOA board meeting
  • May 20 -- Fort Bend Houston Bridging Community Divide Meeting
  • May 23 - District K Demolition event (Ridgemont subdivision)
  • May 24 - Willowbend Civic Club Annual meeting
  • May 25 - TIRZ # 9 Board meeting
  • May 27 -- Hiram Clarke Bridging the Community Divide Meeting
  • May 31 -- Transportation, Technology, & Infrastructure Committee Meeting
  • June 1 - Stadium Park Redevelopment Authority board meeting
  • June 7 - Brays Oaks SNC meeting
  • June 11 - Westbury Community Garden Annual Tomato Tasting event
  • June 13 -- Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston HPD PIP meeting
  • June 14 - Beltway 8 Southwest Business Center Grand Opening event
  • June 14 - Windsor Village Civic Club meeting


City of Houston Issues Call for Artists for Southwest HPD Substation
The City of Houston is seeking an artist or artist team to develop a sculpture for a new civic art project.
The new Houston Police Department (HPD) Southwest Substation is a 50,000 square foot facility being built at 13000 Nitida St. within the Hiram Clarke community. The site for the sculpture is the exterior space at the corner of Brookston and Nitida. The goals of the project are to create a world class artspace that reflects Houston's diversity and the values and principles that guide the Houston Police Department.
The City 's General Service Dept. is contracting with the Houston Arts Alliance to administer the artist selection and project management. The deadline for submission of qualifications is June 20, 2016.
For more about the project and full detail on the Request for Qualifications, please visit: .

District K Co-Hosts Turnaround Houston Job Fair Event - SAVE THE DATE!
Council Member Green has partnered with Mayor Sylvester Turner to co-host Turnaround Houston. Turnaround Houston will offer access to job training, resume writing, tattoo removal, social service agencies, educational institutions, counseling, and intervention to help "hard to employ" Houstonians turn their lives around.
"This Turnaround Houston initiative will address employment barriers to connect prospective employers to potential employees. I'm proud to co-host this citywide job fair in District K," states Council Member Green.
The District K sponsored Turnaround Houston event will occur on Saturday, July 9 at the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center (3810 West Fuqua St., 77045) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event is FREE and open to the public to attend.

Participating vendors for the upcoming Turnaround Houston event will include some of the following:
  • City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity
  • City of Houston Health Department
  • City of Houston Human Resource
  • City of Houston Mayor's Anti-Gang Office
  • City of Houston Mayor's Office of Homeless Initiatives
  • City of Houston Re- Entry Program
  • City of Houston Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center
  • Houston Public Library
  • Career Gear
  • Dress For Success
  • Franklin Beauty and Barber School
  • HoustonFirst
  • Houston Area Urban League
  • Neighborhood Centers
  • SER Jobs for Progress
  • Workforce Solutions
District K 101 Symposium - Houston Arts Alliance Grant Program

In late April, Council Member Green moderated a Neighborhood 101 workshop that addressed the Houston Arts Alliance Grant Program. This informative workshop was held at the South Gessner HPD Substation and facilitated by the Houston Arts Alliance.
The purpose of this particular Neighborhood 101 workshop targeted both 501(c)3 nonprofit arts/cultural organizations and individual artists in producing and presenting projects-within specified districts of the City of Houston-that: (1) are open to the general public; and 2) contribute to making Houston a more attractive cultural destination for visitors and tourists. Organizations and individual artists are limited to awards of no more than $10,000. 

PLEASE NOTE: This grant is open exclusively to organizations-and individual artists-producing arts or cultural programming in City of Houston Council Districts E, F and K.

APPLICATION OPENS: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 8:30 a.m.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 5:30 p.m.
Houston Police Department Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meetings
District K has three (3) active PIP meetings administered by the Houston Police Department. All PIP meetings are open to the public; regardless of where you live.  
Westbury PIP Meeting (every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)  
Aramco Building
9009 West Loop South Freeway
Houston, TX 77096
For more information, please contact the HPD Westbury Storefront at 713-726-7126. The Westbury HPD Storefront hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston PIP Meeting (every 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront
4363 West Fuqua St.
Houston, TX 77053
For more information, please contact the HPD Hiram Clarke Storefront at 713-433-2720. The Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Brays Oaks PIP Meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
Braeburn HPD Storefront
7576 West Bellfort Ave.
Houston, TX 77071
For more information, please contact the HPD Braeburn Storefront at 832-394-7555. The Braeburn HPD Storefront hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Has Your Civic Association Been Updated with the District K Council Office?
Update your civic association contacts with the District K council office. If your civic association has recently elected new officers, changed the primary contact person, new e-mail address, new contact number and/or new or changed meeting location, time, and date, please take a moment to update your contact info with the District K council office.  
Periodically, the District K office sends pertinent information about District K news and City of Houston topics of information relating to your neighborhood and neighborhood association. To ensure you and your civic association receives this information, we need you to update your contact info. Thank you for your help and your interest in District K.
District K Super Neighborhood Councils (SNC) Summer Meeting Schedule
The Central Southwest/Fondren Gardens SNC will meet on July 12th at 6:45 p.m. at the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center, 3810 West Fuqua St., 77045. The SNC meets quarterly on the 1st Thursday during January, April, July, and October (same time and location).
The Fort Bend Houston SNC will not meet during the month of July for the summer season. However, the Council will reconvene on August 11th. The SNC meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ridgemont Community Center, 5599 Ridgecreek Circle, 77053.
The Braeswood SNC will meet on June 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the Linkwood Park Community Center. The SNC meets quarterly on the 3rd Thursday during January, April, July, and October (same time and location).
The Westbury SNC will meet on June 15th at 8:30 a.m. at the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4930 West Bellfort Ave., 77035. The SNC generally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (same time and location). The Westbury SNC will not meet in July.
The Brays Oaks SNC will not meet during the month of July for the summer season. However, the Council will reconvene on August 2nd. The SNC meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Braeswood Assembly of God Church, 10611 Fondren Rd., 77096.
General City of Houston News
Council Member Recognizes Top Students from District K Area High Schools 

