Correlations That Count -- Mental Attributes & Energy
This month we will review a few Correlations with the Mental Attributes and several correlations with the dimension of Energy. Please contact your Personnel Profiles Representative to review any results or to get the full Correlations guide.   
Mental Attributes
High Mental Acuity & Low to Moderate Other Mental Attributes -- Indicates an individual who is not working up to his maximum ability. The person has the ability to be trained, but may not have the motivation. See personality dimensions.

Low or Moderate Mental Acuity & Higher Other Mental Attributes -- Indicates an individual who has strived to improve oneself. Will still take the same training time but will put forth considerably more effort to obtain the information. A willing learner.
Energy Correlations
Scores 1 to 3
1 to 3 in Energy & 1 to 3 in Flexibility -- Indicates a hyper tense individual with quick rationalization processes. They may take unusual action before thinking and exhibit behavioral difficulty problems.

1 to 3 in Energy & 1 to 3 in Emotional Developmen t -- Must be placed in a position that allows them movement and the ability to burn off high levels of nervous energy. If not allowed to expend this pent up energy they may actually experience internalized discomfort, lose their temper and blow off steam, which can lead to disastrous results in the work place.

1 to 3 in Energy & 1 to 3 in Mental Toughness -- May feel the effects of stress and strain more severely. They may be less productive and spend more time contending with the physical ailments, which they are in fact experiencing. 

1 to 3 in Energy & 7 to 9 in Communication -- May be a hyper tense, talkative individual who may fail to even think about what he/she is saying and may talk on incessantly. 
Scores 1 to 4
1 to 4 in Energy & 1 to 4 in Organization -- High level of hyper tensity and disorganization may result in wasted time and effort.
Scores 4 to 6
4 to 6 in Energy & 4 to 6 in Emotional Development -- Has well-balanced sense of urgency and energy. Ideal combination for a good level of drive.
Scores 7 to 9
7 to 9 in Energy & 8 to 9 in Emotional Development -- May have the tendency to be downright lazy and difficult to motivate, cause to act or change. More oriented to work on a production line, at a desk, or a position that requires a minimal amount of personal motivation.
Many dimensions have correlations that can either make the impact of that score more or less prominent. The best way to get more information about these correlations is through additional interviews with the candidate and checking references. Referencing can be difficult, but if you ask a specific questions using the information from these dimensions and correlations you may get more specific answers to your questions. Even simply confirming the dates of employment from a reference can prove to be important information. There is a percentage of applicants that falsify this information because many employers do not confirm the dates accuracy. Testing should be 1/3 of your hiring decision, and by using it in interviews, references and training you get so much more out of your testing investment!
Please never hesitate to call your Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to review assessment scores in more detail.
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