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Correlations That Count -- Communication
This month we will review a few Correlations with the dimension of Communication. It measures a person’s need for social interaction, listening skills and communication style.

Please contact your Personnel Profiles Representative to review any results or to get the full Correlations guide.  
Scores 7 to 9
1 to 3 in Energy & 7 to 9 in Communication -- May be a hyper tense, talkative individual who may fail to even think about what he/she is saying and may talk on incessantly.

7 to 9 in Communication and 1 to 4 in Energy and then add 1 to 4 in Organization -- High level of hyper-tensity and disorganization may result in wasted time and effort. This added trait of low Organization might exacerbate the problems and make them ineffective for most jobs.

7 to 9 in Communication and 7 to 9 in Motivation -- Forceful, optimistic, effervescent and enthusiastic "talker", good in high profile/public relations occupations.

7 to 9 in Communication and 7 to 9 in Motivation then add 5 to 7 in Competitiveness and 5 to 7 in Flexibility -- These added dimensions of Competitiveness and Flexibility would insure success in high profile manager, sales and PR positions.
Many dimensions have correlations that can either make the impact of that score more or less prominent. The best way to get more information about these correlations is through additional interviews with the candidate and checking references. Referencing can be difficult, but if you ask a specific question using the information from these dimensions and correlations you may get more specific answers to your questions. Even simply confirming the dates of employment from a reference can prove to be important information. There is a percentage of applicants that falsify this information because many employers do not confirm the dates accuracy. Testing should be 1/3 of your hiring decision, and by using it in interviews, references and training you get so much more out of your testing investment!
Please never hesitate to call your Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to review assessment scores in more detail.
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Assessment Certification Training
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Hot Topics in HR, Hiring & Retaining Great Talent (Remember Our Veterans) & Achiever Assessment Certification Training
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Session 1 Hot Topics in HR 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Darlene Mack, HR Partners International, Inc., CEO & Managing Partner
* 2 SHRM PDCs, 2 HRCI General Credits

Session 2 Hiring & Retaining Great Talent (Remember Our Veterans) 11:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m.
Cody VanBoxel, DAV National Human Resources Director and Former U.S. Marine and Iraq War Veteran
* 1 SHRM PDC, 1 HRCI General Credit

12:15 p.m. – 1 p.m. Break

Session 3 Assessment Certification Training 1 p.m. and conclude at 3 p.m.
Paul Nolan, President, Personnel Profiles, Inc.
Not all assessment tests are created equal. Paul will discuss the effective use of Mental and Personality assessments for pre-employment hiring. He will then explain all measures on the Achiever Family of Assessments. This includes 6 Mental Dimensions, 10 Personality Dimensions, 2 Validity Scales and many correlations of these Dimensions.
* 2 SHRM PDCs, 2 HRCI General Credits

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