 Westbury High School

 Kezia Flores - Valedictorian

 Natalie Escobar - Salutatorian


 Madison High School

 Lesbia E. Espinal Rodriguez - Valedictorian 

 Helili Torres - Salutatorian


 Willowridge High School

 Jacqueline Calzada - Valedictorian

 Maria Iglesias Fernandez - Salutatorian

 YES Prep--Southwest

 Rogelio Aguilar - Valedictorian

 Nora Torres - Salutatorian

Congratulations to all of the 2016 District K Graduates!
We are very proud of you!
City of Houston 2016 Summer Enrichment Program
The City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department announces its 2016 Summer Enrichment Program. The program is a summer day-camp-style enrichment camp that offers a wide range of recreational activities including arts and crafts, sports games, field trips, entertainment, special events, and water fun. The 10-week program is offered from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday from June 1 through August 7. The cost for the program is $30 a week per child or $300 for the entire summer session. The age to participate in the program is 6 - 13.
The Summer Enrichment Program is offered at community centers across the city. The facilities within District K participating in the program are:
Linkwood Park Community Center - 3699 Norris St., 77025
Windsor Village Community Center - 1441 Croquet St., 77085
Townwood Park Community Center - 3403 Simsbrook Dr., 77045
Marian Park Community Center - 11000 South Gessner Rd., 77071
Platou Community Center - 11655 Chimney Rock Rd., 77035
Fee exemptions exist for those who qualify. Visit our website at  to view the summer program catalog. For more information call 832.395.7270 and for fee schedules, go to .
 Be Prepared for Hurricane Season
Hurricane picture Hurricane Season is here and runs from June 1 to November 30. The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management urges Houstonians to prepare for hurricanes, tropical storms and other emergencies by following a few key steps.
Build a Kit - Have a disaster supply kit with enough supplies to last you and your family for 5-7 days; the kit should include food, medications, water and other basic necessities.
Make a Plan - Have an emergency plan for your family and check to make sure that your workplace, children's school and other places you frequent have emergency plans in place; be sure to practice your family's emergency plan before disasters happen
Be Informed - Remember, during and after a hurricane, electricity and internet connections may be unavailable, so have a way to stay informed, including access to a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Alert radio or a hand-crank or battery-powered radio
Know Your Neighbor - Neighbors can be a great source of help before and after a disaster, so get to know your neighbors, particularly those who are elderly or who may not be able to prepare for disasters by themselves; Houstonians know how to work together to be ready for disasters
For more information, visit . To learn more visit .
If an evacuation is necessary, it is key to have a plan for how to get out of harm's way. If you are unable to evacuate by yourself or with the help of family and friends, register for the Transportation Assistance Registry by calling 2-1-1 from any phone in Texas or by visiting .

Receive Plat and Permit Reports by E-Mail
The City of Houston economy is picking up steam. With this increase is a number of development activities within the District. Keep up with development and construction projects in your neighborhood. Sign up for the City's E-Plat summary report and the E-Permit report to find out about plat and permit applications.
The Plat Summary E-Report contains information about the plats, replats, variances, and special exceptions to plats that will be considered at the upcoming Planning Commission meeting. The report provides locational, plat, and applicant information for each application in an Excel format that can be easily scrolled through, or sorted, based on particular data, such as council district.
The Houston Planning Commission meets every other Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in City Hall Annex Chambers, 900 Bagby St. unless otherwise posted.
The Plat Summary E-Report is usually sent out approximately a week before Planning Commission meets, while the Planning Commission Agenda is posted three days in advance of Planning Commission meetings on the Planning & Development Department website ( ).
The Permit E-Report provides information regarding any new construction, remodeling, or change-of-use permits by zip-code in an effort to inform citizens of activity in their neighborhoods. This E-Report is e-mailed every Monday.
To sign up, click here .
Houston Public Library Wants to Hear from you!
The Houston Public Library is committed to providing excellent customer service.  Each year the Houston Public Library system asks for feedback to learn more a bout library users, the services they use and how to make their experiences better.  You are invited to respond by completing a brief five-minute survey that focuses on our Neighborhood Libraries.  Even if you do not consider yourself a library user, we still want to hear from you.  You can access the survey at .
For more information, contact the Houston Public Library at 832.393.1313 or .  Thank you for helping to improve your library. 

New District... New Council Member... New Beginnings!