Distortion &
HR Fundamentals (7 SHRM & HRCI Credits)
Distortion measures the extent to which individuals will present themselves in a favorable light regarding conformity, self-control or moral values. It is not in the strict sense a Personality Dimension, but rather, reflects an attitude about taking the evaluation. Basically, it measures the frankness of the respondent in reporting information. Questions are interspersed throughout the assessment’s Personality Section that ask the respondent to measure and acknowledge his or her own weakness or fallibility. The respondent's tendency to answer these questions frankly or to place himself or herself in a good light will usually be perpetuated throughout the remainder of the Personality Section.
Scores 1 to 3
Stanine scores of 1-3 indicate that the applicant's responses on these particular questions are candid and frank. We can be reasonably assured that when the respondent has scored in the bottom one third of the population tested on this measurement, that the remainder of the answers given will be true to his or her nature. Individuals scoring at this level have a good deal of ego strength and confidence in themselves and their personal attributes. They are willing and able to admit to human frailties and are fair in estimating their own strengths and weaknesses.
Scores 4 to 6
Average scorers, stanine levels 4-6, have fallen in an acceptable level for this dimension. They have a fair knowledge and understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, yet need to establish and maintain a protective exterior.
Scores 7 to 9
Individuals scoring in the 7-9 range indicate that they have exaggerated their standards, self-control or social conformity so much that the validity of the test is questionable. These individuals have a strong need to be accepted or liked and are careful to put down the "right answers" when taking the evaluation. It is possible they have a low level of ego strength which causes them to erect barriers so that their weaknesses don't leave them vulnerable or, conversely, they may have such large egos that they fail to see themselves as others see them.
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Assessment Certification Training
Training on the effective use of our Mental and Personality assessments for pre-employment hiring. We will explain all measures on the Achiever Family of Assessments. Please e-mail or call us to schedule a Webinar or Onsite training.
HR Fundamentals - A Deeper Dive
October 1, 2019
HR Fundamentals™ is a full-day seminar designed to cover the fundamentals you need to optimize and successfully manage the basics of your Human Resources function. See below for Seminar Curriculum and registration information.
Morning Session: Compliance, Handbooks, Hiring & Retention
Regulatory Compliance  
  • What goes in your personnel files and how long do you keep it
  • Why you need a handbook - what policies should you include
  • Which employment laws must you follow – size, type, states; fed contractors
  • Required/Recommended postings
How to Hire 
  • How to know what you need
  • Where do you find the right talent
  • How to determine if the candidate fits your need
  • Making the offer
  • I-9's
Onboarding/Retention Strategies 
  • Pre first day activities
  • Making the most of the first day/week/month
  • Retaining Your Talent
  • Identifying Key Employees
Lunch Provided  

Afternoon Session: Job Descriptions, Compensation, and Benefits
Effective Job Descriptions
  • Defining Essential Functions
  • Job Description Template
  • Tactical uses of job descriptions to impact bottom line results
  • ADA, FLSA, and regulatory compliance 
Compensation Basics 
  • Setting your compensation philosophy
  • How to know what you should be paying
  • Where to find salary data
Benefits Basics 
  • What are employers offering these days?
  • ACA overview/update

$295 Includes lunch and snacks, extensive resource materials, and a one-hour follow up consultation

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