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We would like to thank all those who attended the Personnel Profiles, Inc. training seminar Add To Your HR Toolbox -- Hot Topics in HR, Hiring & Retaining Great Talent (Remember Our Veterans) & Achiever Assessment Certification Training on September 2, 2020 via Zoom. We especially thank Darlene Mack with HR Partners International, Inc. ( 513-675-8350), and Cody VanBoxel with DAV ( 859-442-2352) for sharing their time and their knowledge.

Removing Bias
We tend to like people that seem similar to us. Hiring managers are equally susceptible to this unconscious bias, which can perpetuate a cycle of hiring people who look, think, and behave similarly to those who are making the decisions. This bias affects not only hiring but also promotion, and employee trajectories.

To remove bias, employers must establish clear benchmarks for open positions and use data-driven assessment tools to select the best candidate based on skill. Using assessment tools makes hiring easier and increases diversity by leveling the playing field for all candidates. These tools should measure a candidate's motivation, competency, and emotional intelligence. As the structure and demands of workplaces change, understanding your employees is more important than ever. CRI assessment tools help eliminate bias throughout employment life cycles. Please contact your local Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to learn more about establishing benchmarks to reduce bias.

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Eric Cotter
Candidate Resources, Inc. (CRI)

Please see our February 2020 Newsletter for more detailed information about using assessment technology to combat unconscious bias.

Please never hesitate to call your Personnel Profiles, Inc. Representative to review assessment scores in more detail.
Personnel Profiles, Inc. is a recognized provider of recertification credits for both the SHRM Recertification Provider® network as well as the HR Certification Institute®. Please call to request an
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October 1, 2020
Presented by Jeff Shoskin, Partner, Frost Brown Todd; Labor and Employment Law Attorney

Assessment Certification Training
Training on the effective use of our Mental and Personality assessments for pre-employment hiring. We will explain all measures on the Achiever Family of Assessments. Please e-mail or call us to schedule a Webinar or Onsite training.
Marijuana and CBD Oil in the Workplace
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Noon - 1:00 p.m. EDT

This webinar is a great follow up to Darlene Mack's Hot Topics in HR Seminar!

One of the most evolving areas of employment law is the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana in certain states.

Please join Frost Brown Todd for a webinar as they will discuss all things marijuana and CBD oil in the workplace. Jennifer Asbrock and Brice Smallwood will dive deeper into What type of conduct can employers prohibit? What should be included in the employee handbook? Can employers keep their universal drug testing policy? Tune in to get answers to these questions and learn more about the trends emerging in this area of employment law. Please contact Erin Patrick with any questions about the webinar.
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