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Happy Summer

Summer is here! Pools are opened, grills are lit, and outdoor patios are filled with family and friends. 

What projects are left on your To-Do list??
  • Do you need a garage floodlight replaced?
  • Is your pool pump working properly?
  • Are your landscaping lights on those freshly planted flowers in full bloom?
  • Do you need new lights on the patio or to light up a deck for those backyard get-togethers?

Give us a call and we can schedule out whatever your electrical needs may be!


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**New Product Alert!**

This just in,
 the Caseta Wireless smart lighting by Lutron!
(for use with smartphones)

  It's the best catch of the summer! 

Watch this video to see the basics of the Lutron system...
Click on the video above to see the basics of the
Caseta Wireless system...

With this system you can create and save custom schedules for certain lights you want on or off at certain times. 

For example, you are going on vacation and you don't want burglars to know the house is unoccupied. Program specific lights to turn on and off at times of your choosing for the illusion that people are home.

Did you forget to turn the lights off again when you left for the beach? That's ok, This Lutron lighting management has Geofencing! The free downloadable App will notify you that the lights were left on when you ran out the door to get that perfect beach spot.   
- or -

In bed and you left your smartphone downstairs again?! That's no problem when you have the Pico┬« remote! This remote works wirelessly with the Caseta system so you don't need to get out of bed to turn off the lights after getting nice and comfortable.

We can replace and install the compatible dimmer switches whether you have LED, incandescent, or halogen bulbs. 

Not only can you control the lights, but you can control shades and temperature too!

We are currently getting more information to prepare for new installations of this amazing new home lighting systems, so give us a call if you are interested!

You can also check out their website at CasetaWireless.com   

  "Big or Small We Do It All"


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Brianna Johnson
Marketing Director
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