Work Motivation is one of the more critical dimensions of The Achiever because it measures how an individual is best motivated. It explains which rewards in the work environment will be most attractive to the respondent and what the respondent basically considers important in life.
Scores 1 to 3
Low scorers, stanine levels 1-3, are basically security motivated. They are serious about job security and opposed to any changes which could potentially damage security. They like the predictability of regular hours, a regular salary and an assured retirement income. They enjoy a solid domestic environment and do not feel very comfortable when they are away from that. They like to come home every night and do not like to travel extensively for business. Security motivated people do not readily accept job change, nor do they like having their desk or office furniture moved around. Once security oriented individuals find jobs that represent security to them, they are quite reluctant to change positions. They may be extremely sharp mentally, have a good drive balance and enjoy people, but their need for security often supersedes these tendencies, sometimes to the extent that they will pass up a promotion or transfer since accepting such a change represents a threat to their security. Rewards which are important to these individuals are money, comfort, quality, assurance, retirement benefits, company profit sharing, social security and praise for their efforts. They would not want their income to depend on their performance, as would be found in a straight commission sales position. Once they have the degree of security they desire, any efforts to increase productivity or improve performance will be for job security reasons, not for any personal rewards they might receive over and above job security.
Scores 4 to 6
Average scorers, stanine levels 4-6, are basically the type of individuals who work well in a job situation which provides a moderate or average level of security combined with some sort of recognition and incentive. This recognition may come through periodic praise, a periodic bonus, a periodic salary increase, commission along with a base salary or some type of recognition for achievement. Normally, individuals at this level do not engage in a great deal of self-improvement nor are they overly ambitious. Furthermore, they are generally not willing to take chances or make the sacrifices often required for achievement.
Scores 7 to 9
High scorers, stanine levels 7-9, tend to overwork, overplay and burn the candle at both ends. They are futuristically oriented and will take risks and speculate if there is recognition or profit in it. Generally, high scorers thrive on commissions, bonuses and incentives. They are highly motivated by status, attention and achievement. They are motivated by challenges and are highly entrepreneurial. As a rule, they are not as technically inclined and will not be as thorough with details. High scorers are not creatures of habit; they like to be going and doing as much as possible. They like anything new, interesting, challenging and exciting. Their enthusiasm is usually contagious, giving them a good ability to motivate others, especially if they have strong levels of Communication and Competitiveness.
An ideal score in this dimension depends upon the needs of the company. A newly founded, fast-growing company needs management which is characterized by scores in the upper stanines of this dimension. Security motivated employees often provide stability to the company,  but a balance is necessary in order to maintain an innovative stance and the ability to rapidly respond to the changing market and economic conditions.
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