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Seminar Thank You!
Personnel Profiles, Inc. would like to extend a special thanks to all those who presented at and attended our Annual Add to Your HR Toolbox training session M ay 10, 2019. Jeff Shoskin (Partner, Frost Brown Todd ) spoke about Arming Your Supervisory Staff With Relevant Employment Law Knowledge: They Should Know What They Do Not Know, Katie Schad (Business Alliance Manager, Beacon of Hope ) spoke about The Case for Second Chance Hiring and Paul Nolan (President, Personnel Profiles, Inc. ) spoke about Achiever Assessment Certification. Next year our Add to Your HR Toolbox seminar will be on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Mental Toughness
The Mental Toughness dimension refers to both physical and mental toughness. It is a measurement of an individual's vigor or capacity for endurance. A score in this dimension is a function of environmental influence and reflects a tender-minded or tough-minded individual.
Scores 1 to 3
Low scorers, stanine levels 1-3, are sensitive to their own needs and feelings as well as those of others.  They have a greater capacity for empathy and are gentle when dealing with people. Sales rejections and criticisms are usually taken more seriously and personally than they were generally intended. Tender-minded people get their feelings hurt more easily and are slower to heal when they do. At the extreme, they may be too dependent upon the opinions of others with respect to their own values. Many times, these people are more easily depressed and live in a pattern of "peaks and valleys." Persons low in this dimension dislike rough people or rough activity, uncleanness and are more attuned to physical discomforts. Tender-minded individuals are usually more imaginative, aesthetically oriented and are more appreciative of beauty.
Scores 4 to 6
Average scorers, stanine levels 4-6, generally withstand the blows and abrasions of life acceptably, yet still have the sensitivity to be concerned about other people and their feelings. They have the ability to recognize and enjoy color, form, art and other aesthetic values as well as reasonably adjust to criticism and training. In most situations, a stanine score of 4-6 is highly desirable. It reflects an individual who has sufficient empathy, sensitivity and aesthetic orientation, yet, at the same time, is not too easily depressed or too sensitive for most employment situations.
Scores 7 to 9
High scorers, stanine levels 7-9, are basically tough-minded people who are oblivious to physical discomforts and criticism. They are self-reliant individuals who have a good deal of resiliency and bounce back quickly from any misfortune or setback. They see themselves as having good self-discipline and control. In interpersonal relationships, they exhibit little sympathy or empathy, yet, they avidly give advice and see most situations as black or white. Those who score in the extremely high range may be insensitive.
Please never hesitate to contact your Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to review assessment scores in more detail.
Personnel Profiles, Inc. is a recognized provider of recertification credits for both the SHRM Recertification Provider® network as well as the HR Certification Institute®. Please call to request an Assessment Certification Training session!
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First Thursdays Cincinnati
Job Descriptions & Performance Evaluations: Two Seemingly Innocuous Documents That Continue to Spawn Employment Claims
June 6, 2019
Presented by Jeff Shoskin, Partner, Frost Brown Todd; Labor and Employment Law Attorney

Assessment Certification Training
Training on the effective use of our Mental and Personality assessments for pre-employment hiring. We will explain all measures on the Achiever Family of Assessments. Please e-mail or call us to schedule a Webinar or Onsite training.
Butler County Engineer’s Office/ Ohio APWA Seminar
Thursday, May 29, 2019

Are you hiring the right person into the right position? This workshop can help you better evaluate your candidates to select the one who will bring the most to your organization. Save time, save money, and reduce personnel turnover. Learn more at this informative session.

9 am - 10 a m Session 1 : Hiring made Easier with an Applicant Management System PJ Nolan, Personnel Profiles, Inc.

10:15 am -12:15 pm Session 2 : Arming your supervisory staff with relevant employment law knowledge. Presenter:  Jeffrey S. Shoskin Attorney at Law,  Frost Brown Todd LLC

1 pm - 3 pm Session 3 : Assessment Certification Training Paul Nolan, Personnel Profiles, Inc.

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