The Equivocation measurement is taken from the Personality Section questions and is merely the number of times a person chooses "2" answers instead of "1" or "3" answers.
Scores 1 to 3
Stanine scores of 1 through 3 are in the low range of Equivocation. These scores represent individuals who have accepted the task of choosing extreme responses that are in most instances polar opposites. This score is indicative of individuals who are more secure and confident in the way they feel about themselves and their relationship with their environment. 
Scores 4 to 6
Persons scoring in stanine levels 4-6 are in the average range.
Scores 7 to 9
Individuals who score in the 7-9 range are evading commitment about how they feel about themselves and their relationship with others. They have mental reservations about committing themselves to statements, are wary of the evaluation, and will tend to choose in between responses. Unfortunately, these individuals will often carry their ambiguity over into their position. If the assessment is taken online, the Personality section will not allow the applicant to proceed unless they have 7 or less “2” answers. Therefore, online equivocation scores will always be in the acceptable range. However, the Datasheet will track how many middle choices were initially submitted.
When both the Distortion and Equivocation scores fall into the 7-9 range, the accuracy of the instrument is diminished to no more than a fifty to seventy percent level. Results must be considered accordingly. When the Distortion and Equivocation levels do not exceed the average ranges, the accuracy level is basically true.
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