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November 1, 2013
Company News
Book Marketing International is in the News
Last week, Small Business Opportunities magazine featured Book Marketing International's new memoir self-publishing division, which has been set up to encourage people to write their inspirational stories and to pass on their lifelong lessons to share with future generations. To view the full article and to learn more about this new division, click here. 
Welcome, Carey Harrison and Gloria O'Brien!

Linda has the great honor to represent Carey Harrison as his managing agent for the international rights to his book, Justice (Dr. Cicero Books, April 2013), his theater plays, and his screenplays. Justice, which has sold over 23,000 copies, is long listed for the Booker Prize, and NY Times calls it, "A model of judiciousness, densely packed, skillfully blended."

Carey's most recent play, REX & REX, celebrates Carey's late father, the honorable stage and screen star, Rex Harrison.


Linda would also like to welcome author and professional

Hollywood stuntwoman, Gloria O'Brien! Gloria's memoir, Chasing the Action: The Life of a Hollywood Stuntwoman, takes the reader into the world of stunts,

which she has spent over twenty years performing on film and television shows. She has been in more than 100

films, TV shows, and commercials, including The Mentalist, Spider-Man 3, Poseidon, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Italian Job, Charlie's Angels, and Criminal Minds.

Spotlight On Our Authors 

New Book Release!

Death of an Anchorman by James Cusick, self-published through Book Marketing International, is now available! Death of an Anchorman creates a fictional spin of James' real life experiences and uncovers uncomfortable truths about what has happened to the news and journalism industry.

CBS News Anchorman, Rolland Smith, calls Cusick, "An accomplished writer." Smith says Death of an Anchorman, "Flows into the behind the scenes truth where journalistic ethics and business skullduggery conflict. I wish some of it wasn't true."

James Cusick is an Emmy award journalist and has two other novels in the works. Find your own copy of Death of an Anchorman here. 


Avi Shilon 

Avi Shilon, the author of bestselling biography, Menachem Begin (Yale, 2012), which was a finalist for The National Jewish Book Award in 2012, has just published his new book in Israel, Ben Gurion, Epilogue (Am Oved Publishers, 2013). This profound biography of David Ben Gurion's last years raises questions that are extremely relevant to Israeli's public and academic community. To learn more about Avi Shilon and his projects, click here.

Continued Publicity for Allen Baron
Allen Baron's new memoir, Blast of Silence, self-published through Book Marketing International, has been featured on Media Connect's website! In this article, Allen shares intimate details through a Q&A session with Media Connect's team. Find the full article here. 
Allen wrote, directed, and starred in the 1960s film noir, Blast of Silence, which upon the DVD release in 2008, the New York Times said it, "Stands out for its elemental style and relentlessly bleak vision." Allen's memoir follows his experiences with this film and continues through his career where he directed over 200 television shows and films. 

Praise From Our Authors


Thank you, Fran Reisner, for your kind words!

"Thank you Linda for your tireless efforts in finding a great publisher for my book, The Dogs of Central Park (Universe/Rizzoli Publishing, May 2011). In what is undoubtedly a difficult environment this task could not have been easy. Your dedication to my project, and your support throughout, is greatly appreciated." To find your own copy of Fran's book, click here.

The Realities of Working with an Editor


It is no secret that the publishing industry is changing, but as some authors do not know, major publishing houses no longer work closely with the author through all stages of revision to make it "publishing ready." And since manuscripts need to be ready before they are sent to the publishers, literary agents also have the same standard. This is why you need an editor.

  1. Editors are objective. Your mom, second cousin, and best friend might have loved your novel, but this praise does not offer you the constructive critique you need to better your book.
  2. Editors know what to look for. Trained editors know how to appropriately address all the major and minor aspects of a book and bring it to a level ready for agents and publishers.
  3. Editors are professional. A professional approach to marketing your manuscript is often the edge you need for your manuscript to pass the gates and get published for your readers.
Even if you decide to self-publish, making your book the best it can be is essential. If your editor has done his/her job, your new manuscript will speak for itself. 
Industry News 

Adult Trade Publisher, Larry Kirshbaum, Leaves Amazon 

After two years as Amazon's Adult Trade publisher, Larry Kirshbaum, 69, is leaving Amazon to return to his life as a literary agent. He will be replaced by Daphne Durham. More Information.  

One in Ten Icelanders Will Publish   

Iceland is experiencing a book boom, and this nation has more books published and read than anywhere else in the world. Of their 300,000 citizens, one in every ten will become a published author. More Information. 
New Contests to Win Book Contracts In Peru 
Authors in Peru subject themselves to bizarre wrestling competitions to win book contracts since they are so difficult to come by. More Information.
 Upcoming Events 

Image to Image: Writing in Response to Visual Art, Saturday, November 2nd at 11am, The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

Join other writers at one of New Jersey's most engaging art collections. Spend the day allowing yourself to explore the art and respond at your own pace. More Information

Yoga and Writing, Saturday, November 9th at 12pm, The Astanga Yoga Shala, New York, NY

Bring the calmness of yoga into your creative life. Through physical meditation, asana, and writing exercises, use your own life stories to explore the connection between your senses, emotions, and imagination. More Information.� 

Happy Birthday, Neil Gaiman, November 10th!

Happy birthday to children and adult author, Neil Gaiman on November 10th! Some of his more famous works include American Gods, Coraline, and Stardust.

Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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